(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa to eliminate my illnesses in 2006 after I got a copy of Zhuan Falun from an aunt who had been practicing Falun Dafa for over a year.

She only read Zhuan Falun and did not go out to clarify the truth. Since she did not have any of the other Dafa books or Master's recent articles, I assumed I needed to read only Zhuan Falun as well.

As a result, I did not read the Fa much and did not know how to be diligent. I was always tied up with work and household chores, and I could not find much time to read.

I later thought: “After getting up, I would do the household chores first and then read the Fa. Why am I not able to read much or retain what I read? It doesn’t make sense. Only by putting the Fa first can I truly appreciate It. Then, after studying, I will do the chores and take care of other daily things with whatever time I have left. No matter what, time used for studying the Fa cannot be put aside!”

After correcting my priorities, I found that I could read the Fa with a clear mind. Gradually, I could understand the true meaning of the Fa's principles. I then felt more enlightened and began to read the Fa even more.

I also found that it was wrong to think of wanting to go to sleep early so that I would be able to make it through work the next day. I thought: “If you eat and drink when you’re supposed to and are not willing to stay up all night or endure hardships, aren’t you the same as an everyday person? When will you catch up to the veteran practitioners?”

With a firm mind, I began to read the Fa late into the night. When I wanted to fall asleep, I would tell myself, “I won’t sleep! I want to read a little longer. Don’t interfere with me, sleep demon!” After having this thought, I would really become more awake and be able to retain what I read.

Now that I work at a school, the global time to send forth righteous thoughts coincides with lunchtime. In order not to miss sending righteous thoughts, I skip lunch and just eat a quick snack. I feel it's important to keep my field pure and righteous, which also ensures better Fa study.

There was a time when conflicts would arise between group Fa-study and everyday people's things. I would do my best to take care of things so that I would not miss group study. Putting the Fa first, everyday people's things no longer interfered with group Fa-study.

I am now able to read the Fa with a calm mind and fill it up with layers upon layers of the Fa's principles. When I encounter tribulations or tests, I am able to recall the relevant parts of Master’s Fa and use them to guide me.

I’ve realized that whether we are able to become Falun Dafa practitioners or not depends on whether we can enlighten to the Fa while reading it. Reading the Fa is a divine task. We must rise to an elevated level of thinking and treat Fa study as a top priority instead of something to be done in our free time after everyday people’s tasks are completed. Only when one treats Fa-study with a pure and respectful mind will one become a true practitioner.