(Minghui.org) Practitioners from five counties and cities in Central Taiwan held an experience-sharing meeting at an elementary school in Taichung County on November 8, 2020. They shared how they have benefited from practicing Falun Dafa, how they have clarified the truth to people and cooperated with each other and how they have looked within during conflicts and tribulations.

Waiting for Dafa Life after Life

Yu Qing is a young practitioner who traveled to 35 countries before realizing that she was searching for Falun Dafa. She started practicing Falun Dafa in January this year. 

“I didn’t come to this world to just be a human being,” Yu Qing said. “I came here to cultivate and return to my true self and to my original home. Only Falun Dafa can take me to my true home. I was lost in the human world. I have now found a way back home and a ladder to Heaven, so I must walk my path righteously and well.” 

Yu Qing recalled having a sense of steadiness in her heart when she started to practice Falun Dafa. She soon realized that it was very important to tell mainland Chinese people about Falun Dafa and the persecution, but she found it difficult to speak with them in the beginning. She felt scared and worried and even cried before making phone calls to Chinese people. The people who answered her calls scolded her and hung up on her. She felt discouraged and despondent. But she studied the Fa more and reinforced her righteous thoughts. She understood the urgency of saving sentient beings and was determined to call Chinese people no matter the outcome.

After making more phone calls, she felt steady in her heart. When she learned a practitioner she had made phone calls to help was released the next day, all of the practitioners involved in the rescue effort felt so happy. 

“Every call disintegrates evil in other dimensions,” she said. “Our phone calls will make the policeman tremble in their hearts. I feel happy that I have done what a Dafa practitioner should do.”

Hurrying to Catch Up with the Progress of Fa-Rectification 

Yi Fang is a teacher who had stopped practicing Falun Dafa but resumed the practice after 20 years. She hoped that practitioners would learn a lesson from her and not leave behind any regrets. 

She started to practice Falun Dafa when she was in her second year of university. She cultivated diligently. After she got married and had children, she slacked off in cultivation and indulged in everyday people’s things. She knew it was not right but was unable to stop. The spread of the CCP virus awakened her. 

“Master saw that I still wanted to practice Falun Dafa and told me to listen to Minghui Radio through my classmate,” she said.

After listening to Minghui Radio, she picked up Falun Dafa again. She listened to Minghui Radio while she was working and became more and more clear-headed. 

“I didn’t come out to practice the exercises with other practitioners before, using the excuse that my children were little. I now make myself get up early to practice the exercises. I tell myself to behave like a practitioner. It is difficult. The demon of sleep interferes with me. I also hesitate about whether I should get up or not. If I lie down and go back to sleep, it would be very comfortable. So I fight with myself every day in the morning. I ask myself if I want to be a practitioner or an everyday person. I tell myself that I am a practitioner and must practice the exercises every day.”

She started to memorize the Fa. She felt that reciting the Fa could solve her problems with sleepiness and reinforce her righteous thoughts. “In the beginning I felt lousy, but I realized that the old forces made me feel tired and feel that I was not able to persist. But I persisted, even if I was muddle-headed. I sent forth righteous thoughts. The old forces made me feel that my righteous thoughts didn’t work. But I still persisted in memorizing the Fa. In the end, the false manifestations were negated.” 

She used to look at other practitioners’ attachments and wanted them to behave according to her notions. She would complain if other practitioner didn’t pass tests. She realized that she looked at things from her own perspective and didn’t consider things from other people's perspectives. She had a toothache all of a sudden one day. The pain became intense. She realized that she didn’t have compassion and didn’t understand what other practitioners were going through when they had tribulations. Her toothache disappeared as soon as she found her attachment. 

Looking Within Is a Magical Tool

Yue Xiang, in her fifties, lives in Central Taiwan. She recovered from liver and kidney problems after practicing Falun Dafa. She was very thankful to Master and Falun Dafa. 

She told a story about how her husband fell from his scooter and fractured his hand one day. Despite the accident, they still went to watch Shen Yun that night. He felt his hand healed a lot after watching the show. He completely recovered the next day and went to work. Their friends and family members were amazed. It would normally take a lot longer to recover. 

Chen Shuman from Taichung also shared her experiences during the conference. She said when she was clarifying the truth to people from Mainland China at Sun Moon Lake, she didn’t behave well and people misunderstood Falun Dafa because of her behavior. She coughed badly during dinner that night. She looked within and realized that she had behaved poorly that day. She rectified her mind and behavior. Her coughing stopped. She realized that looking within was a magical tool. When she developed righteous thoughts, the test ended. 

Cultivating Diligently

Sheng Zhi from Shengyuan in Taichung shared his experiences. He started to distribute The Epoch Times newspapers in Fengyuan city in October. There were 10 areas to distribute to and he took 9 of them. No other practitioner was able to cover the last area, Zuolan. He was moving to another house one weekend and still had to take a practitioner to the Fa study group in his car. He was hesitant, but decided to take the practitioner to study the Fa instead of continuing to work on moving. In the end, a practitioner at the Fa study group offered to distribute the newspapers in Zuolan. Sheng Zhi was very touched and thankful to Master. 

“It doesn't matter if you can do it well or not, just start doing it,” he said. “As long as you are willing to take responsibility, you will make a breakthrough and elevate. You grow as you sacrifice. You will be the one who benefits the most.”

Qiu from Taichung works in the media. He had pain in his knee recently. The problem got worse and affected his work. He had been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 20 years. He did the three things and was not behind in cultivation. He was wondering why he had this problem. He looked within and realized that he was sleepy while practicing the sitting meditation and his mind wandered while he practiced the other exercises. He knew that whatever he came across in cultivation was a good thing. He was determined to listen to Master and turn the bad thing into a good thing. 

One day his knee was so painful that he couldn’t sit in the lotus position. He then tied his knee with a belt and sat in the lotus position until the end of the meditation exercise, even though his knee was extremely painful. He adjusted his schedule and sent forth righteous thoughts more. 

“I am now clear-headed when studying the Fa, doing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts. I am focused when studying the Fa. I do the five sets of exercises every day. After a period of time, my knee problem disappeared. My cultivation state has become better.” 

“Believe in Master. Study the Fa with a focused mind, cultivate with a peaceful mind, improve xinxing and do the five sets of exercises every day. If we complete every step, things will definitely turn around.”