New Book Announcement: Hong Yin IV Published in English

An English translation of Master Li Hongzhi’s most recent book, Hong Yin IV, was published January 18th on the Falun Dafa website, The book is a compilation of 141 poems and song lyrics written by Master Li Hongzhi between 2004 and 2015.

Bavaria, Germany: 18 Practitioners Speak at Experience-Sharing Conference

Practitioners from Germany and Switzerland attended the conference in Bad Kissingen on January 14. One speaker recounted how he put his experience and education to use at a media company after letting go of his attachments to fame and gain. Other practitioners shared how they improved in their self-cultivation and gained more confidence through interacting with Chinese tourists and government officials.

Despite Appeals Entire Family Sentenced to Prison for Their Beliefs

A family of three was arrested in November 2016 and sentenced in September 2017. They were fined and are currently serving prison terms. The son was beaten in prison and has since become emaciated. The mother and son both suffered mental collapses due to the stress of persecution while imprisoned, and the prison authorities denied the son access to his lawyer, as well as visits from family.

Check-up Confirms Complete Recovery from Hepatitis B

Despite a family history of untimely deaths due to liver disease, a practitioner completely recovers, convincing her two ill sisters to take up the practice as well.

Conducting Business Righteously after Encountering Falun Dafa

Yuru, who started practicing Falun Dafa thirteen years ago, shares her own and her family's cultivation experiences, and how she learned a righteous way of doing business from the Falun Dafa principles. 

My Gloves Are No Longer Needed

After becoming a practitioner, a person who had suffered a lifetime of chronic sensitivity to the cold, which caused red and swollen hands, found that the condition disappeared and gloves were no longer necessary.

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