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The CCP virus (coronavirus) pandemic has changed the world—it also reminds every Falun Dafa practitioner there isn't much time left for us to save sentient beings. We are racing against the old forces.

I would like to share some stories of how practitioners in my county have been saving people since April.

Removing Obstacles and Saving More people

In 2017, I was illegally arrested while I was distributing truth clarification materials in the countryside. After I left the detention center, the local police worked hard to track me down. Since many of them knew me because I’d been detained, I decided to leave my hometown to avoid being arrested again.

After the pandemic peaked in April 2020, a coordinator in my hometown sent me a message saying we hadn't done well in saving people in our county. He hoped local practitioners would discuss what we should do. I returned and met with several practitioners. We all agreed that, since the lockdown has eased, it was an opportunity Master gave to us to save more people.

Master said,

“But a pandemic like the current Chinese Communist Virus (or “Wuhan Virus”) comes with a purpose behind it, and it has targets. It is here to weed out members of the Party and those who have sided with it.” (“Stay Rational”)

From our understanding, the pandemic in China will be very serious.

Since there aren't many practitioners in my county, it would take too long if we just clarified the truth by talking to people face to face. We needed to distribute materials around the county and the surrounding areas. Many people, including some practitioners' family members, believed whatever the CCP media said. Our information exposes the truth and tells people how to stay safe during the pandemic.

We traveled to several nearby townships and talked to practitioners there. We did not have enough manpower to cover so many villages and towns, and some elderly practitioners had difficulty riding motorbikes.

After thinking about it for several days, I decided to return and help distribute the materials. Although some local police officers knew me, I felt safety should not be a major issue since most people wore face masks.

The night I made the decision, I dreamed about my cousin and my grandfather. My cousin knelt in front of me, giving me a thumbs-up. I held their hands and thought, “These are people in my world!” I knew Master was encouraging me to return to my county and save people!

I returned in mid-April and rented a house. In the daytime, I prepared the materials. At night I went out to distribute them. Each set contained a booklet, a letter, and a card with a bar code that enables people to circumvent the CCP's Internet blockade.

The county coordinator called a local meeting. Practitioners understood the importance and urgency of distributing truthful information to cover the entire county. The elderly practitioners who could not go out would stay home and send righteous thoughts. We decided that all practitioners in the county would send righteous thoughts from 7 to 7:10 and 8 to 8:30.

As I loaded a large bag of materials on the motorcycle the first day, I thought: “I must eliminate all negative thoughts from my experience of being arrested and persecuted. Practitioners follow Master to save people. We cannot allow the old forces to interfere with us!”

After the meeting I opened Hong Yin V and saw:

“The followers of Dafa act at divine decreeGiving their all for the world’s salvation”(“The Secret of Why We Are Here,” Hong Yin V)

Master is with us, protecting and helping us. We just need to do our best to save sentient beings.

I went with a practitioner in his 60s who had a motorcycle. It was extremely cold the first night. When I returned home and walked upstairs, I felt my legs giving out cold air. That fellow practitioner experienced interference which manifested as pain all over his body, but he remained committed to going out with me. After a month, I advised him to stay home and rest.

Now I faced the problem of transportation. I continued to go out using a borrowed motorcycle while I thought about buying one. It went well for a few days. Then I began getting messages on my phone that a motorcycle that weighed more than 50kg required a license. A practitioner told me one of his relatives just got caught and fined for riding a motorcycle without a license.

If I bought a motorcycle, I would not be able to get a license since I was on the police “wanted” list. What should I do? As I was thinking about it, I remembered what Master said:

“On the rest of the journey, may you fulfill, with godlike righteous thoughts and righteous actions, the grand vows you made before history!” (“New Year’s Greetings,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

I suddenly realized that my worry was a human thought, not a divine being's righteous thought.

I went to a motorbike shop. It just happened that a new type of electric scooter was available—it was suitable for long-distance rides and the perfect size. I knew Master had arranged everything for me!

I went to distribute truth materials by myself at 2 a.m.. I held the GPS in one hand and steered with the other. I suddenly noticed the road ahead was bad. When I tried to slow down, I fell with the scooter. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and knees, I checked my scooter and was relieved it was not damaged. I had difficulty walking, but I could still ride the scooter. I continued distributing materials.

I was disturbed repeatedly that night. Many dogs barked at me as I passed. A farmer who got up early saw me and tried to stop me. I sped up and passed him. When daylight came I returned home.

I looked inward when I got home. I did not see a big problem with my cultivation. One problem I thought of was that the practitioners in two of the towns had not come out to help. They still hadn't handed out the materials. How much could I do by myself? Only when all of us cooperate can we save people more effectively. I decided to visit them and offer to help them.

I brought 800 copies of packaged materials and went to one of the towns. The practitioners there had the potential to do really well in distributing materials. If we coordinated, we could send out four motorbikes.

I arrived at the home of the town's local coordinator. I suggested that we go out together to distribute materials. He hesitated and said, “Maybe not today.” He said he was working on packaging some materials. I could see he felt pressure about going out.

“Let's do it tonight,” I encouraged him. “You drive your motorbike and I will ride with you.”

I silently asked Master, “Please, Master, help us to finish the task tonight without a problem.” It went extremely well that night. We quickly distributed 300 copies.

When I went to bed that night, my chest hurt badly from when I fell. The coordinator found a large sponge I could lay on. I thought, “The old forces want to stop me, but I won't stop, no matter how much it hurts.

We planned to visit a practitioner couple. The wife used to be the local coordinator, but she got busy making money and did not cultivate as diligently as before. She did not even show up at the local experience sharing meetings. Yet, during the years when the persecution was most severe, she did very well.

As soon as we pushed the motorbike out, it started to rain. The coordinator suggested we not go out that evening.

“This is interference,” I said. “When overseas practitioners hold parades and it rains, they continue for several hours. No one quits. This rain won't stop us.” When I got on the backseat of the bike, I silently asked, “Master, please help us!”

After we arrived at the couple's home, it was raining even harder. It was the hardest rain of the year.

The couple said, “It's raining so hard! You won't be able to go back tonight. You may stay here for the night.” “It will be fine,” I said confidently.

I hadn't seen the female practitioner for a while, so I didn't know what the obstacle was. I asked Master for help. That night we talked a lot.

Master said:

“The only ones who can truly accomplish such things—at this final, critical juncture in history—are the disciples of Dafa. Beginning with where they originate from, and extending all the way to the process of establishing mighty virtue over the course of history, what Dafa disciples have shouldered has been greater than that of the holy persons of times past. The reason is, this final period is when the real things are being done. From ancient times up to today, from the beginning of the cosmos up until some sixty years ago during the time of the final group of humankind, everything has been perpetually serving to establish the foundation that Fa rectification would require, with people accumulating experiences, and with the thought processes and behavior of beings who would partake in this final phase of history being created. This is what mankind’s history was about. So whether it be Dafa disciples, or whatever beings have some connection with them—all have been serving this purpose, in the course of their reincarnations trying things out and establishing what each one of them would require. ” (“What is a Dafa Disciple”)

I told the other practitioners, “We practitioners were created by Dafa. We waited for eons, until today when Dafa is here. We should fulfill our vows and not miss this precious opportunity. As we talked, her state improved. We sent righteous thoughts together from 8 to 8:30 p.m.. When we started at 8, it was pouring. At around 8:25 the rain stopped. When we headed back at 8:30, the sky was clear.

On the way back, the local coordinator said, “In the past when I went out to distribute materials or talk to people, I always planned everything to ensure safety. I was especially mindful of surveillance cameras. This time I understood: the most important thing is not considering everything thoroughly, but to keep righteous thoughts!”

Two days later, several practitioners who were experienced in distributing materials came to the town and shared with the local practitioners. Afterward, the practitioner couple asked for 400 copies. All the local practitioners asked for materials as well, and 2,000 copies were picked up. A few days later, they asked for another 2,000 copies. They even distributed materials to a nearby town.

I visited the local coordinator in the second town where the practitioners hadn't come out. I suggested she call for a meeting the next day. She quickly said that not many practitioners would be able to join, as one practitioner had to take care of a sick family member, another one had to stay home to cook since her husband came back late from work, and so on.

I reminded her, “Saving people is our most important task. Master is helping us.” I told her it was not a righteous thought to think that others could not join. Our thoughts carry energy. I said, “Don't hinder other practitioners with your thoughts. Just announce the meeting. They will decide if they can come.”

The next evening, every practitioner who had been notified came to the meeting. The coordinator understood that she was wrong to use human thoughts and notions. We had a great sharing. They took all the materials I brought and said they would distribute them themselves without my help. A few days later, they asked for another 1,000 copies.

Eliminating Interference and Saving More People

One evening when I was at a fellow practitioner's home, a young practitioner came in. She wanted to go out to distribute materials and was looking for someone to go with her. She said two elderly practitioners took a taxi to the nearby countryside to distribute materials and they planned to walk back afterward. She felt ashamed to stay home. It was quite late and I’d originally planned to study the Fa that night. Seeing her heart to save people, I said, “I will go with you.”

Another practitioner who’d been arrested at the same time as me in 2017 shared her thoughts with me. She knew it was very important to distribute truth-clarifying materials, but she’d just started a small business and her time and money were tight.

She later told me, “Last night, I dreamed that I was with you and a few other practitioners. You left first. The rest of us flew over two big ditches. We were about to head home when someone told us that we needed a graduation certificate to go home but now it was too late to get one. I begged for one because I had to get home. Eventually I got one. This was Master giving me a hint! I cannot return to my true home if I don't cultivate diligently.”

She temporarily closed her business and began distributing materials with me.

Later, two more female practitioners joined us, and the four of us went to the surrounding countryside. For those towns far away, we left our motorbikes at a practitioner's home close to the location, and we drove a car back and forth. This improved our efficiency greatly when we distributed materials in remote areas.

I've also had interference. I’ve been followed by the police many times. When this happens I intensify my Fa study.

When my righteous thoughts are strong, I'm confident and I feel like a warrior who can sweep away an army. Sometimes I was afraid. No matter what, I did not stop. As soon as I went out and began distributing materials, my fear disappeared. Each time I finished I felt relieved and happy.

I look inward and study the Fa more when I have interference. It's also important to send strong righteous thoughts to the area before going there. When I study the Fa well, my cultivation state is good. When sending strong righteous thoughts, my mind is stable and undisturbed. The false feeling of interference disappears.

Once when another practitioner and I were returning from distributing materials, a police car followed us and signaled us to pull over. The practitioner who was driving the car did not immediately stop since she was worried the police would recognize me. I suggested she stop the car.

“As soon as I stop the car, you open the door and run,” she said. I calmly replied that everything would be fine. Four officers came over, checked the driver's license and ID card, and if she’d been drinking. They also opened the trunk. Then they let us go.

The practitioner and I looked inward. She said she kept having negative thoughts after her last arrest. She tried to eliminate the fear, but she still kept thinking the worst would happen. As for me, I was usually nervous when passing checkpoints. That day I was very calm. I think it was because I sent strong righteous thoughts many times during the day before we headed out.

One night after I distributed truth materials, I dreamed I was hosting a banquet. I was cooking a huge pot of dumplings. The pot was as big as my living room, and dumplings spilled over the edge. Many people surrounded the pot and were eating contentedly. I was, too. Two rows of people stood watching us from a distance. I was told they were from out of town. They wanted to eat dumplings as well.

I understood: These are the sentient beings who wish to be saved.

I recently began noticing that only four of us have regularly been distributing materials. Where were the other practitioners? I was not happy that the others did not seem eager to finish the task. I was later ashamed: How could I go and save people if I had complaints? Why was I so impatient? I was too eager for success. I should expand my tolerance. I no longer feel anxious or want to blame others.

When there were only three towns left to distribute materials to, I dreamed about a brand new supermarket. It was big and clean, its shelves full of goods. There were only three small areas where the tiles needed to be finished.

By mid-August, we had covered all of the hundreds of villages in my county. We also had a practitioner in charge of coordinating the effort in each town.

Fellow Practitioners Are Amazing

An elderly couple in their 60s distributed materials to all villages—more than 20—in their township. Then they went to help in other towns.

There’s been a severe drought in our region and many mountain regions were expected to have no harvest. When I delivered new materials to the couple, I asked the husband about the drought. He told me things were fine in his area: “We just had a good rain.” In fact, the entire county is suffering from drought conditions, except for his area!

“Master is encouraging us,” the husband said.

The practitioners who make the materials work very hard. They make materials for all the surrounding villages and towns. They usually don't return home until 8 or 9 at night. Then they still need to cook, do chores, and study the Fa. They often can't get to bed until 2 a.m.

They have worked quietly like this for more than ten years. They rent the cheapest houses, which are usually hot in the summer and cold in the winter. One summer, I went there to help prepare materials. To keep the noise down, the window was closed. It was so hot that I almost could not work. I was covered in sweat from morning to evening. During the worst of the persecution, the practitioners at the material production site also had to be prepared to move at any moment.

The local county coordinator has been in charge of planning routes, dividing materials, talking to the practitioners who did not come out, and so on. He's been so busy that he hardly eats. Many times he just eats instant noodles.

Moving Forward

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 20 years. Having been through obstacles and turbulence and faced tests of life and death, I am proud to say that I have walked on the path of helping Master during Fa-rectification. Merciful Master has always looked after me. No words can express my gratitude to Master from the bottom of my heart!

I would like to quote Master's poem as encouragement:

“The endless journey has come to a closeAnd the pervasive haze is gradually dispersingWhile righteous thoughts display the might of GodsReturning to Heaven is no longer just yearned for”(“New Year’s Greetings,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

(The 17th China Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference on Minghui.org)