(Minghui.org) I had severe interference from the demon of lust for a long time. It kept sending bad elements into my dimension to arouse me. I looked inward, sent forth righteous thoughts, and things improved a bit. However, the interference returned every few months.

It got really bad recently. I felt aroused in my dreams. I had no energy during the day, and I looked older than other people my age. I got tired easily, my body was bloated, and I couldn't even hear the sound of my alarm when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts.

I had difficulty reading the Falun Dafa books, as the words were blurry. My mind wandered and I didn't even know what I was reading. Although I spent a lot of time studying the Fa, I was not paying attention to what I read.

I blamed myself for not doing well.

Another practitioner told me about a Minghui article titled, “A Compilation of Articles Related to Sending Righteous Thoughts.” I felt inspired after reading this, and I have since been sending forth righteous thoughts to clean out my dimension.

Scenes from Another Dimension While Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

The interference intensified when I made up my mind to eliminate it. It began to attack my genital area and arouse me.

I sent forth righteous thoughts and said in my mind: “Eliminate my attachment to lust and human notions that were formed throughout many lifetimes. Get rid of the rotten minions, demons of lust, the evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party, and the old forces. Nullify the contract I signed with the old forces, and disintegrate all mechanisms installed in my dimension by the old forces. I only follow Master Li Hongzhi's arrangements.” I also asked Master to strengthen me.

A huge stack of paper appeared in front of me. It was a contract. The paper piled up two floors high and was filled with writing.

The bad elements fell apart as soon as my righteous thoughts reached them. Some turned into black water, others into black smoke. I sent forth righteous thoughts for two hours and twenty minutes. I felt relaxed afterward and was not tired. My legs didn't hurt, even though I sat cross-legged for so long.

Although I was able to eliminate a lot of bad substances, they continued to attack me.

On the third day of sending forth righteous thoughts, a seven-year-old boy stood behind my bed. I knew it was a ghost. It started to push my right shoulder, and I told it to go away.

It left for a while, but then returned. It lifted my head about 20 centimeters from the pillow. I screamed really loud, asking Master for help. My scream woke my next door neighbor, and she knocked on the wall.

I quickly got up and began to send forth righteous thoughts again for a long time.

I wasn't able to clean out all the bad elements, and they continued to send rotten substances into my dimension. They weren't as powerful as before, and I was able to clean up whatever was thrown into my dimension.

I looked inward, and Master pointed things out to me. I remembered that I had a crush on a guy thirty years ago, back when I was in junior high school. I realized that even an attachment from so long ago had to be eliminated. Had Master not pointed it out to me, I would have never thought about it.

Master said:

“You can only reach Consummation after you have abandoned all of your attachments and none of them remain.” (“Cultivation Practice is Not Political” from Essentials For Further Advancement)

Once I recited the verse for sending forth righteous thoughts I saw evil elements from lower levels. They were in the form of beasts and creatures, such as toads.

I had a very strong thought that hinted me to use divine thunder to eliminate them, and they were destroyed as soon as the thunder reached them. Bad elements kept pouring in, so I said, “Stop! None of you can enter.”

I drew a circle and kept them outside of it. They were anxious and could do nothing but watch.

I sent golden lightening to blow up the rotten elements that were already inside the circle and quickly cleaned them out. Then a black column appeared in the center of the circle, and I couldn't destroy it with the golden lightening. The column was full of creatures crawling around.

I used a diamond to drill into the center of the column. The beasts and creatures on the column started to fall off, and some fled to the bottom. The column extended all the way to the evil's nest, which was full of old force elements.

I continued to send forth righteous thoughts as I saw a bad element holding a bottle of anesthesia. They wanted to drug me, but couldn't. So they used “lust” to get to me, and they poured pink powder on me. I strengthened my righteous thoughts, and used golden lightening, and a diamond sword to stab the bad element.

Once I got rid of it, a gigantic creature appeared. I tried to knock it down with my Fa implements, but it wasn't affected. I then used divine fire to burn it, but that didn't work either.

The creature took out a thick wad of paper to show me that I had made a contract with the old forces. I said, “You are lying to me. I don't acknowledge that contract.” I asked Master to give me a Fa implement.

A golden hook came flying toward me. As I was figuring out how to use it, I heard a voice telling me, “the heart.” The hook then flew toward the evil creature and ripped out its heart. The creature slowly collapsed, like a deflated ball.

Master gave me a bottle. I put the heart in the bottle, tightened the lid, and placed it in a cold palace. After I destroyed the head of the evil creatures, I continued to send forth righteous thoughts. I eliminated all the little creatures hiding inside the cracks with the golden hook.

The Demon of Lust Stayed for a Long Time

I couldn't pass the test of lust for a long time because I didn't understand the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad elements, and I didn't know about the contract I had signed with the old forces.

Although I had seen the evil elements in the form of pig manure, eels, toads, and insects when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I only cleaned out what was on the surface. I hadn't been determined to destroy their nest.

I looked inward and cleaned things up when the interference was severe, but I ignored the attachment when there was no interference. That's why I was tested again and again.

Master said:

“Sincerity is a prerequisite if you are to rectify your mind.” (Falun Gong)

When we send forth righteous thoughts we should be focused and not get distracted. We must not let the bad elements affect us, or we will not be able to eliminate them.

I would like to encourage everyone with Master's poem:

“My one thought stunned the firmament and beyond -I wanted to save all beings and rid all that's harmfulCountless layers of the rotten Old Force impeded my pathEntering the human world, I realized things were worseRectifying Fa as I go, penetrating all layers of the cosmosAll choosing to oppose the rectification were eliminatedWhen Heaven wishes for change, who'd dare obstruct?The cosmos, now rebuilt, will never again turn bad.”(“Rectifying the Fa” from Hong Yin III)