(Minghui.org) More than a month has passed since the United States election was held on November 3. A huge shift occurred early in the morning of November 4. I was shocked initially. My first thought was the Falun Dafa practitioners’ attachments had caused the situation. 

I had not sent righteous thoughts to help everyday people before that time, but instead had a mentality of showing off and was relying on luck. I was confident that whoever the American president was, he would be a president of a civilized country. The United States is a multicultural country. Falun Dafa practitioners enjoy freedom in the United States. Their media enjoy fair treatment. 

My mentality of relying everyday people’s society was so obvious. Yet I thought that I was fine. I noted that many practitioners had similar reliance on and reassured feelings about the United States. 

So many fellow practitioners like and rely on the United States and forget Dafa practitioners are the protagonists in the Fa-rectification. This attachment has caused a huge obstacle and interference, giving the old forces an excuse to persecute us and mess with the United States. 

Master’s recent poem titled “On the General Election” made me realize the shocking situation in America. I became awake. It turns out that the United States is not a paradise, but a place where demons are rampant and focusing on taking over. The balance is almost leaning toward the demons. 

The complexity of the situation in the United States is no longer something we can change with just two days of sending righteous thoughts. That process is no longer possible for us to go through again. What has happened has already been recorded in the universe and cannot be erased. We missed too many things Dafa disciples should have done.

How did I fail to get rid of my attachments, although Master told us to not rely on everyday people? I think many practitioners have looked within and know we did not do well. 

Since the election fraud was exposed, the majority of fellow practitioners have sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind the election. But we have seen that it is very difficult. Our attachments also harm everyday people and make them suffer more on the path to seeking justice. 

Although I enlightened that Falun Dafa practitioners’ attachments led to the current chaos and I understand Dafa practitioners’ missions and capabilities, I have not reached a completely calm state. I still pay attention to the status of the election every day. So my understanding has not reached the level it should.

Master wrote in the new article titled “Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference”, 

“Dafa is about spiritual practice. The goal of practice for a Dafa disciple is spiritual perfection. The human world is now at the end of its latter days, and the degenerate and chaotic things that have come about in these troubled times are affecting society more than ever. Though a battle between good and evil is taking place, you have to ensure that you do not let it negatively affect you, and should do even better at getting the truth out and saving people. And as you work to raise awareness, you must be sure not to think or act too much like an ordinary person. Only by staying clear on what you are doing will you manage to not get caught up in things and do even better.” 

I read Master’s new article today and reminded myself to not be attached to everyday society and not to rely on everyday people, but to be clear about Dafa practitioners’ missions. I need to study Master’s new article calmly again and again.