(Minghui.org) With Master Li by my side, I have steadily walked the path of Falun Dafa cultivation since November 1998.

I had a painfully high fever when I first started practicing. It was so bad my daughter could feel the heat 15 feet away. Although I was a new practitioner, I firmly believed that Master was eliminating my karma at the source. I already understood that everyday people push karma back inside their bodies by taking medicine, but Master eliminates practitioners’ karma.

I said in my heart, “Master, I will endure the karma I accumulated. If it is not my karma, no one can add it to me. Master is in control of everything. I am not afraid and I can bear it.” Soon I no longer felt hot.

That was 22 years ago and I haven’t taken any medicine since and have remained healthy. I feel Master is always by my side.

A Miracle When My Home Was Ransacked

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials illegally ransacked my home in July 1999, after the persecution of Falun Dafa began. They threatened me and tried to force me to give up cultivating. I clarified the truth to them but they refused to listen.

I asked Master to help me by not letting them see my Dafa books. They searched all the rooms thoroughly, but they just could not find any of those books. They ended up confiscating my ID card.

I truly felt that Master was by my side and protected the books from being discovered. After that experience, I told myself to strictly follow Dafa’s requirements and cultivate diligently.

Avoiding Danger with Righteous Thoughts

I was posting truth-clarifying materials with another practitioner when I saw a man with a mean look on his face approach her. She didn’t realize he was behind her. I quickly told her we needed to leave, but the man grabbed her bag and wanted to report us to the police.

I could not allow this sentient being to commit a crime against Dafa so I started to shout, “This man stole this lady’s bag!” and grabbed the bag back. I told him that Falun Dafa is good and he should stop doing bad things to practitioners. With Master’s protection, we left and returned home safely.

Miracles While Hanging Banners

I was one of three female practitioners who worked together to hang truth-clarifying banners. One banner that said “Falun Dafa is good” was accidentally blown to a treetop and we could not get it down. Two of us lifted the other practitioner up by the legs but she still could not reach the banner.

I asked Master to give us the wisdom and power to get it back. I squatted down, held the practitioner’s feet, and lifted her up as I stood up. She could almost reach the banner. I stood on my tiptoes to lift her a little bit higher and she reached the banner and took it off the tree.

When I put her down, she asked, “Did you just push me up while you were on tiptoes so I could reach the banner?” I said, “Yes. And it did not take much effort at all.” All of us sincerely thanked Master for helping me achieve this feat of strength. We were so encouraged by Master’s help that we urged each other to cultivate more diligently.

Once I went out to hang banners and saw a big tree in front of a school with a branch growing over the middle of the road. This was the perfect eye-catching place to hang a banner and I thought this branch must have grown that way to help me save the teachers and students. But the branch was too high off the ground to reach. I asked Master to give me the wisdom to hang a banner on this branch.

After I went home, a practitioner showed me how he used a slingshot to hang a banner. I immediately went out and bought some rubber tubing from a medical supply store and a piece of leather from a shoe repair shop to make my own slingshot.

I went back to the big tree, wrapped the banner in the leather, aimed at the branch, and was able to hang the banner on the tree. Miraculously, the banner flew to the perfect location and rotated three times so that it was tightly wrapped around the branch. It read “Falun Dafa is good” and hung unfurled on the tree. Compassionate Master is always by our side.

Another time, a banner wrapped around a tree too many times and no one could see it. It wouldn’t come down no matter how hard the wind blew. I sent forth righteous thoughts, eliminating any evil forces interfering with us. The banner immediately unfolded. We were so grateful to Master that we cried and thanked Master with the Heshi gesture of respect.

The Power of Dafa

Once I went to a night market to clarify the truth and saw an elderly farmer driving a car selling small ears of old corn. No one bought his corn or even asked the price. The farmer was worried. I walked over and said, “Don’t worry. Let me tell you something good. Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ and you will be rewarded. If you withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations, you will be safe.”

The farmer said, “You look like a kind person. I trust what you said. I am not a Party member but please help me withdraw from the Young Pioneers.” He told me to use his real name to do it. I wished him good luck and asked him to remember the auspicious phrases.

Twenty minutes later, the farmer appeared in his car looking for me. Smiling broadly, he said, “It’s a miracle! Thank you for telling me those magic phrases. I was rewarded immediately. A person just bought all my corn and gave me a good price. It’s a miracle! You told me would be safe when I withdraw from the CCP. I am relieved and not afraid. Thank you!”

There are so many examples of Dafa showing its mighty power as we clarify the truth. As long as we help Master rectify the Fa, Master will always be by our side.