(Minghui.org) I ran into Chen Xi, a practitioner I know, who told me about another practitioner called Hao Xia (both names are pseudonyms). Hao used to go to great lengths to avoid the police who harassed her, but recently she decided to adopt a more righteous approach.

In recent years, whenever Hao heard that the police were coming to her home, she would pack her backpack and go to her relative’s house to avoid harassment. Her family members all got used to this and it generally just became the way things were.

In May, Hao heard that domestic security personnel and police officers were coming to her home the next day. As usual, she packed a change of clothes and hit the road.

As Hao was leaving, her daughter was on the way over to visit. She saw her mother in the distance carrying a backpack and shouted, “Mom, are you leaving home for a few days to avoid the police? Where are you going this time? My aunt’s? Or my sister’s?”

Her daughter’s words stopped Hao in her tracks. She thought, “What am I doing? Aren’t I here to save people? I shouldn’t leave. I should save these people.” She turned around and went back home with her daughter.

Hao walked in and said to her husband, “Go and buy a big watermelon and some good sweets. I am entertaining guests tomorrow.”

She put the watermelon and sweets on the coffee table and waited for the officers to arrive. Early the next morning, seven or eight people from the Domestic Security Division and the police station showed up. They started searching Hao’s home as soon as they arrived, looking for material about Falun Gong and the persecution.

The police station chief was the last to enter. He asked her, “What are you doing these days? Do you go out to hand out information about Falun Gong?”

Hao told him that she was just looking for some informational materials. She said, “I want to give you some brochures. I want to offer you a chance to be saved. These days, many people are aware that Falun Dafa saves lives. But you police officers are still running around following the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) orders to do stupid things. Did you ever think about what is going to happen to you when the truth about Falun Gong becomes known to the world?”

While Hao was talking to the chief about Falun Gong, two police officers entered the room and started searching. She talked to them, too. Her daughter and husband were worried and tried to stop her. The chief said, “Don’t stop her. Let her talk. I’d like to hear what she has to say.”

Hao continued, “The CCP always gets rid of a person as soon as his job is done. Liu Chuanxin, the director of the Beijing Bureau of Public Security who worked himself to the bone for the CCP during the Cultural Revolution, committed suicide after the Cultural Revolution. Seventeen other cadres were secretly taken to Yunnan Province and executed. Their families were only given notice of their death-on-duty.”

After inviting everyone to enjoy the watermelon, Hao told the police, “You are all in police uniform now. But when you go home and take off that uniform, you are a son, a husband, and a father. Many of your family members depend on you, and you are responsible for them. Look how much damage you are doing to my family by searching my home, and imagine how it looks to the neighbors. But my husband and children still support my telling you about Falun Gong so that you can be saved.”

Her compassionate words touched the hearts of the officers. They picked up the material about Falun Gong and said that they wanted to read it when they got home. Hao helped one of them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. The chief chatted with Hao for a long time.

After telling me about Hao, Chen Xi commented, “Because Hao Xia held righteous thoughts and got rid of the mentality of fear, she not only stopped avoiding the police but also helped them understand Falun Dafa—and even helped one of them quit the CCP. She stopped them from committing more crimes against Dafa. This incident also helped her neighbors change their misunderstandings about Dafa.”

Chen continued, “Hao stopped avoiding the police from that day on and her family members became more supportive of her telling people about Falun Gong and the persecution.”

I shared this story with local practitioners who found it inspiring. Some of them did not go out often, but after hearing about Hao, they started going out to clarify the truth and save lives.