(Minghui.org) Two years ago, I was hired by a company and assigned responsibility for their product development. Just prior to that, I had been arrested for passing out a copy of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to a university student. I was detained for 15 days and spent the Chinese New Year's Eve in the detention center.

I found my new job as soon as I was released. I was in charge of developing a textbook. Many companies in China, including this one, do not treat their employees very well. Employees have to meet hourly, daily, and monthly targets, but they are only paid 2000 yuan.

One day following a morning meeting, a colleague named Wang decided to quit his job. He was so upset that he didn't even notify the manager. He stormed out the door. The office was silent after he left. That was the 17th person that had resigned under the current tremendous job pressure.

I was soon feeling the pressure as well. General manager Liu lashed out at me in front of my peers and subordinates. There was then dead silence and no one knew what to say, but I remained calm. I knew even though Liu sounded unreasonable, he may have a point. So when he finished, I thanked him for his feedback and promised to do better. He was shocked at my reaction. Then he nodded at me and left the room.

The pressure resulted in frequent such outbursts at this company. Some resigned while others just put up with it as much as they could. I had a different perspective. I was following the teachings in Zhuan Falun, specifically, “When it is difficult to endure, try to endure it.”

I took every conflict as an opportunity to learn and to upgrade my xinxing. Most of the time, I was very calm and just tried to do better. Everyone said that I had a good state of mind.

Within six months, I was promoted to team leader with a pay increase to 4000 yuan. In the following six months, I worked really hard and did my very best and became the backbone of the company. With the experience gained in this job, when the company had to put my project on hold, I was able to find employment with another company in no time.

My new job primarily required teaching. Half of my monthly pay was held until 60% of the students were confirmed to be eligible for their upcoming class. My wife did not want me to take the job and many of the new employees left within a month. I had a different mindset, however, and decided that 4000 yuan a month was not bad. My first thought was how I could be worthy of the pay.

Against my wife's advice I took on the new job and tried to do good work despite the complaints of my colleagues. I did a good job teaching the class. Before the term finished, I was working with the research department to develop teaching resources. My new boss was trying to assemble a team and had problems finding qualified people. I was able to recruit for the company using my network. I became a well-respected employee. I was soon promoted to a management position and my salary was increased to 8000 yuan.

Honestly, I was new to this field and I didn't really have much talent in this area. The one thing that I did do regularly was to read Zhuan Falun. I also think about other people before myself, and when conflicts arise, I look within. My behavior is guided by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.