(Minghui.org) The 15th annual Poland Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on May 31, 2018 at Wladyslawo, a city by the northern shore. Eleven practitioners presented speeches on how they benefited from practicing Falun Dafa and improved themselves by applying the teachings in the face of various conflicts or tribulations.

Stories from Young Practitioners

Konrad is 13 years old and that’s how long he’s been a practitioner. He was diagnosed with severe intestinal colic when he was a fetus and had to be delivered when he was only eight months. In the next four months he had six operations and stayed in ICU for half a year.

To the surprise of all the medical staff, he survived one operation after another. Konrad’s mother, a Falun Dafa practitioner, has been reading him Zhuan Falun every day since he was born and believed that it was why he was able to survive the terrible conditions that most infants could not.

As far as Konrad could remember, he knew that Falun Dafa has given him his life. He as very grateful to Master and often studied the teachings, exercised and participated in Falun Dafa activities with his parents.

Another young practitioner, Maya, now ten years old, follows the principles of Falun Dafa in her daily life. One day her friend accidentally broke her own present and was crying. Maya remembered what Master said about being considerate of others. Without a second thought, Maya gave her present, which she adored, to the friend.

Another time a friend of Maya’s told her that she didn’t want to be her friend anymore. Maya was hurt but remembered what Master said about repaying karmic debts. She stayed calm. Later on her friend apologized and they remained friends.

Grateful for a Second Chance at Life

Mai was very ill and went through numerous surgeries before she found Falun Dafa. Not only were her problems not resolved by the treatments, but she contracted other problems as a result. She almost lost a kidney. Her condition ended her marriage as well.

Mai prayed for a way to end her misery and, within a day, two of her friends visited and recommended Falun Dafa to her. She began to listen to the lectures and read Zhuan Falun as fast as she could. She joined the exercise group in Warsaw.

The first day she read Zhuan Falun, a miracle happened. She was able to sleep very well without the sharp pain in her legs she normally had. From then on she quit taking all kinds of medications and many of her chronic ailments began to disappear. “Dafa gave me a second chance at life,” said Mai.

Miracle After Watching Shen Yun

Minh was 63 years old and suffered the most severe degree of arthritis. She tried everything, but couldn’t alleviate the pain. The doctor told her that she had to have joint replacement surgeries. She also suffered unbearable migraines and the excruciating pain made her sometimes want to end her own life.

Someone introduced Falun Dafa to her and the first time she did the second exercise, she felt a warm current of energy flow through her arms and to the back of her head. She felt intense pain in her ears, as if blood was going to gush out. She endured it and in a few days her migraine symptoms completely disappeared.

In May 2017 she went to Vienna to watch the Shen Yun performance and on her way there the pain in her knees worsened. She hardly knows how she managed to drag herself into the theater. The performance was so mesmerizing that she forgot her pain and there was only joy in her heart. She believed that it was God’s will to let her see what Heaven looked like.

On her way to the hotel she could walk easily as her legs were light. She didn’t know that walking could be so comfortable. The next day her knees stopped hurting and she felt completely healthy. The pain she endured for years disappeared just like that. Since then she became a steadfast practitioner and a cheerful and forgiving person. Seeing her dramatic change, her child wanted to practice Falun Dafa as well.

Eliminating Bad Habits

Andrzej Konieczny has been a practitioner for years and he told stories of how, through practicing Falun Dafa, he eliminated attachments to laziness, money, desire, eating meat, jealousy, showing off, and zealotry. He had a hard time eradicating his stubborn attachment to playing video games. He just couldn’t resist the temptation. One time he went to a Fa conference in New York and participated in an event to clarify the truth. After he returned to his hotel, he suddenly realized that he didn’t want to play a video game anymore. He knew that Master had helped him. Though the desire came back a few times, it was a lot weaker.

Seizing Opportunities to Clarify the Truth

Piotr has been a practitioner for ten years, but he was only able to do the exercises and clarify the truth with other practitioners on weekends. He had been thinking about finding a good place to exercise every day without interrupting his work schedule. He wanted the place to be in a busy area where many people could see him and he could clarify the truth to more people. Eventually he chose the business building where he worked because there was a lot of foot traffic. About 3,000 people went by each day. Since he began to exercise in front of the building, many of his coworkers began to pay attention to Falun Dafa and the persecution. He took the opportunity to send an email to everyone at work and invite them to learn the exercises. This gave him many more opportunities to tell his coworkers about the persecution.

After the experience-sharing conference, practitioners continued to hold activities for the next three days.