(Minghui.org) As a practitioner, I voluntarily gave up the opportunity for a salary increase recently. I was calm and had no regrets because I did what a practitioner should do. Compared with what I did a few years ago, before I practiced Dafa, I can tell that Dafa has changed me completely.

Giving up My Chance for a Raise

That day, my supervisor walked into the office and told me and my two coworkers: “We need to decide which two of you will get a salary increase this year since our quota for this year is two. We will put your names in a hat and have a drawing.

Although it happened out of the blue, I remained calm. I immediately thought of Master's teaching that practitioners should always think of others first in everything. I thought about my coworkers. Aiyin worked hard and did a good job. The other one, Bao, did not like the current management or the Party, so he had to hold back on his work on purpose due to some unfairness he encountered; he would be fine if he didn't get a raise. I would be fine, too, since I am a practitioner. However, if Aiyin did not get a salary increase, there would definitely be conflict.

So I made my decision right away and told my supervisor, “There is no need to have a drawing. Just turn in the names of the other two for the salary increase.” Then I went to the restroom. When I came back, I could tell from everyone's expression that they had been talking about what I'd said. They all knew that I was a practitioner so they understood my decision, but they were still really surprised.

My supervisor confirmed with me that he would do as I had asked. I was really calm. I even felt a bit strange since I did not think that this whole process had much to do with me.

But one of my good friends was upset and felt I had been wronged. He thought my supervisor should know which of us three was most deserving of the salary increase and should not have suggested having a drawing. I told him that this was the best outcome: I would continue to do a good job and Aiyin would, too; Bao had a chance to do better; and my supervisor and my manager would be happy since none of us would complain that we had been treated unfairly.

My manager later talked to me and praised me. He told me that I deserved the salary increase so he would compensate me in other ways in the future. I told him that he did not owe me anything and that I was fine. I also told him that I only did what the Falun Dafa teachings encourage me to do, which is to consider others first.

I Am Different from Before

This reminded me of what I was like in the past. Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I did not get a raise one year. I was so furious when I heard the news that I immediately buttonholed my supervisor and battered him with questions. In a loud voice, I asked him if the reason he didn't choose me was because I did not do the right thing to please him or because I didn't bribe him. I really upset him.

The next day, he retaliated and transferred me to a different, far worse position. That infuriated me. I sat on my desk and loudly declared that I wouldn't go anywhere. My superiors were shocked and had to give up the idea of transferring me.

I felt victorious to see them defeated. My mind was full of thoughts about fighting, and I never thought about how other people felt. As a result, we all hurt each other.

Now it is easy for me to deal things like giving up competing for a salary increase. My coworkers could not believe what I did. Even I myself found it hard to believe. I recommend reading Zhuan Falun to find out what inspired me. Practicing Falun Dafa is truly wonderful.