(Minghui.org) My mother is 89 years old. Both she and I started practicing Falun Dafa before 1999. We have walked steadfastly on our cultivation paths because of our firm belief in Master and the Fa. We’ve benefited greatly by experiencing the power of Dafa.

Serious Illness Symptoms

My mother and I were about to go out and talk to people about Dafa on October 3, 2017, when she felt a stab of pain in her right abdominal area, and she felt very cold. Soon, her body trembled and convulsed. I put her to bed, covered her with a blanket, and hugged her tightly while sending forth righteous thoughts.

We did not lose confidence, although the situation worsened. She soon came down with a high fever, vomited a lot, and had diarrhea. Two practitioners came to our home to send righteous thoughts. She felt better after a few hours, but the same symptoms appeared the next morning.

Our family prepared for a birthday party for her, but when our friends and relatives arrived, they were shocked at how she looked and decided to take her to a hospital. According to the diagnosis, most of her organs, with the exception of her spleen, had failed.

While waiting outside the operating room, I asked our family members to recite “Falun Dafa is good.” There were no problems during the surgery and I thanked Master in my heart.

When I returned to the hospital two days later, I was told that she tossed and turned restlessly during the night. This time, her symptoms were different. Her face was contorted, her voice cracked, her vision was blurred, and her body was swollen. We asked our friends and relatives to say their final goodbyes.

Then, a practitioner called to inquire about her condition, and I told her that mother's condition had worsened. Fellow practitioners came to the hospital to send forth righteous thoughts by her side.

By the time most of our friends and relatives had arrived at the hospital, mother’s condition had worsened.

Dafa Changes the Situation

And then, my mother suddenly began speaking about Falun Dafa to other patients and their visitors. They asked her to save her energy. But mother continued to talk about Falun Dafa to all of them, one by one. Almost everyone agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, and she asked me to record their names.

Surprised at my mother's actions, I realized that we needed support from the Fa. I read Zhuan Falun aloud to her. She listened silently before falling asleep.

I continued to read the Fa in front of my friends and relatives almost nonstop. The heart monitor, which had given signals of impending death before, suddenly started to show normal signs, as if she was out of danger. Everyone there witnessed the power of Dafa.

Although my brother's friend believed that the situation had changed because of Master's Fa, most of my relatives and friends believed that my mother was on the brink of death and that this was a false sign of hope.

Yet her health kept improving, and she was discharged after 20 days of hospitalization.

After witnessing my mother's rapid retreat from the brink of death, my friends and family soon came to appreciate that it truly was the power of Dafa that saved her.