(Minghui.org) Throughout my cultivation, there have been many tests from my family members, colleagues and other practitioners. A number of these tribulations were caused by my stubborn human attachments, and I was not able to overcome these tests until very recently.

Sometimes I feel that cultivation is so painstaking. However, I firmly believe that, as long as I treat the Fa as Teacher and truly cultivate, I can stay on my cultivation path, no matter how narrow it is.

After I was released from a detention center 12 years ago, I went back to work for the school where I used to teach. I was allowed to return, but I was not allowed to teach. Except for this, life has been fairly smooth. I have used many opportunities to clarify the facts to my colleagues during the last 12 years.

Since returning to my former school, I have submitted five applications to be reinstated as a teacher, but I have been passed over every time. Whenever a new teacher was appointed to the position for which I applied, I made sure to tell the teacher the truth about Falun Dafa.

One of my colleagues thought I was wasting my time and said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would not give me a chance to teach again. Regardless, I knew that I wasn't attached to the outcome and saw the applications as opportunities to clarify the truth to people.

Through my persistent efforts, my school environment has become much more relaxed, and about 70 percent of the staff have agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

Xinxing Tests

Even though things has gone fairly well since I came back to work, there have been a few bumps. I explained the persecution to a student at school one day and gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun. His parents reported me to the authorities.

About seven people from the local 610 Office, police station, and education bureau came to the school, intending to arrest me. I refused to answer their questions and clarified the facts to them every chance I had to speak. I managed to thwart their plan in about an hour.

The 610 Office forced the educational bureau in our district to set up a display in each school to defame Teacher and Dafa. I heard that it would be displayed at my school first, then taken to other schools.

I went to talk to the Party secretary in our school and asked him to remove the display. He said that high-level authorities had ordered the display. He agreed to remove it, but did not follow through.

I reported the event on the Minghui website. I didn't disclose the phone numbers of my school due to my attachments to fear and protecting myself. As a result, the display boards remained.

After thinking it through for a few days, I let go of my attachments and I reported on this matter on Minghui again. This time, I included my school's name.

I also attached the phone numbers of the 610 Office, the management of my school, and the district educational bureau. Our school removed all the display boards the very next day after Minghui published my article.

Every time I was interfered with, I tried to find the gaps in my cultivation. By doing so, I was able to learn my lessons, and this helped me to become more diligent and more mature.

Filing a Criminal Complaint

In June 2015, I filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese leader, for initiating the persecution of Falun Dafa. I received the confirmation of its receipt soon after.

Two months later, agents from the 610 Office came to my school and took me to the local police station. They asked me about suing Jiang. I told them that I hadn’t abused public policy and that I had a right to sue Jiang.

An officer tried to enter some notes into his laptop, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't turn it on.

“Whatever you want to ask me, I have only two answers,” I said. “First, I have submitted my accusation letter to sue Jiang. Second, what I wrote is all true.”

I tried to clarify the facts to the two officers who were assigned watch me, but they didn’t want to listen. I told them to treat Falun Dafa practitioners kindly, and I sent forth righteous thoughts when I was not talking. I was released at the end of the day.

After I got home, my parents told me that domestic security officers had searched my room and confiscated my computer.

I went back to school the next day. I told the principal and the Party secretary why I sued Jiang, what I had happened at the police station, and that my home was searched. I also told them that the police officers were the ones breaking the law and that what I was doing was legal.

I also went to the police station and demanded the return of my laptop. They told me that my laptop had already been transferred to the municipal Domestic Security Department because they could not decode my password to log into my computer The municipal Domestic Security Department had an advanced machine that could log into any laptop.

I had a thought that the evil couldn’t log into my computer. I later heard that they couldn’t decode the password—it was too complicated.

Through diligent cultivation, I find that studying the Fa every day with a calm mind, doing my morning exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and looking inward at all times has become more and more important to me.

I firmly believe that, as long as we listen to Teacher and do what Teacher has told us to do, we will be able to walk our paths steadily.