(Minghui.org) On the morning of December 29, 2016, I had a dream. I had taken a short nap after sending forth righteous thoughts. The dream was so vivid and real that I would like to share it with you.

In my dream, the Fa-rectification period quietly ended. Dressed in a kasaya, Master led a line of Dafa disciples. They were ready to return to their positions in the heavens. The atmosphere was very sacred and solemn. I calmly walked in the line with the others. There were only a few Dafa disciples in that line.

Master led the disciples to the gate of a temple, turned around and said, “Those who haven't cultivated well on the issue of lust go to the door over there.” I suddenly realized that deep in my heart I still had an attachment to lust. I felt too ashamed to show my face. I walked through the door Master mentioned and collapsed to the floor as soon as I entered. I felt chilly all over. A fellow practitioner stood near the entrance and watched me for a while. When he saw that I couldn't get up, he took away all the things I had accomplished through my cultivation.

I knew I was alive, but I had lost everything. All my efforts were in vain. The dimension in which the Fa-rectification was happening gradually disappeared before me, and I was sealed in an isolated dimension. Overwhelmed with deep regret, I cried out so loudly that the air around me shook and vibrated. I had nothing left! I was ruined! My only feeling was endless regret!

I woke up in tears. No words can describe what I felt! I deeply realized how serious cultivation is, and how we will be tested until the last second. I am so thankful that compassionate Master has given me another chance to do better!