(Minghui.org) April 25 is a special day for Falun Gong practitioners. Minghui.org has many articles recalling the peaceful demonstration at Zhongnanhai on Tiananmen Square on April 25, 1999.

I participate in a project that promotes Sound of Hope via WeChat, a social media platform used widely in China. I post news and a special topic for Sound of Hope called “Today in History.”

The Today in History podcast that I posted on WeChat on April 25 was about 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful demonstration on April 25 in 1999. I was a little worried while posting the news in the morning, because WeChat is tightly censored in China. I wondered if the news I posted would be removed or if my WeChat account would be closed. I also worried that my account would be removed from group chats on WeChat, because I send our news to many WeChat groups.

As these thoughts popped up, I realized that they were not right. The program was for saving people. Many Chinese people are misled by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda and take the April 25 peaceful protest to be “10,000 people besieging the CCP compound.”

I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate all demons interfering with Dafa and to negate their interference to my efforts to raise awareness. I must send the news to more people. I sent the news without much difficulty.

I sent the news to all my WeChat friends and groups. Within half an hour, I received some feedback from a WeChat friend. The message contained no words, but had three emojis with expressions of appreciation. I knew that this person must have come to understand Falun Gong. After a while, I received feedback from a few more people in the group, including an emoji with a hug expression, one with a praising face, a smiley face and a message saying “I like your sincerity.” Such feedback showed me that people are becoming more and more clear about Falun Gong now.

There was another thing that I did not expect. When I opened WeChat again, I discovered that my account had 14 new followers. Although the number of new followers was not huge, I found it significant that these people approved of our programs and especially that day's special message.

Through this small experience today, I realized that as long as we have righteous thoughts, Master will arrange for all predestined people to learn about Falun Gong. I also appreciate radio as a good platform for raising awareness. We must make full use of it to help more people understand the truth and choose a better future.

I would like to thank the fellow practitioners who make these high quality programs that help listeners change their minds about Falun Dafa. Thank you Master for your compassionate arrangements, allowing me to participate in this project.

Editor's Note: We hope fellow practitioners will promote Minghui’s articles that are meant for ordinary readers to their friends and family on social media.