(Minghui.org) I have now returned to practicing Falun Gong. I first picked up the practice in 1998 but did not get a chance to truly understand what Dafa was about before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution of Falun Gong. In 2001, I left home and went to Changchun to work temporary jobs. I stopped practicing after that and spent my time pursuing money, fame, and lust.

A Fateful Meeting

I was a taxi driver in 2014. One of my customers was a practitioner, and she talked to me about Falun Gong and quitting the CCP. I was reminded that I once was a practitioner and told her how I'd left Dafa. She said that it was the old evil forces that prevented me from practicing, and she encouraged me to start again. She later gave me all of Master’s lectures prior to 2014. She also downloaded truth clarification materials for me.

That was how I came back to Dafa. I knew I'd made too many mistakes. I told myself that I could not walk down the wrong path again. I was determined to try my best to make up for the loss.

I started to truly study and practice Dafa. It took me three months to finish reading all of Master Li’s lectures. Master must have seen my determination. I was given many hints to further understand the Fa. I started doing the three things Dafa disciples are supposed to do.

At first I did not know how to do it. Another practitioner said that, in my profession, I could use paper bills with information about Dafa printed on them. She helped me print quite a few. Every day I looked at the bills that had “Dafa is good” printed on them and felt blessed. I often forgot to eat or drink so I could print that message on more bills. I hoped to save more people.

As I studied the Fa more, I understood that I should not rely on just one way to save people. Other practitioners encouraged me to clarify the truth face to face to truly save people. I was not confident that I would be able to. However, I knew that was what Master wanted me to do. I decided to give it a try.

I remember one time I started to talk to a customer about quitting the CCP. Because I did not have strong righteous thoughts, the customer said, “If you continue to talk to me about this, I will not pay you for the ride.”

That made me afraid to say anything more. After the customer got out of the taxi, I thought about it: “If I could save him without collecting a fare, that would have been fine.”

I started clarifying the truth face to face. As long as the customer agreed to quit the CCP, I did not mind being paid less or even nothing at all. Saving sentient beings is now my mission.

Now that I was practicing again and also understood my responsibilities as a Dafa disciple, I started thinking about saving my friends and relatives. The first person I thought of was my brother. He also used to be a Dafa practitioner.

In 2015, we all went to our mother’s house for Chinese New Year. I told him he should start practicing again, and he agreed! I was very happy and gave him some informational materials. I also advised him to study the Fa more.

Re-establishing a Family

I was divorced a long time ago and was single for many years. When I started practicing Dafa again, I decided to create an environment for myself to truly practice. In the summer of 2015, I told my girlfriend when I first met her that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. She was not against me practicing. She was divorced and had a son.

Our parents agreed for us to date and we got married. Since practicing Dafa is the most important thing in my life, I shared with her how wonderful Dafa is. So my wife gradually accepted Dafa and started studying the Fa and practicing the exercises with me every day.

At that time, she was working for a shoe company and in charge of the warehouse. I asked her to study the Fa more if she was not busy at work. Right then her boss told her that she was laid off because the company was moving to another city. I realized that this was a test for her and a test for me. If she had to look for a new job, she would not be able to study the Fa further. Therefore, I made a decision to have her stay home for a while and study the Fa. I would be responsible for supporting the family.

In fact, that was not an easy decision for me because I did not make much. Plus, clarifying the truth and validating the Fa all take time. She stayed home for three months to study the Fa. When she went to work again three months later, she could be considered a new practitioner. She was even able to urge two of her friends to quit the CCP.

When we visited friends, we would introduce Dafa and clarify the truth. Almost all our friends have quit the CCP. We also went to barbershops, carwashes, and repair shops to clarify the truth in order not to miss any predestined people.

Saving People in Detention

In August 2016, I was arrested at home by plainclothes police who pushed me into a van and took me to the police substation. Although I studied the Fa every day and knew the seriousness of cultivation, when I was arrested, I was still not sure how I should handle it.

The police asked me if I knew why I'd been arrested. I said I didn't. They said somebody who took my taxi reported that I was telling them about Falun Gong. Somehow, the moment I heard “Falun Gong,” I suddenly became very calm. I felt that the bad substances in my body no longer existed. I no longer had different thoughts. All I was thinking about was Dafa. I immediately understood that Master was strengthening me.

One officer started taking notes. He asked me if I talked to people about Falun Gong. I said I did it to save them. It might have been because I was so calm, the field around us was good. I started telling the two police officers in the room about how I benefited from practicing Falun Gong. Master strengthening me, I felt I was indeed saving them. Later, more policemen came in and listened to me attentively. I asked the one who was taking notes, “Do you prefer to be friends with us or with non-practitioners?” He admitted that we were all good people.

They took many Dafa books and materials from my home and then took me to a detention center for ten days. At the detention center, I urged everybody I met and got a chance to talk with to quit the CCP. The day I was released, I encouraged a policeman to quit the CCP. Altogether 15 people from that detention center quit.

My Parents and Dafa

After I returned home, my wife told me that my parents were not aware that I had been arrested. I reflected that, although I was able to resist the persecution, I might not be able to handle the interference from my family. If my mother knew, would I still be able to maintain righteous thoughts in front of her?

I studied the Fa more and understood that we should truly treat our family members as people to be saved and without any human notions. I knew what I should do.

During the 2017 Chinese New Year, I invited my parents to my home. The first night of their visit, I showed them truth clarification videos so they could gain an understanding of Falun Gong practitioners. The next day, I played Jiu Ping to help them further understand the evil nature of the CCP. I did not say much; I just let them watch, digest, and understand.

On the fourth day, I started having them listen to Master’s lectures. My mother listened like an elementary school student. My father was half asleep while listening to the first lecture. After they had heard the second lecture, I taught them the exercises because they were about to leave. My brother lives with them, and I know he will take care of the rest.

I went home to visit them after the New Year, and my father told me that my mother had been studying the Fa and practicing the exercises every day. She quit her 40-year smoking habit. She has finished reading all of Master’s lectures and has been sending forth righteous thoughts. My mother has become a true Dafa disciple.

My father has stopped practicing. I thought it might be because my righteous thoughts are not strong enough and I am not compassionate enough. I will try my best to cultivate better so I can be more effective with my father.

Master has been telling us to study the Fa more, study the Fa more, and study the Fa more to elevate ourselves according to the Fa. Many practitioners have done this. However, when facing issues, many of us often have more human notions than righteous thoughts. I search within and find many attachments.

When validating the Fa and saving people though, human notions must yield to righteous thoughts. As long as I keep my righteous thoughts strong, everything changes. Clarifying the truth negates the old forces and manifests the benevolence of Dafa disciples.

I think we should all look around and see if we have saved all the predestined people around us, including our parents, brothers, sisters, and children. Let’s hurry up and save them so we have no regrets.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.