(Minghui.org) The 17th China Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, published China Fahui articles on the Minghui website on November 11-27. A total of 33 articles were published.

The practitioners in China described their experience in doing the three things, being diligent, and awakening the conscience of more sentient beings at this most dangerous historical moment. They talked about how to not be disturbed and driven by the chaos in the world, and to cultivate oneself well.

They also shared their experience in firmly believing in Master and Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong), overcoming fear mentality, resisting the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution, and awakening people’s conscience. Some shared how to overcome the attachments to comfort and inertia, and letting go of all kinds of attachments to emotions and desires. Some shared how to let go of the attachment to oneself and play bigger roles in coordinating and cooperating among practitioners. Some shared about keeping up and persevering despite seemingly hopeless loneliness.

These articles touch Falun Gong practitioners outside of China. After reading the articles, some admire, some find their gaps, and some remind themselves to cultivate well at the final moment and fulfill their prehistorical vows.

A Practitioner in the United States: An Admirable Practitioner Gets Released from Detention with Righteous Thoughts

Practitioner Ms. Fu in Houston, TX has practiced Falun Gong for 21 years. She used to be an attending physician in China and is currently a research scientist at the Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas.

After reading the sharing article titled “After I Changed My Mindset I Was Released from Detention,” she said, “This sharing is about a practitioner who was taken to a detention center during this year’s coronavirus epidemic. The practitioner was able to change her mindset, maintain righteous thoughts, and guard her xinxing in the evil environment. Finally, after being detained for 77 days, she was released. The process is deeply moving and admirable.”

Other passages include, “The practitioner thought to raise awareness of the persecution during the lockdown everywhere in China. This compassionate thought reminds me that in the current pandemic, Dafa practitioners need to be diligent in assisting Master in the Fa-rectification and awakening the conscience of sentient beings.”

“The practitioner did not cooperate with the police’s cruel persecution under any circumstances, but clarified the truth to them. Her compassion is admirable. Looking back over the past two decades, although I myself have persisted in Dafa projects in a relatively relaxed environment, and experienced various tribulations, such as economic, physical, psychological and spiritual, sometimes I didn’t pass them so well. The fellow practitioner is really admirable as she was able to remain unmoved in her heart under such a harsh environment and kept believing in Master and Dafa.”

Ms. Fu also mentioned the article titled “The Power of Cooperation.” The first subsection is titled “Eliminating the Mentality of Not Accepting Criticism.” She said, “This subsection let me realize that I don’t have enough power in clarifying the truth. I am not very successful in clarifying the truth to family members because I am moved by affection.”

“The sharing of this practitioner made me realize that sometimes I had human impulses, and then it was not conducive to clarifying the truth. This practitioner also shared how she controlled her temper, especially when she talked about sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the attachment to self. This touched me a lot. I want to try the methods of this practitioner in my cultivation.”

The second part of the sharing article is about cooperation with other practitioners. Ms. Fu said she was touched too, “I was very inspired by the examples of cooperation described in the article. The discussion before they took action revealed a clear understanding of Dafa principles, and this understanding formed an overall consensus before they acted.

“Moreover, in the actions on site, everyone cooperated, and especially saw the key role of righteous thoughts. I think we can all cooperate with each other in Dafa projects. Many Dafa projects should be done more smoothly and be able to help Master in Fa-rectification to the maximum extent and awaken the conscience of sentient beings.”

A Practitioner in Canada: Finding Gap in Cultivation

Practitioner Ms. Qin in Toronto, Canada has practiced Falun Gong for 18 years and has been doing media projects. She said she found a gap in her cultivation after reading the China Fahui sharing articles.

“Fellow practitioners in China study the Fa and recite it,” she said, “They move forward diligently in cultivation and are strict with themselves. Facing the cruel persecution, they let go of the attachment to life and persevere in clarifying the truth.

“In the rescue of fellow practitioners being persecuted, they did a good job of overall cooperation. In the jail or detention center, they did not cooperate with the evil or compromise, but were kind to those involved in the persecution. When reading these articles, I often had a thought: a great enlightened being is born. At that moment, I felt ashamed about slacking off in the comfortable environment.”

“After reading the sharing articles, I feel the gap in cultivation between myself and practitioners in China. I will let go of self, move forward diligently, awaken the conscience of sentient beings, and catch up with the progress of the Fa-rectification.”

Breaking Through Fear Mentality and Being Determined to Save People

Practitioner Fu Chia-bin in Taiwan has practiced Falun Gong for nearly 20 years. His family of four are all practitioners. He appreciates Dafa and Master. He used the words “breaking through fear mentality and being determined to save people” to express his feeling after reading the sharing articles.

“Fellow practitioners in China encourage themselves when facing challenges or difficulties,” Mr. Fu said. “They think from the angle of Dafa and choose to do right things. In doing right things, there are big difficulties to overcome. It is not easy for cultivators.”

“The article I was impressed with the most is titled “Steadfastly Following Master and Spreading the Fa in Remote Mountain Villages.” The first deep impression was that the author started practicing Falun Gong on the same day I did.

“The fellow practitioner experienced many miracles in cultivation and truth clarification. She lives in a remote village as a lone practitioner with a low income. To introduce Falun Gong and clarify the truth to the public, she walked to several other villages nearby. It was difficult to do so. She continued doing this for 20 years. Her perseverance is so precious.”

Saving Sentient Beings While Experiencing Difficulties

Practitioner Ms. Tian in Taiwan started practicing Falun Gong in 2004. She graduated from graduate school in history. She participated in calling China to clarify the truth to stop the persecution of this cultivation practice for 16 years.

She said, “Fellow practitioners in China save sentient beings while experiencing difficulties. I was touched to tears.” She was impressed with several of the sharing articles.

In the article titled “Doing All We Can to Save People,” the practitioner decided to do truth clarification in his hometown. He had a dream that night that his immediate relatives knelt down to show their appreciation. He was touched to tears and knew it was a hint from Master. He assisted fellow practitioners after returning to his hometown. Elderly practitioners in their 70s and 80s joined the effort.

In the article titled “Steadfastly Following Master and Spreading the Fa in Remote Mountain Villages,” the author suffered from a life-threatening illness and struggled for 45 years before practicing Falun Gong. Soon after practicing, she recovered from her illnesses. Master saved her.

The author listened to Master’s teaching and returned to her parents’ home village to clarify the truth to save sentient beings. She also encouraged previous practitioners to resume practicing Dafa and do the three things. They distribute informational Dafa materials in the remote villages in the evening and returned home after midnight.

They faced many dangers as the road in the mountain was hard to walk. They overcame the difficulties and distributed the Dafa materials to all homes in the villages. Then she overcame her fear mentality, and did face to face truth-clarification.

The practitioner in the article titled “Saving You Is My Wish” saved many people and cared for each person. Once to persuade an elder to quit his membership in the CCP, she clarified the truth to him for three months and said, “Saving you is my wish.” At last, he understood the reasons for quitting the CCP and went to the practitioner’s home, “Please help me quit the CCP with my true name.”

Ms. Tian said she felt the gap between her and fellow practitioners, “I used to hurry to awaken the conscience of people. Sometimes I slept very little and had simple meals. I just wanted to awaken the conscience of people. But now, my life is very smooth without any hardship. I have the attachment to comfort unconsciously.

“I waste a lot of time as I am not diligent in saving people or trying my best to help fellow practitioners save people. In clarifying the truth, when I encounter a fighting mentality, my competitive mentality surfaces. My righteous words and stern warning make the other party quit the CCP organizations. But, I know I don’t have the compassion to convince the other party, and move him to tears.”


For thousands of years of reincarnation and hundreds of thousands of years of waiting, finally we are tempering ourselves in Dafa. Master is creating the pure and selfless divine beings of the new universe. Dafa disciples are saving the sentient beings of the future cosmic system. The present moment is critical and precious.

The sharing articles of the 17th China Fahui are a reflection of Dafa practitioners’ cultivation in China. Each of these articles is pure and describes belief in Master and Dafa, letting Dafa practitioners outside of China see their gaps in cultivation. Many practitioners expressed that all Dafa disciples move forward diligently to cultivate ourselves and live up to the Master’s grace and the expectations of sentient beings.