(Minghui.org) Some time ago, I hired a contractor. We got along well, so I thought that he was a good person and began to clarify the truth about Dafa to him. I talked about the bad things the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) had done over the decades. He listened and then said that he knew that the CCP was very bad, that he knew it even more clearly than I did.

Because some of his family members were police officers, he knew a lot of things that not everyone would know. It suddenly made me realize why he often wore either a police or a security guard uniform. I said that heaven wants to eliminate the CCP and I tried to persuade him to quit the CCP and its youth organizations. He said that he’d only joined the Young Pioneers, but he did not promise to quit. It seemed that he was afraid I would somehow use him. I knew that there were several days of work left, so I thought I would try to persuade him later.

A few days later, the contractor talked with me about the progress of the renovation and then said with certainty, “We talked about my withdrawing from the Young Pioneers the other day. Please help me quit.”

I was very surprised because he’d seemed so indifferent to the idea last time we spoke. What made him change his mind? When I asked him about it, he whispered that one of his relatives had retired as the director of National Security. That relative had visited him a few days before just to advise him to quit the CCP. I asked if his relative practiced Falun Gong. He said that he had not heard that.

I said, “He might have learned about the benefits of Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, through his job. Most middle and high-level cadres understand how corrupt the CCP is and its current state of disintegration.

When he later helped me with something else and I thanked him, he said, “You saved my life, I should thank you!” We both laughed.

Recognize It’s a Ghost and Quit the CCP

I often talk to people about Falun Gong in my spare time. One evening, I was passing by the public garden and saw a young man sitting on a bench looking at his mobile phone. I sat on his bench and sent righteous thoughts as he continued looking at his phone. I smiled and asked, “Are you surfing online?” He said he was.

I said, “It’s time to take a break—you need to take care of your eyes.” He was embarrassed and smiled and took his eyes off his phone.

When I asked him if he was reading the news, he said that he did not read the news, that the current news was not interesting or credible.

I agreed, “Yes, the CCP is restricting information and reporting fake news. It is difficult to know the truth in China today.”

Then I told him that the CCP was a foreign organization. With support from the Soviet Union, it subverted the legitimate government of our country and has tried its best to undermine China's 5,000 year-old-culture. “It is the enemy of the Chinese people,” I said. “Since it took power, it has killed 80 million citizens in peacetime. In particular, the cruel persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, who practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, that has been ongoing for nearly two decades has led to the collapse of morality in China and caused many problems.” He agreed that was so.

I told him about the importance of quitting the CCP and advised him to withdraw. He did not agree and said that he had joined the Party before graduating from college and was looking for a good job.

I said, “What people believe is a very serious matter. When you joined the CCP, did you know anything about it?” He said that he did not.

I said, “If you don't know anything about it, but you pledge your life to it and give everything to it, isn't that being careless?”

He asked me what I knew about the CCP, and I said that it was actually a ghost. He thought that I was cursing the CCP and did not believe me.

I said, “You know that the Communist Party was created by Marx. Use your phone to search for Marx’s Communist Manifesto. What is the first sentence?”

He searched and found: “A ghost, the ghost of communism wanders in Europe.” He was shocked and turned to me and said, “It is indeed a ghost, so I will quit it.”

Then I told him facts about Dafa and he was happy to listen.

Quitting the Party after Recognizing Its Bad Deeds

A woman was sitting across the table from me in a restaurant, so I spoke with her and told her about the corruption and murderous history of the CCP. She seemed to be uninformed and even bemoaned the fact that Bo Xilai had fallen.

I said, “You cannot just look at the surface of events. You think Bo was treated unfairly because you don't know the truth. If you knew the facts, you would find that he incurred retribution for his evil deeds, and being jailed was just the beginning. Since ancient times, people have said that Heaven watches what people do. He has done so many bad things—how can he not incur Heaven’s wrath?”

She said that she hadn't heard that he did anything bad, that his wife had killed the foreigners.

I said, “On the surface there were explanations for his fall. In fact, the real reason was that he actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong. Falun Gong is a Buddha School cultivation system. Many people who participated in the Cultural Revolution have experienced retribution because they destroyed Buddha statues. Then what happens to those who persecute Dafa?

“In particular, during his stay in Liaoning Province, Bo pursued promotions and money, followed Jiang Zemin and Zhou Yongkang's orders, and instructed the public security bureau, the Procuratorate, the courts, and the department of justice to persecute the good people who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and even harvested organs from living practitioners to make money for the state. He participated in allowing the corpses of the victims to be made into specimens for exhibitions. He is even worse than the Nazis. He was sued by Falun Gong practitioners outside China a long time ago.”

She was shocked and said that she hadn't heard any of this. If this were true, she allowed, then retribution was what he was due. After I finished eating, I walked with her for a while, telling her other facts about the CCP's many evil deeds and why it was important for people to quit it.

She said with gratitude, “After listening to what you’ve said, I finally understand. I know that Bo and his wife did horrible things and see why he incurred retribution. I also now understand just how bad the CCP is. You helped me to quit it. Although I joined the CCP, you help me to quit every branch of it. Now I feel relaxed and secure.”

I was happy to make up a pseudonym for her to use to withdraw from the CCP. When I left, I gave her a publication with facts about Falun Gong and the persecution and wished her good luck.