66 Falun Gong Cases Returned in Second Half of 2017, Resulting in Release of 22 Practitioners

Minghui Report: The practitioners in this report were arrested because they refused to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime. The prosecutors (Procuratorates) returned the cases at various stages of the prosecution process. As a result, twenty two practitioners were released from custody during the past six months.

Gratitude for Falun Gong in Central Taiwan

At a recent annual gathering in Taichung, Falun Gong practitioners in central Taiwan shared stories of major health improvement and personal growth. “When facing a tribulation, I can take it better and slowly let go. I am able to look at what happens to me in a compassionate way instead of believing that it's just something that isn’t fair," shared one practitioner. Participants also took the opportunity to send a group New Year's greeting to Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong.

North American Audiences Start New Year with Dazzling Shen Yun Performances

Shen Yun Performing Arts continues its tour of North America with packed houses in Arkansas, California, Texas, Georgia, and Toronto. The classical Chinese dance show graced venues including the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, and the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. One audience member shared, “I learned a lot about the Chinese heritage. It was so beautiful, so caring.”

Copenhagen, Denmark: Learning Falun Dafa at a Community Center

Practitioners taught the practice to approximately 150 people during the past five months. Many commented on the significant benefits they’ve experienced.

My Boss Believes in Freedom of Belief and Took a Chance on Me

A boss trusts and respects a practitioner even though she had been held in a labor camp for practicing Falun Dafa. The company has grown and is very successful.

My Husband Became a Better Person After I Began Practicing Falun Dafa

A couple who fought like they were at war changes after the wife started to practice Falun Dafa, which also changed her ill-mannered, bad-tempered gambling husband.

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