On the Waves Stirred Up by the Article About Assistant Souls

       As your Master, I acknowledge only the main souls of Dafa disciples. Furthermore, it is Dafa disciples’ main bodies at the surface level that have accomplished great achievements and established mighty virtue in history—nothing can change this. The complicated situation faced by the cosmos’s Fa-rectification is beyond the comprehension of human beings, and the interference by the old forces’ arrangements has been very severe. Master just doesn't want you to get mired in the details of the tangled mess and have it affect your cultivation. Instead, I ask you to treat sentient beings with the broadest mind and utmost compassion. With any interference, do not get stuck in the particular situation and allow yourselves to be disturbed; only then can you make it through and your mighty virtue will be even greater.

       Actually, all that is not aligned with Dafa and Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts has been caused by the old forces’ involvement, including all the unrighteous factors in you. This is why I have made sending forth righteous thoughts one of the three major things that Dafa disciples do. Sending forth righteous thoughts targets both outward and inward, and no unrighteous beings can escape. It’s just that we have different attitudes and different conduct in sending forth righteous thoughts.

       In a chaotic world with degenerate principles, Dafa disciples are compassionately saving sentient beings, which definitely include the lives within their own spheres. The saving of sentient beings will certainly give lives chances, and some will be given chances for an extended period of time. In the process, some truly have become good; there are also those who are not good in the end. Those who are not good will be cleaned out—this is something you have been doing all along in the process of your cultivation, and Master is also doing it for you. This is only one among countless forms of interference, and it’s no big deal. You have made it through the most severe interference. Some students have seen a certain situation, and that is also a manifestation of Dafa disciples’ compassionately saving sentient beings, it is also that you are in the process of saving sentient beings, as well as just an expression of positive and negative states of each sentient being amid the turmoil. If you wish to save sentient beings, you cannot just eliminate them indiscriminately, but have to see if they can still be saved. In this process lives will manifest in themselves positive and negative behavior, and this is also something that is bound to happen in Fa-rectification. Facing negative, chaotic expressions, there’s no need to get stirred up. Study the Fa well and do well the three things—you will have everything. Actually the old forces, which are already deemed demons in the Fa-rectification, are being cleaned out. With Master here, and with the Fa here, disorder cannot set in.

Li Hongzhi

August 19, 2016

Translation subject to improvement. This version: September 26, 2016. Translated by Team Blue.