(Minghui.org) According to a notice from the Minghui website earlier this year, the U.S. Department of State had informed various religious groups that the U.S. government would tighten visa approvals of human rights violators, and perpetrators of religious persecution. This applies to both immigration visas and non-immigration visas such as tourism and business visas.

According to the Notice, “The official specifically told Falun Gong practitioners that they can submit a list of perpetrators involved in the persecution of Falun Gong.” This Notice, which urged practitioners “from throughout the world to take immediate action to collect, compile, and submit to the Minghui website information on the perpetrators, their family members, and their assets, so as to locate and verify their identities.”

Below is a recently received submission that reports crimes committed by Wang Junzheng, former officer at Jiangxi Women’s Labor Camp. As manager of a division of the labor camp in 2000, Wang ordered the beating of practitioners with batons and hanging them up high. Practitioners who protested the illegal detention and torture were force-fed, and terms of practitioners who refused to renounce their belief would be extended. In addition to guards, Wang also instructed drug addicts to beat, and humiliate practitioners, in order to “transform” them.

Former Doctor Tied Up Naked

Ms. Liu Zhaoqin, a former doctor of Hongdu Aviation Industry Group, was arrested in late 1999. Because of going to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong, she was sentenced to a labor camp for 18 months, which was extended for another three months.

In Jiangxi Women’s Labor Camp, guards tied up Ms. Liu’s feet and pulled her arms apart, while handcuffing them to the metal frame on both sides of a bed. Every evening, four officials pushed her down on a bed and took turns beating her. The persecutors were Li Xiaoliang (manager), Wang Junzheng (manager), Xu Jiaoliang (physician), and Fu (physician). This was repeated evening after evening, until Ms. Liu lost consciousness. The lengthy, severe beating turned her thighs and buttocks purplish with bruises.

To make things worse, in the summer officials tied Ms. Liu’s feet and stretched her arms, handcuffing them on both sides. They then removed her pants leaving her lower body naked while lying on the metal springs of the bed without a mattress. They later covered her with a bedsheet after Ms. Liu strongly protested. She was not allowed up to go to the toilet, so the waste fell between the springs into a bucket. This lasted a very long time, causing Ms. Liu’s buttocks to fester.

Intensified Unit

Ms. Jiang Lanying, an unmarried woman from Nanchang City, was taken to a labor camp in January 2000. She was sentenced to a one year term, which was extended for another year.

Several officials took turns to beat her, among them Wang Junzheng, Li Xiaoqun (deputy manager), and Xu Jiaoliang. They put two beds together, stretched her limbs to the maximum and handcuffed them. This lasted for over 20 days, during which Ms. Jiang was force-fed through a nasal tube from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. This led to breathing difficulties, and her esophagus was injured and bled.

For over six months, Ms. Jiang was also put in an isolation cell of four or five square meters (about 50 square meters). Three drug addicts were assigned to monitor her. With doors and windows closed all the time, she had to eat, and relieve herself in the same cell.

Torture illustration: force-feeding

Force-Feeding with Mouth Gag

Ms. Pu Yuxian is a former employee of Jiangxi Isuzu Motors. After Falun Gong was suppressed in 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice her faith. Without being tried, she was sentenced to one year of forced labor, which was extended of eight months.

Upon arrival at the camp, Ms. Pu was forced to perform hard labor from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, with a mealtime of only 10 to 20 minutes. As she went on a hunger strike to protest, 7 male guards force-fed her. By then, she had been on a hunger strike for over 10 days and was very weak. Guards opened her mouth with a metal mouth gag device, causing extreme pain.

Torture device: Mouth gag 

Four officers came to her cell, and manager Li Xiaoliang demanded that she stop reciting Falun Gong teachings. When Ms. Pu refused, Li took off his shoes and hit her in the face, the struck her bottom with batons. As a result of the hunger strike and beating, Ms. Pu lost consciousness. Her face turned purple, and her legs and buttocks hardened due to swelling.

Mental Disorder of a 22-Year-old Teacher

Ms. Deng Xiaomin from Nanchang, 22, became an English teacher after graduating from Jiangxi Normal University. Beautiful and talented, she always treated others with kindness and sincerity. After going to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong, Ms. Deng was sentenced to three years in a labor camp. She suffered from different types of torture, such as electric shock, which caused her to lose consciousness. Nasal force-feeding led to swelling and an ulcer of her nose. Wang Junzheng also pulled her by the hair and slapped her face.

Some of the physical abuse went on for a long time. In the winter, she was forced to stand the entire night with both arms handcuffed to a bunk bed, for more than two months. In addition, she was put into intensified persecution units for over two years. Together with physical abuse and humiliation from inmates, Ms. Deng came down with a mental disorder. She showed that she was frightened when seeing Wang or other officers.

Continued Beating

Ms. Jiang Youxiang, a practitioner from Fuzhou City, went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. She was arrested and taken to Jiangxi Women’s Labor Camp in February 2000 and given a two-year term.

Officers Deng Jian and Yang came to her cell at one time. Deng dragged Ms. Jiang off the upper level of a bunk and pushed her out the door onto the grass. Officials then kept Ms. Jiang, and three other practitioners, at intensified units, where they were hung up for three days, and deprived of sleep.

Torture illustration: hanging up high

To oppose the persecution, Ms. Jiang and other practitioners went on a hunger strike. In the nearly two months that followed, her limbs were handcuffed to a bed with no access to a toilet. Fu, a male physician, often came with handcuffs and batons to beat as well as swear at practitioners.

Several months into the hunger strike, officials continued to abuse Ms. Jiang despite her poor health. On the evening of May 13, 2000, several officers went to Jiang’s cell including managers Wang Junzheng, and Li Xiaoliang, physician Fu. With batons and handcuffs in hands. They ordered Ms. Jiang to stand facing the wall and demanded that she renounce her belief. Ms. Jiang refused, so Li slapped her face for a long time. Ms. Jiang’s face became swollen and purplish, with blood running down her cheeks. Wang then hit Ms. Jiang’s buttocks brutally with a baton. After that, they moved to other cells beating all other practitioners. The yelling of officials was mixed with practitioners' screams. This lasted for several days.

Officials assigned several violent drug addicts into a patrolling team on July 3, 2000, including Wei Xiaomei, Zhao Xuemei, and Wen Qiuxia. They monitored practitioners 24 hours a day, cursing at practitioners, and beating them with metal whips made of twisted cloth hangers.

Many practitioners suffered tremendously during that period of terror. Ms. Ouyang Shengqin from Jiujiang City was beaten and screamed for help. Ms. Li Yaping from Yingtan City was tortured and her arm was twisted until broken. Ms. Jiang Lanying, Ms. Liu Zhaoqin, and Ms. Pu Yuxian developed life-threatening symptoms and was taken to the emergency room. As a result of the mistreatment, Ms. Liu Hailian lost consciousness, and Ms. Gao Jinfeng went into a stupor. Officials and inmates also used toothbrushes to sexually abuse practitioners.

Perpetrators in the Persecution:

Wang Junzheng (王俊征) was born in 1962 in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi ProvincePosition at Jiangxi Women’s Labor Camp, manager in the Management Section

Son: Xiaochuan, born in 1990, went to Honggang School in Nanchang City.