(Minghui.org) I had many illnesses before I started practicing Falun Dafa, including severe insomnia, heart disease, stomach problems, and gynecological diseases, among others. I was really suffering and took a lot of medicine every day. Then in 1996 someone introduced Falun Dafa to me.

I had read Zhuan Falun once before, but because I was very busy with work I didn’t take it seriously.

On the night of May 31, 1997, I had a dream: Master came to my home, introduced himself, and said, “You didn’t attend my class. You can just go to the exercise site to learn.”

When I woke up, I felt it very odd. I met a Falun Dafa practitioner that day and told her about my dream. She was excited, and said, “You have a very strong pre-destined relationship. Master came to you in person. Just hurry up to practice!”

I went to the local Falun Dafa assistant’s house that evening to listen to Master's Fa lectures. During the night I felt that my whole body was being purified, and could feel Falun rotating all over my body! Soon after I started practicing Falun Dafa, all my illnesses disappeared. I felt so happy!

Because I have been studying the Fa a lot, I always feel very comfortable, both mentally and physically.

I began memorizing the Fa in my spare time, and had memorized and recited Zhuan Falun twice before July 20, 1999, when the persecution began.

Since the persecution started, my home has been ransacked and I have been arrested. I also experienced major sickness karma a few times. But with Master's protection and Dafa’s guidance, I maintained righteous thoughts and passed through all the tests.

Below I would like to share a few experiences of overcoming the persecution with righteous thoughts.

Watched By the Police

I was making truth-clarification materials at home one day in May 2010, when somebody knocked at my door. The person said that he was a police officer and wanted to come in to see what I was doing. I told him that I never open my door to strangers.

I then called another practitioner to help send forth righteous thoughts. When my husband, who does not practice Falun Dafa, came back home after work that day, I told him what happened. He suggested that I should not go out and not open the door for any strangers.

Two days after the incident, my husband went out very early to buy something, and when he returned he saw four people staked outside our house. He didn’t come back home and directly went to work. However, when he came home later that evening, the four people were still there, so he stayed away until they left.

I kept sending righteous thoughts when I found out about this.

We hadn’t seen those people for a few days, so I decided to move all of the Dafa materials to another practitioner's house.

Shortly after we moved the materials, a local practitioner who had been arrested was released. He told me that when the police searched his apartment they found a contact list with my name and number on it.

The police came back to my house a few days later, and blocked the exit of the building. It was time to go work, but a lot of people were blocked in the corridor. I thought that I should not inconvenience others, so I opened my door to let the officers in.

Seven to eight police officers rushed into my home. They ransacked the place for nearly two hours. They searched everywhere, but astonishingly didn’t touch the place where I hid my Dafa books.

They confiscated my computer instead and took me to the police station, saying that they believed I was a “head practitioner.” I was not scared at all and just kept on sending forth righteous thoughts. Under the protection of Master, I came back home later that day.

Upon reflection and looking inward, I found many attachments. Since I was a coordinator in the local area, other practitioners often needed to communicate with me, and I had visitors almost every day.

I needed to print a lot of Dafa materials, and didn't spend a lot of time studying the Fa. I developed the attachment of complacency, showing off, and just going through the motions. As a result, my loopholes were taken advantage of by the old forces.

Officers Abide by My Wishes

A fellow practitioner with technical skills was arrested in December 2013. This practitioner was tortured to death after only four days in custody. I had worked with this practitioner many times.

One day in December, several plainclothes officers came to my home. They said that I was being targeted in a “major case” that was being directed by the Ministry of State Security, and they had to take me to the police station. I remained very calm and was not afraid.

I clarified the facts to them, and smiled the entire time. They saw that I was calm and spoke nicely, so they relaxed too.

They still tried to search my home, so I thought that I had to get them to stop, because if they found my cell phones it might put a lot of other practitioners' lives in jeopardy.

Just at that moment, the head officer said, “We won’t search anymore if you come with us.” I agreed.

He asked his subordinates to take a few Dafa books when they left. I kept on clarifying the facts to him while we were walking, and I told him, “Your good thoughts and efforts in treating Dafa practitioners properly will be rewarded with happiness and safety.” He said that they wouldn’t make trouble for me.

Once we arrived at the police station, I had the chance to sneak away, but I knew if I did I would have to leave home to avoid arrest.

I felt that I should leave the police station in an open and dignified manner, so I stayed and talked about Falun Dafa to those at the station. Many of them showed their support.

That evening, an officer took my husband and me to a separate room and told me that if I “confessed,” they would release me in a few days; otherwise they would probably have me imprisoned for ten years.

He continued trying to intimidate me, but I remained calm the entire time. I knew that Master had the final say in what happened.

Another officer came and asked my husband to help persuade me to “confess.” My husband knows Dafa well although he doesn’t practice, and as a result he told me not to answer any of their questions.

They let my husband go that evening, but I was detained along with two other practitioners. We practiced the exercises together, and when I did the 5th exercise, I sat for two hours in extraordinary tranquility.

The next morning, an officer from the police station called me to the interrogation room. They asked me where I got my Falun Dafa books from and who made the books.

I said, “First of all, I won't betray others. Second, if I give you the name, I'm simply doing you harm.”

They didn’t know how to respond.

I then asked them to return the book Zhuan Falun, which I wanted to read, and they did just as I asked.

I was released later that day.

They returned six of the books they originally confiscated, and they also returned my computer.

Recalling all of this, I felt that Master was protecting me all the time. Also, because I had studied a great deal of the Fa and fully believed in the Fa, I knew that Master was with me.

Searching Within Myself

I was arrested for the third time in April 2016. That time, I was even more composed and maintained strong righteous thoughts.

I kept on clarifying the facts to the police and sending forth righteous thoughts at the police station. I was arrested at around noontime, and released later that day at 6:00 p.m.

I knew these things didn't happen by chance. I looked within and found that I didn't act in line with the Fa in many aspects.

For example, I had strong sentiment towards fellow practitioners, which caused them to develop an attachment of relying on me. They came to my home to talk with me about many matters, big or small, and some of them complimented me and said that I had strong righteous thoughts and a clear understanding of the Fa.

Over time, I developed many attachments such as showing off, zealotry, and being presumptuous and opinionated.

I also had strong sentiment towards those who became homeless in order to avoid persecution. I tried to take good care of them when they stayed at my home and also often reminded them about xinxing issues. But I neglected to have a conversation with them about our understandings of the Fa principles.

I still feel regretful and guilty for that even now.