New Report: “Transplant Abuse Continues in China Despite Claims of Reform”

The China Organ Harvest Research Center (COHRC) presented their most up-to-date research results at the 27th International Congress of The Transplantation Society in Madrid, Spain earlier this month. Their findings were documented in a new 341-page report, which concludes that the number of transplants continues to outpace the number of legal donations, that organs are still available “on-demand” to foreigners, and that there is still almost no oversight in the transplant system.

Sweden: Visitors Encounter Falun Gong at Annual Politician's Week

Sweden's most important political forum, Almedalen Week, or "Politician's Week", draws participants of all ages to the resort island of Gotland in July for a week of political engagement. Falun Gong practitioners had an informational tent at the festival, to introduce the practice and raise awareness of the ongoing persecution in China. Many people were interested in learning the exercises and were especially drawn to the meditative aspect of Falun Gong. 

Falun Gong Waist Drum Team Performs in Philadelphia Independence Day Parade

The Falun Gong group's waist drum team was invited to perform in this year's Philadelphia Independence Day parade, making this their 18th year of participation in this grand celebration in the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. Impressed with their performance, one spectator said, “I think this group should lead the parade.” Another said, “I don't know why, but I am moved beyond words.”

Rhode Island, USA: Falun Gong Float Wins “Most Beautiful Non-Commercial” Award in Independence Day Parade

A banner on the float read, “Falun Dafa Practitioners Honor America’s Freedom of Thought and Expression.”

Business Owner Wrongly Sentenced, Factory Forced to Close

Due to the persecution of Falun Gong, Ms. Hu Yanmin, 60, has not only lost her home, but also her successful and promising business.

Teachers Agree to Follow Falun Dafa Principles and Stop Accepting Gifts from Parents

People in China bring gifts and money to government officials, teachers, and doctors, hoping for better treatment of their family members. After understanding the Dafa principles, these kindergarten teachers decided to stop accepting gifts.

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