(Minghui.org) I am 51 years old and have practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years.

My vision started to blur about three years ago, and it recently worsened. I had to regularly wipe my eyes with tissue because they often secreted a turbid substance. After I attended the morning exercises, a crust collected around my eyelids, and the discharge from my eyes was hard to stop. Looking within, I could not find the cause. Gradually, I developed a feeling of helplessness and thought that it was not normal for a Falun Dafa practitioner to have this kind of problem.

Looking for Causes

I use a computer in my daily work and thus thought that it was it was eye damage from using computers too much. However, I am a practitioner and should not look at this problem in an ordinary way.

This summer, I turned down all the training opportunities at work and concentrated on studying and reciting the Fa, as well as doing the exercises. I did everything a practitioner should do, but I had some bad notions mixed in. I thought that I had to quickly memorize the Fa and study more Fa so I could continue to cultivate with the Fa that I would have learned by heart if I were to become blind someday.

I realized that this thought was actually acknowledging the old forces. We should completely and thoroughly negate the old forces’ arrangements.

It was unusual for my eyes to hurt immediately when I used a computer to work on ordinary things. However, when I did computer work for Dafa projects, my eyes also hurt, but to a much smaller degree. This was the case even if I worked for several hours straight on a Dafa project.

When I attended the group Fa study last night, I added one thought when sending righteous thoughts: Eliminate the evil in other dimensions that make my vision blurry. It did make a slight difference.

When sending righteous thoughts this morning, I added one thought specifically for my eyes: Master, please strengthen me; I will cleanse and eliminate the evil in other dimensions that blurs my vision and eliminate the persecution by the old forces.

After sending forth righteous thoughts, Master enlightened me that the eyes are used to look at things. For cultivators, the eyes have more functions than just seeing things. Scenes of other practitioners' shortcomings appeared before my eyes at that moment.

Recalling Others’ Shortcomings

A practitioner I was in regular contact with reported me to the police about 10 years ago because she broke under the pressure when detained. The true reason for my being persecuted was that I had an omission in my xinxing and did not have strong righteous thoughts.

However, my thoughts were often moved by human attachments, and I resented this practitioner in my heart. Therefore, I didn't agree with whatever she did. On the surface, we got along quite well, but deep in my heart, I did not want to talk to her, and I saw everything about her as negative. This was such a big attachment! The old forces saw this clearly and could use it to persecute me.

Another practitioner who is in her 80s obtained the Fa in 1996. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, she slacked off and was not very serious about cultivation because of fear. It was seemingly accidental that I got to know her. Later, a few practitioners set up a group Fa study at her home.

I was very anxious and worried about her, as she could not keep up with Fa study and had many human attachments. I kept telling her this. She would accept my suggestions. Her husband also practiced Falun Gong, but he stopped after the persecution started. Later, he began to have problems with his legs and feet.

Two months ago, this elderly practitioner fell off her bike when she went out to do some unnecessary jobs. Her son forced her to have surgery. One practitioner wanted to help her strengthen her righteous thoughts but encountered tribulations. Her son disagreed, took a picture of this practitioner, and threatened to report the practitioner. Later this elderly practitioner told me that her son had also secretly taken my picture. I developed fear and resentment towards her. Eventually, the elderly practitioner was afraid of implicating other practitioners, so she had the surgery according to her son’s wishes.

After the surgery, she had difficulty moving around, and her husband’s condition worsened. He studied the Fa and experienced the power of Dafa. However, he still could not cultivate normally, as he could not get rid of his attachment to his illnesses. The elderly practitioner was dragged down and could not study the Fa well. She also still had a lot of human attachments.

After these scenes quickly flashed in my mind, I found the attachment that led to my blurred vision–that of looking at other practitioners’ shortcomings. I didn’t understand that these other practitioners were like mirrors. Their shortcomings also reflected my shortcomings. Why did I see their attachments? It is because I also have a lot human attachments, such as fear, resentment, looking down on other practitioners, jealousy, etc. How can I improve if I do not get rid of these attachments?