(Minghui.org) The city I live in was put under lockdown this January due to the coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan.

Suddenly, we were not allowed to go outside. I became crestfallen; I knew I didn't save enough people. My mother, also a practitioner, felt very sad as well.

Ashamed that we haven't lived up to Master's expectations, we both cried. 

Saving People

While we were sheltering in place, we used all our free time to study the Fa, aside from when we had to send righteous thoughts. But we couldn't just hunker down like that forever. Eventually, my mother and I decided to go out. Saving one person a day is better than nothing.

We needed a permission form from our employer in order to enter and exit our community. Since I had my own business, I prepared the paperwork for us.

My mother is over 80 years old. In the beginning, the thought of being questioned by security guards made her anxious. But the guards only asked how we were related. They let us pass without asking anything else.

We rode public buses and clarified the truth along the bus route. If there was no bus, we would walk to the next stop. Some people we met understood us and agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations they had previously joined.

One day, a customer of mine for many years came to my store. The old man had lost a lot of weight and seemed downtrodden. It turned out that his daughter was ill. She was in the hospital and in critical condition.

I never talked about Falun Gong to him before because I was unsure how he would react, but the old man looked so helpless. My mother tried to clarify the truth to him, but he did not quite understand the concept at first.

He said he did not know his daughter’s diagnosis, which made me suspicious. Wasn't she in critical condition? My instinct told me that she was probably infected with the coronavirus. The CCP had covered up the infection cases from the very beginning, and those who were infected were too scared to admit it. 

I told him what I saw on Minghui, articles of how people recovered from the virus by quitting the CCP and reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

He put his trust in me and asked for ways to save his daughter. I gave him a couple of pamphlets on the topic. I told him to read the pamphlets to his daughter and tell her to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”.

A few days later, he came back with a smile on his face, but I was too busy to chat with him that day. 

Another week passed, and he came with his son. He told me his daughter was discharged from the hospital!

“Uncle, your daughter is blessed by Dafa!” I said to him, “Master Li has saved her!”

He agreed. 

His son also quit the CCP organizations he once joined.

Eliminating My Own Attachments While Helping a New Practitioner

During the pandemic, I took some major leaps in my cultivation to help a new practitioner.

For several years, I considered this practitioner as someone who used to practice Falun Gong, but doesn't anymore. I talked to her as if that was all she was. 

Last fall, she came to see me. She wanted to read Falun Gong books. She told me that she finally had her thoughts sorted out after reading a pamphlet about Falun Gong. I realized then she was actually a destined person coming back for the Fa!

The process of helping this practitioner was a cultivation journey for me. She often claims to be quite bright. However, it took me several tries to teach her just one move of the exercises. 

From this, I saw my attachment to holding my own opinion of people. My patience was as tested. Impatience is something I have been trying to eliminate for many years. 

I recalled that when I studied the Fa with my mother in the beginning, I would become annoyed and would correct her whenever she misread a character. Moreover, I got quite upset at her. 

My mother only went to school for half a year, but she was able to read the Fa. It was a remarkable achievement! But I didn't look at it that way. I did not see things as a practitioner, nor did I treat my mother as a fellow practitioner.

My impatience returned with this new practitioner. This time, I knew that this attachment must be eliminated. I tried my best to keep my voice calm. Gradually, this attachment got weaker.

Another thing about this practitioner was that she would cough loudly and spit out phlegm no matter who she was with. This was impossible for me to ignore. Perhaps this was Master cleansing her body. She did have chronic respiratory issues and was in the hospital a lot. 

She coughed up mucus constantly when I taught her the exercises. The sound of it made me nauseous. I later realized it was because I was afraid of filth. This thought had to be eliminated. As she became more comfortable with the exercise movements, her cough eventually disappeared. 

It took her two months to learn all the exercises. My characteristics of jealousy, complaining a lot, blaming others, and showing off were exposed during that time. I said to Master in my mind, “I don’t want any of these, none of them.”

The new practitioner’s understanding of the Fa constantly improved. I was happy for her. Master did so much to arrange all this; all I did was the legwork. Master also had this practitioner help me in eliminating my attachments.

Without Master’s guidance and protection, I would not be able to move an inch. I still have so many attachments to be eliminated—laziness, love for comfort, vanity, lust and jealousy, just to name a few. There are also many predestined people who need salvation. I can help them only by being a diligent practitioner myself.

I want to thank Master and other practitioners for helping me. I will constantly improve myself and do better.