(Minghui.org) Certain mountains and other places are difficult to get to. It is not necessarily because they cannot be reached, but, rather, because the Divine has limited access to these areas.

Li Fuyan (618–907 AD) published a story about a Taoist priest who was taken to a new world inside a rock wall.

The story takes place in Huayin City, Shaanxi Province, in the Zhenguan era (626–649 AD) of Emperor Tang Taizong.

Difficult Road Less Traveled

Mr. Liu was the Taoist priest at Yuntai Temple. He offered free vegetarian meals to the public on the 15th of January, July, and October of every year.

A slender, dark-skinned man in a loose, single-layer gown had partaken in these offerings for over 10 years. Each time he sat in the back and left after eating without having said a single word.

Liu asked him for his name.

“I am Zhang Gongbi,” the man answered. “I live in the East Cove of the Lotus Flower Peak.”

Knowing that place was not easy to reach, Liu asked if he could come along to see it.

“Sure,” responded Zhang. “It’s a lot of fun at my place. You’ll like it.”

After about 10 miles, they came to the end of the road. After that, it was tough going, and they had to grab hold of vines to climb up a steep cliff. Nevertheless, Zhang walked up as if it were a flat road. Even Priest Liu did not find it difficult to keep up.

Vast World Inside a Rock Wall

They stopped in front of a huge rock, which was about 6,000 feet high, with its side so steep that it looked like it had been carved from the mountain with a giant knife.

There was a tiny area, a few inches wide, in front of the rock. Zhang knocked on the rock, and a voice asked who was knocking. After Zhang gave his name, a door opened.

There was another world behind the door.

When the doorkeeper saw Liu, he objected to a stranger entering and locked the door.

“He is Priest Liu of Yuntai Temple,” Zhang explained. “He is my friend. That's why I invited him here. Why do you want to keep him out?”

The door opened again, and they entered.

Out of the Ordinary

“Liu must be hungry,” said Zhang. “Please make a good meal for him.”

The doorkeeper brought a bowl of water and added a little powder from a green bag, which he offered to Liu. The water was tasty and sweet, and after drinking it, the priest was no longer hungry.

“I told Liu that this place was a lot of fun,” said Zhang. “Why don't you show something that would amaze him?”

The doorkeeper drank some water and spit it towards the east. Immediately, a green dragon and a white elephant appeared in the sky and danced for them. Then, two phoenixes sang beautiful songs.

It was time to leave, and Zhang showed the priest the way back to his temple.

After having walked for a while, Liu looked back. He only saw the rock.

Adapted from The Second Book of Mysteries, by Mr. Li Fuyan. Written during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD).