(Minghui.org) For some time I was stuck in a bottleneck in my cultivation and had a hard time breaking through it. I often made more than 20 phone calls a day but couldn’t help anyone quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

It seemed as if no one wanted to listen to me; they usually hung up after a few seconds. When I shared with the practitioners in charge of training, they encouraged me to make more calls and suggested I use a new script.

The problem wasn’t completely resolved, however, and I thought my difficulties were because I lacked sufficient kindness—people couldn’t feel it. So I began to change my tone to help them feel more comfortable, but still nothing changed.

I even wondered if it was because my energy field was not righteous enough, and I wasn’t able to dissolve the evil factors behind those people.

Yet improving my energy field wouldn't happen overnight. Observing other practitioners making phone calls, interacting with people, and clarifying the facts to them, I did not feel up to par.

I sometimes ran into people I felt I had predestined relationships with. I could awaken their conscience and help them quit the CCP. But I still didn’t feel I had made a breakthrough in my overall performance.

Before that, I’d participated in making phone calls regarding special cases in Dalian City. It seemed that they hung up on me even more quickly. Out of a dozen calls, not a single one lasted more than a minute. I couldn’t help but be frustrated.

Why didn’t they want to listen to me? How could I possibly help them?

On top of that, if I tried telling them about what they had no interest in hearing, they would just hang up. This made it necessary for me to adjust my mindset and change my approach.

After I became clear, I quickly revised my existing script to be more receptive to the listener and less strident.

On my first call, the person who picked up listened to me for more than a minute. That was very encouraging and gave me more confidence in the new script.

Then I helped four people quit the CCP, and everything changed. Their attitudes were completely different. Now I seemed to have a predestined relationship with everyone. When I asked, “Are you okay with quitting the CCP?” they would reply, “Sure I am.”

I asked one young lady who decided to quit the CCP if she had any other questions for me, and she asked if I could explain how her friend became psychotic after practicing Falun Dafa.

This just happened to be the topic of a group discussion a few days before. I told her about how cruel the persecution of Dafa was in China. Being arrested and held in a police station, sent to a detention center, or placed under house arrest would cause anyone extreme duress.

In the case of practitioners, even their family members have been subjected to tremendous mental pressure to force their practitioner loved ones to renounce their faith.

In the end, I said that her friend becoming psychotic may have been caused by this long-term persecution, which had nothing to do with her practicing Falun Dafa. She said I’d made it clear.

We often encountered people who swore at us. Whenever I ran into someone like that, though, I wouldn’t get into an argument. But it wasn’t pleasant, either.

Deep down, I felt reluctant to help them. If the person hung up on me, I didn’t want to call them back, because I always felt this kind of person was so hard to help.

A fellow practitioner once said, “When he was swearing, I began to send righteous thoughts on my end to dissolve the evil behind him. I waited until he got tired of swearing and paused for a break. I then clarified the facts to him. When he continued swearing, I again began sending righteous thoughts.”

I thought, “Why can’t I do that?” Soon enough, I was tested.

I spoke to a man from northeast China. After he realized what I was going to talk about, he started to swear at me right away.

I thought I would tell him that all I wanted to do was to share a good way to ensure his safety. But he just kept swearing at me.

I then decided not to wait for him to stop swearing before I spoke up. I quickly began to clarify the facts to him. Thinking that he might hang up, I brought up the issue of practitioners having their organs harvested while they were still alive. I referenced the script related to that and read it to him.

By then he’d gotten tired of swearing, so I finished reading my script. When he realized that I wasn’t going to get upset with him, he threatened me by saying he would record me. I said that was no problem, as other people could also hear me. I kept steering the conversation back to the truth about Dafa.

In the end, I focused on having him understand how evil the CCP is and didn’t worry about getting him to quit it. I tried to give him a pseudonym so he could quit the Young Pioneers but without any thought of pursuit.

I said, “This is the last time I will ask if I can help you quit the Young Pioneers with this pseudonym to ensure your safety. What do you say?” He then finally acknowledged me!

I later reminded him I had helped him quit the CCP, and he didn’t express any disagreement. This phone call lasted for an hour and a half. A few times I was going to wrap up our conversation and say goodbye, but he didn’t want me to hang up. In the end, we seemed like old friends.

The next day, I shared my story with another practitioner who remarked that it was this man's knowing side begging me to save him.

I saw this phone call as a test of my competitive mentality and during the process, I had been very calm. No matter how terribly he swore at me, I didn’t have any negativity flare up. As to his positive comments about the CCP, I didn’t argue on those points either.

I had laid out the facts and then reasoned with him. I also asked him to be reasonable and stop swearing.

His transformation from beginning to end was tremendous. It was as if he simply forgot all about how he’d first sworn at me, as though a heavy black leather jacket had been taken off of him and his true self was talking to me.

By making phone calls for over two months, I have changed from someone who had no idea how to clarify the facts to Chinese people to knowing how to do it well.

When I made a small improvement, Master Li brought people with predestined relationships to me. I also appreciated the other practitioners’ support in working with me to improve the language and tone of my message and to sort out the true meaning of people’s reactions so that I could continue to improve myself.

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