(Minghui.org) My relative has experienced three life-threatening accidents. He safely avoided them or recovered quickly because he truly believes that Falun Dafa is good.

Falling from the Fourth Floor

My relative is a fruit merchant. He buys fresh apples in the fall, stores them in a big cold storage warehouse, and sells them to retailers. One winter seven or eight years ago, he came to my home and said, “I escaped a life-threatening accident a few days ago.”

When I asked what happened he said, “A fruit retailer came to see my apples. We entered the warehouse and took the elevator to the fourth shelf (about the height of four floors). I moved a box of apples near the vent.

“As there was no rail-guard around the vent and the floorboards were not nailed down well, I tripped and fell into the large vent pipe. People working on the fourth shelf were frightened and thought I would die because there was nothing to grab onto inside the vent.

“As they rode the elevator down they shouted, ‘Accident!’ They rushed towards the large fan and saw me hanging from a metal shelf. When I felt myself falling I thought I would die. But my clothing had caught on a metal rod on a lower shelf. Otherwise, I surely would have died.

“They were so shocked they just stood there staring at me. I shouted, ‘Take me down.’ They quickly helped me down. The warehouse manager wondered where that metal rod came from.”

“Were you hurt?” I asked.

“The skin on my back had abrasions and my chest hurt, but there were no other wounds,” he said.

“You are fortunate. It's possible your life was saved because you support my practicing Falun Dafa and believe that Falun Dafa is good. Master saved your life. Otherwise, it could have been tragic, as the accident might have killed you.”

He suddenly understood. I said, “From now on, don’t forget to say ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ when facing danger. You will be safe.”

Electric Tricycle Stopped on a Cliff

My relative was driving an electric tricycle at high speed just before Chinese New Year four or five years ago. Suddenly the tricycle sped towards an embankment beside the road. Beyond it was a six foot high cliff and a steep drop to sharp rocks below.

He sped up the embankment and his front wheel began going over the cliff. He was terrified. At that moment he felt a strong force grab his tricycle, and the two rear wheels remained on the cliff.

“It was amazing!” he said. “I truly felt a power grab my tricycle. Otherwise, I would have fallen over the cliff and died. At that moment I knew Master Li saved me. I truly appreciate him!”

Wound Heals in Three Days

My relatives’ daughter-in-law phoned me one day in December 2019 and shouted, “My father-in-law fell off a cliff and is badly injured. He’s bleeding and his clothes are soaked in blood. I wrapped his wound. He’s in great pain. What should I do?”

I said, “Don’t worry. I’m coming.” The man’s son works out of town. Whenever something happens his daughter-in-law calls me.

My son borrowed a car and we rushed to my relative’s home. His entire body was covered in blood. He slowly pulled up a bloody sleeve and showed us where his daughter-in-law bandaged him.

Both elbows were exposed through his torn shirt, and there was an egg-sized bump on each one. He said, “They’re much smaller now. They were as big as a child's fist.”

He explained what happened, “I took a two-wheeled cart and went to the mountain to collect firewood. Three large boxes were tied to the cart with steel wires. I filled the boxes with firewood and fastened some bundled tree branches on top.

“When I went down the mountain, I walked in front of the cart to keep it from rushing forward. When I reached the cliff, one of the wheels dropped over the edge. Before I realized what happened, the cart turned over and I fell down the cliff. The hill was covered in sharp rocks and thorns. When I finally stopped falling, I tried to stand up several times but failed. It felt like I was paralyzed, and I was in great pain.

“At that moment I remembered that you told me to call out, ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ I yelled out the words several times. I was then able to stand up and turn the cart over. I climbed up the cliff. It was marvelous! Master saved me again.

“There is a thumb-size hole in my arm. It must have been pierced by a thorn tree. Both elbows had bumps the size of a child’s fist. If Master did not help me, I would still be laying out there.”

My son wanted to drive him to the hospital to have his wounds treated. He said, “No. I’ll practice the Falun Dafa exercises with your mother. I will be fine.”

He seemed determined, so my son asked me what to do. I said, “Let's do what he wants. Bring him to my house.” So my son drove us to my house. I showed him how to practice the fifth exercise, the meditation. He was able to meditate cross-legged (not double-cross) for more than 40 minutes. I had shown him the exercises before, but he had never practiced them.

The following morning he said, “After I did the exercises with you last night I slept so soundly! I haven't had a restful sleep in years. This morning I feel better. It doesn’t hurt so much. The bumps on my elbows are gone. Didn’t you say Falun Dafa is amazing? Look.”

He rolled up his sleeves and showed me. It really was amazing that the two egg-sized bumps had disappeared overnight! I said, “You've been blessed because you trust in Master and Dafa!”

He stayed with me for two days. In addition to meditating with him, I had him listen to the recordings of Master’s lectures.

When my son came to see him, he rolled up his sleeves to show him, “Look, I did the meditation with your mother for more than 40 minutes. The bumps on my elbows are gone the next day. Falun Dafa is really amazing! If I went to the hospital, it would not heal so fast.”

My son also thought it was amazing, and he witnessed the extraordinary power of Dafa. So he also has a positive attitude toward Dafa and supports my cultivation.

My relative returned home on the third day as his daughter returned home from out of town after hearing of his injury.

I called his daughter-in-law the day after he got home and asked her to change the gauze and wrap his wound again. She said the gauze was stuck to his arm. After cutting it with scissors, she slowly peeled away the gauze but said she couldn’t find where the wound was.

After careful inspection, she found a small red mark. She realized that the thumb-sized hole had healed. Both his daughter-in-law and daughter were amazed!

This incident caused a great stir in his village. Even people in the nearby villages heard what happened and had a positive opinion of Falun Dafa. My relative told everyone he knew the story of how he was saved by calling out, “Falun Dafa is good.” He also told them how his wounds quickly healed, and about his miraculous recovery after two days of doing the Falun Dafa exercises.

When he told me that everyone was amazed to hear of his experiences I said, “You have done so well. By telling people how you benefited from Dafa you are validating Dafa - how extraordinary and great Falun Dafa is! Master saved your life several times. Maybe it's time to start practicing!”

He agreed and started practicing Falun Dafa. He asked me to write down his experiences and says he deeply appreciates Master for saving him.