(Minghui.org) A couple of days ago I had a very memorable and realistic dream. In sharing my experiences, I wish to inspire other practitioners to improve.

In my dream, my wife and I went to my home village. We could see that there were a lot of people, locals and foreigners, and also a lot of practitioners. There were people everywhere, on the mountains, and by the lakes. The whole scene was like a grand celebration of some sort.

I was not sure what the occasion was, and neither did I know where these people came from, nor why they were there. At this point different colored clouds appeared in the sky. There was no sun, but the colors were bright, and many were reflected on the ground. A magnitude of colorful flower petals appeared in the sky, and floated in the air. It was beautiful and something I had never seen before.

Suddenly a coworker of mine called my name and pointed to the sky. I looked over the mountaintops, and I could see a purple slow-swirling hole appear in the sky. Similar holes appeared at other places, and they were simultaneously swirling around. Everyone looked at the scene in awe.

At this time my wife, also a practitioner, dragged me through the crowd to the town square. A wall was in the front of the square, with a door in the middle. The door opened automatically, and we walked into a royal garden with rockeries, clear waters, crisp trees, and beautifully paved paths. There were also many people.

Among Those Whose Name was Called

I walked a few steps forward. Suddenly a clear and pleasant voice called my name and told me to return to my true place. I turned around to look for the voice, and was surprised to see that the sky was filled with buddhas, bodhisattvas, and heavenly beings. Some of them were sitting in the lotus position, and some of them were standing on lotuses. There were also rows of heavenly guards holding weapons. The scene was breathtaking and incredibly majestic.

Seeing all of this, I was shocked. Was this the end of the Fa-rectification? I put my palms together in front of my chest and did a Heshi gesture and started soaring into the sky, floating, and feeling slightly nervous. Looking down, I could see thousands of people. Both the sky and the ground were filled.

I looked everywhere for my wife, but couldn’t see her. I thought that maybe she was at a higher level than I was, so I flew higher into the sky. Eventually, I came to a place where red and purple clouds permeated the sky, and I saw the Pillars of Creation. There was a creature that I had never seen before under the pillars, playing.

I returned after finding nothing. There were still a lot of people on the ground, and one after another flew to the sky when their names were called.

At this point names were stopped being called. People on the ground had a look of despair in their faces. I still couldn’t find my wife, so I went back to the ground to look for her.

I met a practitioner whom I knew, and he looked like he was in a rush. I asked him if he knew whether the Fa-rectification was over yet. He was incredibly confused and did not know what I was talking about. I asked him if his name was called out, he said no. I told him to do the heshi gesture and hurry up to get up there, or it would be too late. He tried to fly by half-heartedly jumping up and down a few times, to no use. He was in a rush, so he hurried away. In real life, this practitioner was very busy with ordinary human life, and only cared about how to make money.

Many people were still waiting for their names to be called, and many of those waiting were practitioners. I will forever remember the scene with people staring at the sky in despair. I woke up and felt gloomy inside. I felt sorrow for the practitioners who had to stay on the ground, and also for myself because I wasn’t doing well.

Questioning Ability to Return

I had to ask myself. Did you do the three things well? Did you save enough people? When faced with the last moments of your cultivation, will you be able to return?

Master enlightened me through my dream and allowed me to see where I wasn’t doing very well.

I realized I had an attachment to qing. Master said:

“Dafa disciples, all the way until their last step to Consummation, will be tested as to whether they can make it. There could be very, very critical tests for you all the way until you are just one step away from finishing. That is because every step becomes more and more critical to your cultivation and your tests, especially toward the end.” (Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles)

If your thoughts are not righteous at the moment of Consummation, even if it is only by a tiny bit, you might waste your precious chance, and the countless years of waiting would be in vain.

The despair of the people who stayed on the ground showed me that I did not value the sentient beings that I was supposed to save, and it pained me to know that.

I need to start being diligent, cultivate well, and remove everything that is not up to the standards of Dafa, catch up on what I have not done well, do everything Master has told us to do, and hurry up and save sentient beings.