India Day Parade Organizer: Falun Dafa Practitioners "Peaceful and Powerful”

The Falun Dafa group's spirited waist-drum performances and peaceful exercise demonstration were well-received at the Festival of India Day Parade in Fremont, California last Sunday. “They are peaceful and powerful,” said the parade organizer. “I hope they will come to perform in the parade again next year.”

Newsletter: Recent Falun Gong Events Around the World

From America to New Zealand, Falun Gong practitioners across the globe provide information at tourist sites and take part in local events to share the benefits of the practice and raise awareness of the persecution in China. For Chinese tourists in particular, where all news about Falun Gong is tightly censored, it is an opportunity to learn the truth about this peaceful cultivation practice.

Breaking Through China's Internet Firewall and Finding Falun Dafa

“At the beginning, I was just curious to see what was going on outside of China. Eventually, I came across the documentary False Fire and learned that the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident was actually staged by the government to frame Falun Dafa. I was shocked and became to determined to learn what Falun Dafa was really all about...”

Bringing Hope to People Stricken with Incurable Diseases

Many Falun Gong practitioners have reported life-changing improvements in their health and well-being after desperately seeking a cure for terminal illnesses.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Art Exhibition Successful Despite Chinese Embassy Interference

After a museum canceled the event under pressure from the Chinese Embassy, the well-known concert venue Bulgaria Hall welcomed the exhibition. Many patrons were moved to tears by the artwork depicting the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Peru: Senior Center Members Benefit from Falun Gong Classes

Invited by the city government of San Borja, Falun Gong practitioners held a free exercise class at the local senior center. "The peaceful feeling is so wonderful,” said one participant, a stroke survivor.

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