(Minghui.org) Observing fellow practitioners, I discovered that many were waiting for an end to the persecution and Fa-rectification. Some were quite open about it, while others were not. I could understand their way of thinking. After all, the persecution has been going on for 20 some years, and many have experienced tribulations and are under a lot of pressure. 

Practitioners are cultivating in ordinary society, and so their uncultivated human minds inevitably show their true thoughts. I still remember remarks from many years ago: “Why hasn't the persecution ended yet? I can't see the end of the tunnel. One year after another, the persecution has lasted for 20 years now, but I still haven't seen the end of it.”

Attachments Hinder Advancement in Cultivation

Some have exhibited strong attachments, but they didn't realize it. The strong attachment made us rely on ordinary people, and we held the expectation that our reputation would be restored time and time again. The results were repeated disappointments and feelings of loss. The attachment of wanting the persecution to end urged us to pay attention to everyday people's situations and changes in the world. Countless examples show that changes in ordinary society moved practitioners' hearts, and they subsequently experienced huge losses and painful lessons. 

Because we didn't really let go of this attachment, when new situations arose, once again, we forgot the lesson learned. Why do many practitioners keep repeating the same mistakes and don't learn the lessons? I think that, while the cultivated parts have already been separated from us, perhaps many practitioners do not realize that seeking an end of the persecution is a strong attachment that must be discarded. 

I used to have this mentality, too, and it was strong, which made me slack off in my cultivation and I became depressed. When it was the most serious, I even lost faith in Teacher and Dafa. 

Cultivation Is Serious

Not long ago, I discovered my problems and began to take things lightly. Two months ago, there was a serious episode of persecution in my local area and the loss was huge. Our cultivation environment became very difficult. When we looked inside, we found that we'd slacked off and become numb. That allowed many evil elements to gather in other dimensions, which caused those who didn't want to continue persecuting practitioners to keep it up anyway. This wasn't persecution by people, but by the evil in another dimension. 

When we realized that, we collectively sent righteous thoughts. When we did it with our true thoughts, the effect was phenomenal. The incident helped us understand that cultivation was a serious matter, which we couldn't take lightly. 

Diligent Cultivation Eliminates Persecution

After the above experience, I could sense that the seeking for an end of the persecution on my part had lessened. I truly understood that the persecution was not something that people did to people, but, rather, it was we that created gaps in other dimensions for old forces to exploit. I understood that an end of the persecution was not the result of seeking or waiting, but when we truly elevated our character, diligently cultivated, and saved sentient beings, the evil factors behind the persecution would be completely eliminated, and the end of persecution would naturally arrive. 

I also understood that no ordinary person could stop the persecution. They were weak and helpless when they were facing evil from another dimension. They were deemed to be controlled by lives and factors from these external fields. 

In fact, the only thing people can do is to choose to be good or evil. When one chooses to be good, one will be protected and helped by Gods. On the other hand, when one chooses to commit wrongdoing, their actions will be reinforced by evil factors. They will then be in danger of being weeded out by the Fa-rectification of the cosmos. 

Master Is Waiting for Dafa Practitioners to Eliminate Attachments

During the Fa-rectification, the relationship between Dafa Disciples and everyday people is that they have to wait until we do well and eliminate the factors interfering with them, then choose our course of action. If we don't recognize our role, however, and just judge people by the good things they do on the surface, idolize and rely on them to help end the persecution, that is not appropriate. 

There are also practitioners who, when they saw people do bad things, would be disappointed. Then they would say and even do irrational things. This is really not what practitioners should do during the Fa-rectification.

I understand that during the Fa-rectification, Teacher's one wave of a hand can wipe out all evil immediately. When the Fa-rectification is here, the evil will be eliminated instantly. If things are meant to end today, they will not be extended until tomorrow. But, because the number of sentient beings to be saved does not suffice, and many practitioners haven't cultivated well, Teacher is waiting and observing so that countless sentient beings might not have to lose their lives. 

In fact, as long as the strong desire of wanting the persecution to end is there, we won't reach where we should be. The attachment will create gaps for the old forces to sneak in, and in return, we invite tribulations to ourselves. 

Teacher said, 

“ Each of your attachments could cause your cultivation to fail. Each of your attachments could result in physical issues, and lead your once-firm faith in Dafa to waver. ” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

“It isn’t wrong for a cultivator to wish to reach Consummation, but your mind should be on the Fa. While continually cultivating you will unwittingly meet the standard for Consummation. Those Dafa students who are unable to endure the suffering are especially likely to have thoughts of leaving the human world and reaching Consummation soon. This allows the evil to take advantage of their gaps. You have already made it through the most difficult time.” (Eliminate your last Attachments,” Essentials for Further Advancements Vol II)

I looked within and noticed that when I am strongly attached to the end of the persecution, it was only something I showed on the surface. Deep down, there were a lot more attachments, and the most obvious one was “selfishness.” I didn't care if people were saved or not. I didn't care about Teacher's arrangements and only sought relief from my own problem. Sometimes I even held a grudge over Teacher's delaying the completion of Fa-rectification. I felt it was unfair. It was frightening when I thought of all these attachments. 

Could one reach enlightenment when he is still attached to these things? The “selfishness” is like shackles that firmly locked up our true selves, and we cannot assimilate to the universal law of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. 

Teacher said, 

“...you know what? Those who have thoughts of Consummation in their minds can't reach Consummation, not to mention those who want to reach Consummation but can't let go of attachments to things like emotion and wealth. Pursue nothing and gain naturally! All the things that Dafa disciples are doing today are in fact the responsibilities that have been bestowed upon you by history. Just do what you should do openly and with dignity, and everything will be covered. (Applause) As long as you're thinking about wanting to Consummate you won't be able to Consummate...” (“Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

Every Day Is a Precious Opportunity to Do Better

I think what we need to be concerned about the most at this moment is how to send righteous thoughts to let go of our human minds. Do we really take every word in the Fa to heart when we do daily Fa-study? Shouldn't we spend a large amount of time to dwell our minds into Dafa? How about reciting it? How do we clarify the truth? How well do we send righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference that persecutes our practitioners? 

Cultivation practice is a serious matter. When we don't cultivate diligently, eliminate the various attachments, and put every single thought into cultivation, we will muddle along, instead of charging forward. 

The Fa-rectification is already nearing the end. The old forces also attacking those who don't cultivate seriously, those who have a poor understanding of what cultivation is all about, and those who cannot let go of fame, profit, and emotion. I want to remind those who belong to this group to please wake up. Be sure to listen to the opinions of fellow practitioners, and don't let Teacher down. More importantly, don't disappoint all the predestined people waiting to be saved. 

In fact, in the human world, the pressure and pain that we experience while assisting Teacher to save sentient beings is only a drop in the ocean. One day when we look back, we will see that the little we pay is so far from what Teacher has endured and given to us. The tribulations that we experience are envied by divine beings. There won't be any opportunities for any life in the future that can be as fortunate as we are. 

If we truly understand what our responsibilities are and do well, we will feel that we don't have enough time to do everything, and we won't feel a day drags past like a year. We will discover that as long as the end of the persecution hasn't approached, every day is precious, and an opportunity to do better. 

Teacher said,

“Those of you who haven’t done well so far should, with the time you still have, get going and do well what you should be doing before it’s over!” (Greetings to the Dafa Disciples Attending the Fa Conference of Europe, Team Yellow Translation)

When our attachments surface, whether we discover them ourselves or other people point them out for us, they are good opportunities for us to get rid of them. In fact, seeking an end of the persecution and all those hidden attachments are not our "true selves." We need to clearly distinguish this and rectify them with our true thoughts. When we eliminate these attachments, we will find ourselves in a better cultivation state.