(Minghui.org) I was born and live in China, a country where people practice fraud and lies, a country whose people worship evolution and atheism. Since a very young age, I had been instinctively waiting and looking for something, which was considered odd among my peers. What was I seeking and waiting for? Maybe just an outlandish dream, or maybe it was not my time yet.

A Set of Books Inspired Curiosity and Seeking of a Higher Power

My father brought home many books when I was five. One series consisted of 500 books of biographies and published texts of famous people from all over the world, and throughout history. This set of books covered religion, philosophy, science, culture, poetry, tradition, arts, history, and many other subjects. 

In reading these books, I read and examined many famous people’s lives, and found similarities and patterns. It seemed that since the beginning of time, those who have achieved great things in different areas of study and different professions were either brought up as Christians or practiced some kind of other faith. 

Moreover, a lot of leading scientists who were dedicated to one area of study found their findings of a lifetime so tiny when they reached a certain level. They found themselves at a dead end. They couldn’t find comfort in what they had achieved and thus many turned to religion later in life.

Quantum physics has now confirmed Shakyamuni’s Three Thousand Worlds theory from more than 2,500 years ago. Materialism provided the basis for empirical science, which pushed humans to seek a higher standard of living and improve their surroundings. 

Modern times have brought us some convenience to life, but in exchange, people have turned away from traditional culture and values, loosened moral restraint, endlessly sought after pleasure, and destroyed the environment that we so depend on. The most evil of all is the theory of evolution which falsely claims that the human race evolved from apes, led people into the bottomless pit of desire, and pushed people toward the abyss of decadence.

All the cultures in the world have legends that have been passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. These legends have similarly foreseen when the human race enters the great catastrophe, God will descend to this world again. Many prophecies told us that when the human race becomes corrupt, the Savior, or Messiah, or Christ, or in the Eastern culture the Violet Sage will come to the world to awaken the conscience of people. All these names refer to the same higher being who is just called different names in different religions and cultures. 

However, these ancient peoples had no way of connecting or communicating with each other when the legends were publicized thousands of years ago, as they were separated by oceans, high mountains, and deserts. In another word, without any knowledge of each other and other cultures, these ancient people shared the same memory of the big flood of biblical time and predicted the same future for mankind. 

This is evidence that a mysterious force of the higher level is guiding and protecting the human race. I believed this has to be a Buddha, a Tao, or a God. It has been confirmed that all cultures believe that their god(s) created men. I believed all of it and to me, this is far more convincing and powerful than the belief of science. I decided to not stop looking for or imagining the existence of such higher power.

As I read some of the classic texts of the Buddhist and the Tao school, I learned that human beings don’t just live this one life. We have previous lives and future lives. The past shaped the present and inspired the future. The good and the bad deeds we’ve done in the past, and in our current life, lead to different results and predestined relationships.

I firmly believed that beyond the rules and order of human society, there are higher level principles governing us. If we could enlighten to them, the secrets of life, celestial bodies, and the universe, all mysteries would be unlocked, at least on the level of human beings.

Finding What I Have Been Looking For

I eagerly searched online from 2014 to 2016, looking for true cultivation ways, and came across a zip file through cloud sharing.

As if guided by a mysterious fate, a wonderful fate, I opened this zip file in the beginning of 2017 and uncompressed a software program called Freegate. After double-clicking on the icon, a dynamic web page popped up in a browser showing content unfiltered by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) firewall. I skimmed through the page and clicked on the link to the Falun Dafa website. 

After having searched for so long for a true cultivation way, I was filled with joy when I realized I had finally found it. My brain was a blank when I opened an exercise instruction video and started learning the movements.

I learned all five exercise that day. When I was holding the Falun during the second exercise, my arms felt heavy. After I was done, I felt relieved, just like the videos said I would feel. I knew right away that this cultivation way was good.

I learned later that just doing the exercises was not enough, I found and started reading Mr. Li Hongzhi’s book Zhuan Falun. It is such a great book and not at all what the CCP propaganda had said. The CCP’s smear campaign completely slandered and demonized Dafa. Not sure if it was elements from another dimension or what, at that moment I felt countless eyes were staring at me without blinking. My heart beat fast, and I couldn’t stop shivering.

On the Minghui website, I read about the many deceitful tricks and evil things that the CCP has used to persecute practitioners of Falun Dafa who just want to be good people. I was terrified and shocked to the core. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat the following days due to a strange feeling. I had just discovered the biggest secret but didn’t know who I could share it with. I had to hide it.

I found dark blood clots in my feces a week later. The clots were very dark at first, but gradually turned dark red, then became bright red. It was scary—I thought it was a sign of an advanced malignant disease of my digestive system, and didn’t know what to think of it. As I continued to read Zhuan Falun, I realized that Master Li Hongzhi was purifying my body. Although I had never met him, Master was already taking care of me. I have found my Master. Even though I couldn’t see anything, the Fa is my guide and my Master. When I first saw Master’s picture on the Minghui website, he looked so familiar.

Incredible Experiences and Spreading the Word about Dafa

I’ve worked many jobs at many different places and shared Dafa with coworkers that I was close to, but few understood. I changed jobs frequently.

I was working at a furniture company in Beijing at the beginning of 2018. When I walked with a co-worker to get something to eat, a car struck my left leg. The car didn’t stop at all and kept going until it stopped at a traffic light a distance away. I was surprised that I was completely fine. I knew that Master had protected me.

When I found another job and moved back to my hometown later that year, I had nightmares almost every night for a while. Each had a different scenario with different people, or ghosts, or animals, but they all chased me and tried to kill me. I always woke up when I was at a dead-end and became desperate. A few times, I saw in my vision being killed by these scary things. I kept up with sending righteous thoughts, and soon I no longer had these dreams.

Like a big rock, the truth of the wrongful persecution felt heavy. I should tell people about it and about how wonderful Dafa really is. I have always been introverted since I was little and approaching people was difficult for me as I often didn’t know where to begin. I started sending truth-clarification statistics using the QQ chat program. Though I got kicked out of group chats most of the time, I had some success. 

Once, I posted information about Dafa in a chat group, another practitioner saw it and contacted me. I also talked to a friend about Dafa through chat and helped her quit the CCP and its youth organizations. In our long conversation, I told her my experience of obtaining the Fa and cultivating in Dafa. I sent her the links to the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and some Dafa books. She has since obtained the Fa. 

While working at an agriculture company, I taught three co-workers to do the Dafa exercises. One of the co-workers couldn’t calm his heart and only did it one time. Another one did the exercises many times but could not accept the truth about Dafa. The third co-worker, however, obtained the Fa and is now a cultivator.

I clarified the truth to my co-workers at a catering company in my hometown and helped them quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

For a while, both my brother and I worked at a company in Beijing. One night in my sleep, I heard a loud sound like a deep bell ringing and experienced the most incredible feeling – my ears and my body were shaken open by the sound. I heard the bell three times and with each round, the volume went up. Then my body became so light that I felt I was elevating and floating in the air, with my comforter still on me. My body went up, and then down, up, and down, back and forth. I thought to myself, “I can’t keep doing this.” With this thought, I came back down and never went up again. In Master’s book, I found the answer of what happened that night—my great heavenly circuit had opened.

I also saw Master’s Fashen once while sleeping at home. Master’s body gleamed like gold and halos of wisdom were radiating from his head. Master smiled at me ever so compassionately. However, as soon as I used my human eyes to try to see clearly, I couldn’t see anything anymore. I didn’t figure out until later that it was encouragement from Master. I didn’t enlighten to it at the time and unfortunately didn’t become more diligent in my cultivation.

While working at a factory, I almost got hit by a forklift operated by my father. Without turning the engine off, he told me to take the wooden pallet from underneath the forks. I squatted with my back toward the forklift and picked up the pallet. As soon as I stood up, the brakes failed and the forklift charged toward me.

I was looking away from the forklift, therefore had no clue what was happening, neither did I try to get out of the way. However, a mysterious force took control of my body and made me stand up quickly, just in time to avoid getting hit by the forks. My green down jacket got scratched under the armpit but I was completely fine. Master saved me again.

I tell people at the factory about the accident, and tell them that Dafa is precious. Some of them have agreed to quit the CCP. I bought a printer so I can print truth-clarification fliers and give them to those around me. 

I know what I’ve done is far from enough, and I need to do more and do better.