(Minghui.org) In Dafa disciples’ cultivation, the old forces try to control the Fa-rectification to fulfill their own selfish purposes. They want to force their arrangements onto us. Whether they can accomplish their goal is up to us Dafa disciples, not to them. I would like to share my thoughts on this subject.

Master says, “Remove your human thoughts and evil will naturally die out.” (“Don’t Be Sad,” Hong Yin Vol II, Translation version A)

If Dafa disciples’ human notions are eliminated, there wouldn’t be any loopholes for the old forces to take advantage of. The old forces’ arrangements would no longer exist. Then there wouldn’t be the issue of accepting or not accepting their arrangements. Master tells us not to accept their arrangements. My understanding is that even when we have human notions, we still should not acknowledge their arrangements.

For example, when a practitioner in China explains the facts about Dafa to someone and sees a police officer heading in his direction, the practitioner thinks that he might have been reported. Now he has a choice to make: to accept or to negate the old forces’ arrangements. The first choice is whether to accept being arrested. What should we do?

Not Acknowledging the Persecution

First of all, Dafa disciples should not acknowledge this kind of wrongful persecution. Clarifying the truth does not violate any laws. It is completely legal. The police are supposed to abide by the law. If we do not violate the law and the police arrest us, they have done something illegal. At this point, the practitioner has the right to resist the arrest. He can even confront the police in public. This would be considered completely negating the old forces’ arrangements.

For example, in an article on the Minghui website, a practitioner described his experience: “I was distributing materials with fellow practitioners when three police officers jumped out of a car. Two of them shouted at me, 'Where did you get those brochures? Come with us to the police station!' I said, 'No. If you need something, we can talk here!' I then clarified the truth to them. Another practitioner took the opportunity and left with the brochures. The third officer finally said, 'You can go now. Don’t do that again.' What seemed to have been a dangerous situation was diffused with Master’s protection.”

If a police officer does not have the old forces working behind him, he would not be able to say or do anything to Dafa disciples because Dafa disciples are gods and he is human. Also, the old forces have to abide by the rules of the old universe, and they would not dare to do anything against those rules. Dafa practitioners can completely negate the persecution and refuse to get into the police car. If the old forces then manipulate the police to force the practitioners into the police car, then they would be doing what Master said–“forced persecution that's not acknowledged is a crime, and the cosmos's old laws don't allow it either” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)–and thereby be eliminated.

Following the Path Arranged by Master

As Dafa disciples, we not only need to negate the old forces’ arrangements but also need to follow the path that Master has arranged for us. If we could save the police officers by clarifying the truth to them, then the evil would not be able to control them, and the communist regime would have nobody to carry out the persecution; it would thus die a natural death. Therefore, if we do the three things well, we will be able to negate and eliminate the old forces’ arrangements.

Dafa disciples should view things holistically, like gods do. Whatever we face, we should look at the essence of the situation and what's behind it. The old forces in other dimensions are behind those police officers. Behind Dafa practitioners, however, are Master’s fashen and other gods guarding the Fa in other dimensions.

Eliminating All Underlying Human Notions

In fact, some practitioners know that they should not cooperate with the authorities. But the average person thinks, “If I do not cooperate with police, they will persecute me even worse.” With this fear, they choose to do what police tell them to. This response might work in the human world, but it is the opposite in cultivation. Cooperating with the police means you have acknowledged the old forces’ arrangements. The old forces then have reason to persecute you. The rules in cultivation are often the opposite of the rules in the human world.

After practitioners are arrested, they will have to choose, at every single step, whether to acknowledge the persecution. If they do not take the first few steps well, that's not a problem. They can start with the next step. Even if they are arrested, if they can make the right choice at their current step, the persecution will stop right there.

In China, some practitioners thought, “If I have human notions, I will be taken advantage of by the old forces.” The old forces saw that thought and indeed took advantage of them because they'd already acknowledged it. That thought itself is acknowledging the old forces’ arrangements. Searching within this way is looking for reasons for the old forces to persecute you.

Looking Inward Without Omission

Then what is the right way to search within? We should follow Master’s requirements for searching within. We should look inward unconditionally. After we find our own human attachments, we should eliminate them, improve our xinxing, and assimilate to Dafa. If we position our hearts well and do things with righteous thoughts, we should be able to do well in validating the Fa.

From a different angle, if we are able to always cultivate our hearts and look inward consistently with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, the old forces won't have a chance to interfere. We would not need to negate any arrangements by the old forces. This is how we fundamentally solve this issue.

What does this persecution arranged by the old forces truly mean for Dafa disciples? From the surface in the human world, it is a persecution. From the angle of cultivators, it is essentially a tribulation on our cultivation path. The people who are truly being persecuted are not Dafa practitioners. Rather, as Master says, “The ones who are truly being persecuted are the world’s people.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

What we truly need to end is this persecution of everyday people by the old forces and save sentient beings. Therefore, as Dafa practitioners, we need to always keep “saving people” in our mind and always remember Master’s requirements for us. No matter where we go, we need to have compassion and try our best to assist Master in saving people and fulfill our prehistoric missions.