(Minghui.org) Mr. Li Junqui, a resident of Liuzhentun Township, Huaiyang County, was held in Xinmi Prison in Zhengzhou City for three years for refusing to renounce his faith in Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime. He was released at the end of June 2017, but the police continued to harass him.

On October 17, 2017, police searched his home and confiscated Falun Gong books and other personal belongings. Four days later, officers from the Liuzhentun Police Station went to his house again and arrested him. Mr. Li has been detained in the Huaiyang Detention Center since then. His family has not been allowed to visit him.

Family Target of Persecution Since 1999

Mr. Li Junqi's parents and sister Li Yuzhi also practice Falun Gong. Before the persecution began, his father Li Tinglin was a coordinator for a Falun Gong exercise site, located at his home.

Mr. Li Junqi was in poor health before learning Falun Gong, but recovered through the practice. The family of four all practiced Falun Gong and followed the practice's foundational principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution in 1999, police targeted Mr. Li's family. Their home was ransacked several times. Mr. Li's sister was sentenced to four years in prison. His father and mother passed away prematurely as a result of the persecution. Mr. Li has been arrested and tortured multiple times.

Below is a summary of the family's ordeal.

Mr. Li Junqi and His Father Li Tinglin Arrested and Detained in 2005

Four police officers including Fang Wanchun from the Liuzhentun Police Station, went to 74-year-old Mr. Li Tinglin's home one night in February 2005. They forced the gate open and broke into the house.

Mr. Li's mother, 73, was in bed. The police ordered her to get up and didn't allow her to get dressed. She was shivering in her nightclothes.

The officers searched the house and found only found two truth-clarifying CDs. They returned twice for more “evidence,” but found nothing. Even without sufficient evidence, they still arrested Li Tinglin and Li Junqi. They were sent to the Huaiyang Detention Center and held for 35 days.

Arrested and Detained Again in 2006

Four police officers, led by Huang Wei, deputy chief of the Liuzhentun Police Station, broke into Mr. Li Tinglin's home again in early March 2006. They did not show any IDs or search warrants, but immediately searched the house. They did not find anything, but they still arrested Mr. Li Junqi, who was was detained for 30 days and fined 1,000 yuan.

Mother, Father and Son Brutally Beaten and Daughter Sentenced to Four Years in 2008

Huang Wei, with Cheng Weifeng, head of the Domestic Security Division, and four police officers broke into Mr. Li Tinglin's home in April 2008. They first restrained Mr. Li Junqi, who was in bed, and then searched the house.

When they started to take Mr. Li out to the police car, his mother questioned them, “Why are you arresting my son? Has he committed any crime?”

A young police officer surnamed Zhang pushed the elderly woman down. He kicked her more than ten times, and then held her up and slapped her face just as many times. He threatened her, “If you dare to say anything more, I'll hit you some more!”

She struggled to protect her son. Zhang beat her again. Her face was swollen and she was covered with bruises. Afterwards, she had difficulty breathing and was unable to take care of herself. She eventually died from her injuries.

Mr. Li Junqi and his father Li Tinglin were taken to the police station. Mr. Li Junqi was wearing only a thin undershirt and boxer shorts when he was arrested. It was very cold. When his father tried to give some of his own clothes to his son, the police stopped him. They were taken to separate rooms for interrogation. An officer slapped the senior Mr. Li on the face more than a dozen times, severely bruising him. He became dizzy. His son heard screaming from the other room.

After being beaten, both men were handcuffed to beds for more than 14 hours until the afternoon of the next day. Mr. Li Junqi was unconscious when he was sent to the detention center. The detention center rejected him, but the police who brought him there left him on the ground and went away.

The officer who had beaten Mr. Li Tinglin had injured his hand and went to see a doctor. He shamelessly said, “Yesterday I caught a Falun Gong [practitioner]. I slapped that old man until I hurt my hand. He must had felt a lot of pain as well.”

Later, Mr. Li Tinglin and his brother-in-law went to the police station to talk with Chen Shoutao, the station chief, about the police pummeling his 76-year-old wife. Chen Shoutao agreed to send someone to investigate the incident, but the next day he claimed that no police officer had beaten the elderly lady at all.

Mr. Li Tinglin's daughter Li Yuzhi went to the police department and tried to talk to them and secure the release of her brother. She was arrested and put into the detention center. Ms. Li was sentenced to four years in prison at the Xinxiang Women's Prison from July 15, 2008 to July 14, 2012.

Mr. Li Tinglin suffered terribly over the course of the persecution. He passed away in October 2014.

Mr. Li Junqi Sentenced to Three Years in 2014

Mr. Li Junqi was arrested in May 2014. While interrogating him, offiers from the Huaiyang Domestic Security Division burned him with cigarettes, leaving scars on his body. He exposed the crimes after he was released from the detention center.

On June 24, 2014, Mr. Li was arrested at a fellow practitioner's home in Chengguan Town along with ten other practitioners, including He Hongliang, Xia Zhongzhi, Liu Zhonglan, Chen Jinlan, Wang Yurong, Wang Heping, Su Zhenhua, Qi Fengzhi, Fan Yunxia, and Ms. Wu. Police from the Huaiyang County Domestic Security Division including Cheng Weifeng, Li Changfeng, Dou Mingke, Wang Jian and Cheng Weizhong, conducted the arrests.

Mr. Li Junqi was sentenced to three years in prison and was detained in Xinmi Prison from June 26, 2014 to June 25, 2017.

List of Perpetrators:

Li Fengli (李凤丽), head of Huaiyang County Police Department: +86-13592293696Zheng Yanfang (郑艳芳), director of 610 Office: +86-13839463086Cheng Weifeng (程维锋), head of Huaiyang Domestic Security Division: +86-13836857286Li Changfeng (李昌锋), deputy of Huaiyang Domestic Security Division: +86-13938019957Li Huaishen (李怀坤), head of Liuzhentun Township: +86-13838668189Li Yang (李阳), head of Liuzhentun Police StationLing Tong (凌彤), deputy of Liuzhentun Police Station

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