(Minghui.org) I am a teacher and have practiced Falun Dafa since 1998. Since 2017, I have been harassed every year by the local residential community staff. This year, especially from October 20 to November 20, I was harassed four times. Enduring these incidents of harassment with the help of fellow practitioners has shown me that it is a battle between good and evil. I truly see the evilness, stupidity, and ridiculousness of the wicked CCP.

The Party committee secretary of the school called me on the morning of October 20, 2020, at the end of my second class. She told me that someone from the district Political and Legal Affairs Committee wanted to talk to me. After a similar “talk” in the past, I had been taken to a brainwashing center, so I knew what was up and was not frightened. I told her about my previous experience and decided to meet with those people after she assured me I would be safe. I wanted to show them how rational, calm, kind, and determined a Dafa practitioner is and to manifest Dafa’s compassion and majesty.

When I got to the small conference room, the principal, the vice-principal, and the Party committee secretary of the school were already there. The deputy secretary of the district Political and Legal Affairs Committee, the director of the municipal 610 Office, and the director of the residential community were also present. One person was unidentified since he didn’t say anything.

I greeted everyone politely before sitting down. When an official-looking man started to speak, I interrupted him to say, “I’m sorry, sir. What do I call you, please?” The school’s Party secretary introduced him. She then introduced each person before they spoke. Their evil nature seemed a little restrained since I knew who they were. The deputy secretary of the district Political and Legal Affairs Committee spoke a little more politely after he was introduced.

The purpose of this meeting was to make me sign the so-called three statements. During the conversation, they threatened me with travel restrictions, my children’s future, implicating my work unit, and so on. Speaking of my children, I said, “There is an old Chinese saying that good will be rewarded with good, and evil will meet with evil. I haven’t done anything bad to impact my children’s future. I believe in heaven’s principles. Those who persecute good people will need to remember that their actions may bring disaster to their children.”

I told them why I practiced Falun Gong and made it clear that I did nothing wrong and there was no point to being “transformed.”

The next afternoon, October 21, 2020, I was called in again to meet someone from the Education Bureau, my school’s superior. We had a similar conversation plus my job was threatened. I was not frightened. A practitioner’s path is arranged by Master. No one else has the final say.

The annual school sports meet started on October 28, 2020. That morning, the school’s Party secretary told me that the people from the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and the Education Bureau would come to talk to me again and also left orders that my husband was to be present.

I asked why they wanted to talk to my husband and said they didn’t have the right to harass him. Just the day before, my husband asked me if I had any troubles at the school. The Party committee secretary where he worked had asked his colleague to get his cell phone number. I told my husband not to give his cell number to his colleague and that I would handle the issue related to my practice. “Do not cooperate with them,” I said. “Do not do anything for me but say fair words if needed.”

I thought of Master’s teaching: “No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates.” (“Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I powered off my cell phone. Since there were no classes for three days because of the school sports meet, I was afraid I might be taken to a brainwashing center. My human notions bothered me, and I even thought about leaving home for a few days. I shared my thoughts with fellow practitioners and knew that it was not right according to the Fa. I asked them to send forth righteous thoughts for me. I also sent righteous thoughts for long time.

At noon that day, I sent a text message to the school and ask for a temporary leave of absence. Then I powered off my cell phone again. I calmed down and carefully read the article “Legal Points and Response Strategies to Harassment.” The more I read, the less fear and worry I had. My righteous thoughts became stronger. “No one can touch me!” I thought. I made some changes to the original article and titled it “Illegal Harassment and the Points of Illegality.”

The next day, I printed out this article and the “Confirmation Letter of Public Officials Performing Official Duties” and handed them to the Party committee secretary of the school. They never harassed me at school again. They also didn’t harass my husband. I realized that when we implement the law to counteract the persecution in this human dimension, our divine power in other dimensions will be eliminating evils. When the evil in other dimensions is eliminated, it will be hard for the people in this dimension to be evil anymore.

The fourth time I was harassed was on November 2, 2020. Once again, I was told that someone from the city Political and Legal Affairs Committee wanted to talk to me. I could decide when and where. I was not afraid and made the appointment in the office of the school Party committee secretary.

I asked my fellow practitioners to send righteous thoughts to prevent the CCP’s members from slandering Dafa. We know a lot of evil gathers in other dimensions when someone is going to do something bad. We can seize the chance to focus on them by sending righteous thoughts to eliminate them. They may come, but there will be no return.

The man from the Political and Legal Affairs 610 Office came. He talked about something unrelated and showed me his article about his family. He even couldn’t say specifically why he was there. Obviously, he was present just as a mere formality.

When I asked him to sign the “Confirmation Letter of Public Officials Coming to Perform the Official Duties,” he refused, saying that he needed to get permission from his supervisor. I asked him if there any law that said practicing Falun Gong was illegal. He said that it was not clearly stated in that way. “So that means there is no such law,” I said. I had intended to say that to the Party committee secretary who had actively cooperated with these incidents of harassment.

Later I looked inward to see if I had any human notions the evil could exploit and found three. One, I spent too much time reading ordinary news, time that should be used to do the three things. Two, my mind was not tranquil when I did the exercises. Three, sometimes I skipped doing the morning exercises because I wanted to be comfortable. Also, I knew I should get rid of the desire for novelty and my attachments to social events and to the Fa-rectification ending. I knew I should get rid of the bad habit of procrastinating, strengthen my main consciousness, and truly cultivate myself diligently and solidly.

I realize that, if our righteous thoughts are not moved and our human hearts are not moved, the evil factors cannot do anything to us. On the contrary, we can clean up human notions and eliminate evils.