(Minghui.org) In the Summer of 2019, I went to the Fa study site, where I saw a practitioner who had returned to cultivation after stopping for a while. When she saw me, she hugged me and began crying loudly. I knew she regretted wasting so much precious time. Even though I did not cry, my eyes were full of tears. 

I knew this person well. At the beginning of the persecution, we went to Beijing together to petition for the right to practice Falun Dafa. At that time, the persecution was cruel and terrifying. After that, because of family reasons, she slacked off in Fa study and cultivation, and eventually stopped cultivating Dafa altogether. Later, she suffered a health problem. After being discharged from the hospital, she finally realized what her problem was. I said to her, “Don’t cry, just practice diligently from now on.” As soon as I said those words, I felt that they contained human sentiments, but did not look inward or try to eliminate them. 

On my way home after the group Fa study, I felt something pressing on my left leg. It was numb and heavy. I felt like I was walking on balls of cotton and that my leg was not controlled by my brain. Then, I had no feeling in the leg. 

I sent righteous thoughts when I got home, but did not see any change. All of a sudden, I felt a similar sensation on my left arm and it too became numb. I was immediately alert and thought, “This is not a real sickness, these symptoms are fake.” 

I said to the bad thing, “I don’t care what you are, I don’t want you, you cannot stay in me. My life was arranged by Master Li. I only follow the path Master arranged for me. Another life or material factors are not allowed to interfere.” Meanwhile, I looked inward. Sentiment towards fellow practitioners is something a practitioner must get rid of. I knew that once there is sentiment, lust will follow. I needed to remove the lust at the microscopic level and get rid of that attachment. 

Master clearly stated,

“Scriptures cultivate your mind, Exercises temper your body;” (“Becoming One” from Hong Yin Translation Version A) 

I recalled a story published on Minghui.org of a practitioner who ran into the same situation and miraculously passed a sickness karma test by practicing the sitting meditation (Strengthening Divine Powers). When I was thinking about doing the exercises, the words “...returning to the true origin by the nine nines.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Jinan,” Zhuan Falun Fajie) came to me. Master’s law body had sent me a message. So, I decided to do the exercises nine times. 

I did the third exercise (Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes) nine times every day, which took just under an hour and a half. I was very focused when doing the exercise, free of other thoughts. [On the eighth day], after I did the exercise seventy two times, I felt something exit my left arm. I knew the bad thing had been removed and I had passed the sickness karma test (actually, it was a xinxing test). 

A few days later, my left leg and left arm slowly returned to normal. Master had helped me, his disciple, pass this sickness karma test. He removed the bad thing from my body. 

As a disciple, I can only repay Master’s grace through diligent cultivation. In this precious final time, I will study the Fa well, cultivate myself well, do the three things well, assist Master to rectify the Fa, save sentient beings, and follow Master to return home.