(Minghui.org) For the last two years, my addiction to watching videos on my cell phone resulted in my neglecting to do the three things we are supposed to do. I could not concentrate when studying the Fa, which naturally meant I did not get anything from it, and instead my head was filled with everything that was going on out in the world.

Since early February this year, some practitioners in our area began hoarding food and supplies. The fact is, seven months later, we are not short of anything. However, I was caught up with the whole shortage mentality and was guilty of hoarding myself. I was out shopping every day because I claimed that I was going to clarify the truth. But I ended up carrying home bags of stuff day in and day out. I also encouraged one of my relatives to do the same. Due to the heat this summer, beetles multiplied in the rice we both hoarded and my relative wasn’t too happy with me.

One practitioner, under the influence of a group of local practitioners, started to hoard three years' worth of food. She went on to tell other practitioners she was in contact with and they also followed suit in case there might be shortages caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Some hoarded three years' worth of food and others spent a lot of time amassing large quantities of all sorts of supplies. I knew something wasn’t right about that but could not put my finger on it.

We have all heard more than once on New Tang Dynasty TV that a shortage of food supplies is looming for next year due to natural disasters in the country. One practitioner was particularly active in spreading that view. Many practitioners were convinced of the impending threat and went on to spread it through the grapevine. This whipped up a buying fever among a large number of practitioners in my area.

The new food quota announcement came out in October and there haven’t been any shortages of food or supplies in our area. A practitioner wrote in an experience sharing article that the forewarning of a large-scale population elimination had proved inaccurate. I disagree. Master is ultimately in control. Only around 360 million people have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Supposing we all work hard every day to clarify the truth and save people, quickly pushing the number to 500 million or more, and supposing we all play our part as Dafa disciples—do you think Master would let us go hungry?

We know that every one of us Dafa disciples is responsible for a designated domain in the cosmos. If each one of us managed to convince half of the people in our own immediate vicinity to quit the CCP, thereby improving the moral standard all over the country, I don’t think disasters can even come close to us.

More importantly, how we make the best use of our time during this coronavirus pandemic to save people is critical. My own hoarding of food and supplies was a manifestation of my selfishness, of wanting to protect myself from potential hunger and having to go without many things. It also revealed my weakness at not being able to think independently based on the Fa teachings, but instead drifting along with the maddening crowd.

Master said:

“A region with a lot of karma or a region where the people’s minds have become bad is bound to be unstable.” (“A Brief Explanation of Shan,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

Disasters never occur by chance. They are divine interventions as a result of human depravity. If a Dafa disciple succeeds in clarifying the truth and saves an ordinary person, that person’s life will be forever changed for the better. If more and more people’s lives are changed that way in a whole region, the karma for that region will certainly diminish.

Some time ago, rain and destructive storms were forecast in our province. Our local region was not affected while others were. I believe that was because the number of people who’ve quit the CCP is relatively high in our area, which also resulted in fewer cases of the coronavirus.

The old forces in other dimensions can see things very clearly. When Dafa practitioners were seen hoarding food and other supplies, the expected shortages never materialized. Instead, they made trouble for practitioners by creating other shortages. Dafa is almighty; it all depends on how much faith one has in Dafa. The fact that I got caught up in the trend in ordinary society really gave me pause for thought.