(Minghui.org) Ms. Wang Meirong, a resident of Malan Township, Pingdu City, Shandong Province, was arrested on June 8, 2017 for talking to people about her practice of Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

Ms. Wang was beaten during interrogation. As no law in China criminalizes the practice of Falun Gong, the local authorities accused her of “using a heretical organization to undermine the implementation of the law,” a charge frequently used by the Chinese government to arrest and imprison Falun Gong practitioners.

Her family retained a lawyer for her defense. The lawyer was denied access to police officers Liu Jie of the Pingdu City Police and Jiang Yanqing of the Datian Police Station, who are in charge of the case.

While Ms. Wang’s daughter, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, calls for her mother’s release from outside of China, Ms. Wang's husband, Mr. Jiang Guiyun, wrote an open letter to local authorities demanding his wife’s freedom.


My wife, Wang Meirong, is a Falun Gong practitioner. Since she started the practice, her severe psoriasis has been cured without medication, and she became more kind, amicable, and considerate toward others.

She always taught our daughter to be upright and to resist the temptations of personal gain. Once, when our daughter found a gold earring on her way home from elementary school, my wife told her to return it to the owner, Chi Hongfang, who was impressed by her integrity.

Another time, our daughter stumbled upon a purse when she was in middle school. The purse contained several hundred yuan, a few bank cards, and an ID card. My wife asked her to return it to the owner, Zhang Shouwei, who was really grateful, as it would take a lot of time and effort to cancel and re-obtain all the lost cards.

This April, our home was damaged by a leak from the unit above us on the fourth floor. Our mattress and bedding were all soaked. Our bathroom and kitchen ceilings had so much water dripping continuously for days that we were not able to use any electrical appliances. Mr. Xiao, the homeowner of the unit above us, brought us a set of new sheets and comforters as compensation for our loss. My wife returned them. Mr. Xiao's family were very touched and kept praising us, “You are kindhearted people. It is truly hard to find people like you nowadays.”

Wouldn't it bring harmony to society if there were more people like my wife? Wouldn't there be many fewer disruptions and lawsuits among neighbors if more people acted like my wife?

I invested 400,000 yuan with the Mingxiang Investment Company in Pingdu City in 2012. Among that money was 90,000 from my parents' retirement fund, 60,000 from my younger brother's working abroad, and 250,000 from our own savings. At the time, my wife tried to dissuade me from the investment, but I did not listen. In the end, the company owner was arrested, and all my money was lost. Every time I went back to my hometown to see relatives, my parents and brother kept asking about their money. I was agonized by the fact that I did not have a penny to pay them back. My wife did not hold any resentment over the big loss. Instead, she was calm and comforted me, “How about we borrow some money from the bank to pay them back?” I followed her suggestion and finally paid back the money. My parents and brother do not know anything about the failed investment to this day.

It was my wife who rescued me from such a precarious situation. I remain grateful to my wife, who has a generous and kind heart.

My wife used to work as an accountant at the local village credit union. One day, the cashier had to run an errand in Pingdu City. My wife volunteered to fill in temporarily. Upon returning, the cashier claimed to have a total of 22,500 yuan missing. Eventually, the three people involved, including my wife, each had to reimburse the credit union 7,500 yuan, which was equivalent to a whole year's salary at the time. Although she was a volunteer doing someone else' job, my wife did not utter a single word of complaint about the situation.

When my wife was the general manager at the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce, a client came for an emergency loan. She recognized this client as a previous teacher of our daughter's. Knowing the urgent nature of the loan and that the proper bank procedure would take several days, she wire transferred the money out of our own bank account to the client's.

Isn't it extraordinary compassion that is illustrated in my wife's actions? Who wouldn't agree that she is a good person?

My wife one day encountered a blind older man begging in the street, who was only able to get two apples for a whole day. Seeing his misery, my wife bought ten yuan worth of steamed buns in the evening and handed them to him. Then, she picked out a heavy coat from my wardrobe and gave it to the beggar. I told her, “You have a big heart. You will be rewarded for your good deeds.”

My wife's father has been paralyzed for thirteen years. She has been going to her father's to take care of his daily needs whenever she gets a chance. It is not a trivial undertaking for anyone, especially when the responsibility lasts for years. However, my wife did not have any complaint whatsoever, which I admired deeply.

Each and every story I have mentioned shows that Falun Gong teaches its practitioners to be kind and generous. Without Falun Gong, my wife would not have such good health or such a good heart. She brings positive energy to society. It would be a better world if more people were like my wife.

The authorities must not abuse the law in their bid to persecute good people. Good should be rewarded with good, not persecution. I hereby request that you release my wife unconditionally.

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