(Minghui.org) I used to avoid practitioners who were attached to fame and self-interest, or who acted tough. I really looked down on them. One such practitioner had a bad temper and was very proud. He seemed to think he was better than everyone else.

Although he talked a lot about “looking within,” I rarely saw him do it himself. I spoke to him about this on several occasions, but he never took it to heart. In the end, I gave up and did my best to avoid him.

One night, I dreamt that this practitioner had asked me a question. Instead of answering him, I ran away. As I glanced back over my shoulder, I noticed that he was standing there, lost in despair. It was as if he was asking, “Why are you running from me? Why don't you help me?”

When I awoke, I understood that this being, too, had vulnerabilities, just like the rest of us. I also realized that, whenever I went through tribulations, I almost always approached them with a human mindset, instead of viewing things from the perspective of my true self.

I enlightened to the fact that I was looking at this person's human behavior, thinking that it was emanating from his true self. However, his true self is not like that at all!

The old forces made complex arrangements for each and every practitioner. If we fail to assimilate to the Fa—due to our strong attachments—won't our main consciousnesses be weak? Then, it's possible that different messed up factors will enter our fields. If we cannot manage to repel these factors, won't the whole of our cultivation be affected?

So, is it right to resent and look down on a fellow practitioner who is being persecuted by the old forces? Wouldn't it be better if we could find a way to help him instead?

It's very possible that we have a predestined relationship with each practitioner that we meet. Perhaps we had all agreed—prior to reincarnating in this physical reality— that we would help each other unconditionally if any one of us went off track in his or her cultivation practice.

Recalling my own cultivation path, I noticed that I always ran into difficulties whenever I disliked or looked down on a fellow practitioner. Wasn't I providing the old forces with a perfect excuse to persecute me?

By looking inward, I realized that we should rid ourselves of our human notions and not be moved when we see practitioners exhibiting incorrect states. Aren't they being persecuted, too?

If we want to assist them, we can quietly compensate for their shortcomings, help eliminate the evil factors that are persecuting them, and reinforce their righteous thoughts so that they, too, can walk the path that Master has arranged for them.

When I began to conduct myself like I'm discussing here, I discovered that I no longer harbored resentment towards any practitioner, nor did I look down on them. Instead, I remained unmoved by their incorrect states and silently sent righteous thoughts for them.

I feel that our true selves are united in Dafa, and, as such, it is only right that we respect and treasure each other.

I find that whenever I conduct myself like this, I am surrounded by a huge compassionate field—which I know is reinforced by Master. I feel that this compassion truly comes from my heart and is capable of destroying all evil.

Any barrier between myself and others seems to disappear, along with any interfering factors. This compassion makes it possible for me to overcome many tribulations that seemed insurmountable before.

I enlightened to the fact that if I can truly tolerate others, others will naturally be able to tolerate me; if I truly help others, I will be helped in the end, and if I can treat others with compassion, others will treat me with compassion!