(Minghui.org) I went out of town recently and got pulled over at an inspection station. After a police officer checked my identification, he asked me to go to another room to retrieve it. My family members were a bit confused about what had happened.

I said that he probably saw my record listing me as a Falun Gong practitioner on their database.

After I entered the room, another police officer retrieved my personal information from his computer. I asked him what was on it. He said that I had been arrested before. I asked whether it was a problem. He got my phone number and told me to inquire with our local police station. Then he returned my identification and we left.

During the process, I came to understand that practitioners' identifications were being kept on the police database as reported by the Minghui.org website.

At the inspection station, I was sending forth righteous thoughts to negate the persecution. I would firmly eliminate any kind of interference.

After I returned home, I searched online. There were many similar cases of practitioners being harassed or sentenced recently during their travels when they were stopped and questioned at the inspection stations. The tracking system clearly identified Falun Gong practitioners as criminals, which I felt was disrespectful to Dafa.

More recently, I was hardly subjected to any persecution. Sometimes the police officers came to my home; however, I held a firm conviction towards them. Some police officers came to ask whether I still practiced Falun Gong and made derogatory remarks about the practice.

I simply asked them to leave. I figured that, as practitioners, we should be very polite to them. But if we let them gain the upper hand and take advantage of our kindness, that would not be right either.

Sometimes, I'd have some notions such as a fear that I'd be persecuted. Then I thought: What am I cultivating? I've been cultivating for so many years. Should I still be subjected to the persecution? I am a practitioner possessing great power. I must believe it!

Many practitioners cannot see other dimensions, nor the power from one's righteous thoughts. When facing obstacles, without a firm belief, they couldn't keep up anymore and ended up giving in to the evil's demands.

I'd like to suggest, during the process of eliminating everyday people's thoughts and attachments, we may dissolve the interference by strengthening sending forth righteous thoughts.

I also couldn't see other dimensions. One time when I had an omission, I ran into some interference from evil forces that appeared in my dream. As soon as I began to think that I was a practitioner and sent forth righteous thoughts, I woke up right away.

When I was feeling cold in a certain area of my body, I sat up and began to send forth righteous thoughts and asked for Buddha's help. After I kept sending forth righteous thoughts for a while, the cold air began to dissipate. After a while, there came another stream of cold air. It came and went a few times until finally my body warmed up again.

Of course, the reason why this situation arose was also a result of my own omissions. Aside from that, I realized that evil truly existed, same as Dafa practitioners' abilities.

I had been arrested and held at a brainwashing center. Despite the fact that I had many kinds of attachments and my enlightenment quality was poor, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Later, they took turns monitoring me to prohibit me from sleeping. But then, it turned out those monitoring me couldn't keep their eyes open and failed in torturing me.

There was a detention center near my home. I often went there to send forth righteous thoughts, then it was relocated in a few months. Another time when a practitioner was arrested, some other practitioners relied on everyday people to find out the sentence term that this practitioner would receive. I suggested that we do not recognize this outcome, but rather eliminate the evil substance behind it. Later, a few practitioners got together to send forth righteous thoughts. I also went a few times myself. Then this practitioner was released.

These events all seemed normal on the surface. For instance, it was as if the detention center was going to relocate anyway, or that the practitioner would not have ultimately received a sentence.

One time, after I was illegally held and then released, a practitioner implied to me that the evil would not seriously persecute me so that I could leave easily. Actually, the police officers came to my home, but they couldn't find anything. My computer was protected by a password so they did not bother trying to log in.

When I was at the forced labor camp, a police officer made a list of practitioners by ranking the difficulty level it would take to transform them. I was listed as the most difficult due to my righteous thoughts.

What do we need? We are practitioners and need to elevate ourselves based on the Fa. Why would we wait for others to save us? How could we wait for others to help, and then become a magnificent divine being in the end?

We have what Master Li bestowed upon us and also our own abilities. When we are in society, our thoughts could be as strong as a mountain to subdue everything. As for the police officer at the inspection station, he must have been controlled by the evil. Otherwise, what could he possibly do? We should firmly eliminate those factors, as there should be no place for them to survive in the human world and the cosmos.

On another note, I'd also like to suggest that practitioners do more exercises. My understanding is that with doing more exercises, one's body will go through more significant transformations. This would then help enhance your confidence in the Fa.

We are practitioners with power. We should firmly believe in our abilities, then use our abilities to eliminate evil. With that, the environment will change accordingly and the evil factors will not be able to interfere with us.