On the Responses to the Piece About Assistant Souls*

       As your master, I acknowledge only the main soul of a Dafa disciple. And all of the magnificent and meritorious contributions that Dafa disciples have made throughout history were done by the main, surface bodies of the disciples. Nothing can change this fact. The complexity involved in the Fa-rectification of the cosmos is beyond human comprehension, and the interference arranged by the old forces is remarkably severe. So as your master I hadn’t wanted you to get caught up in the perplexing intricacies of the situation and thereby have your cultivation be affected. I want you to have the utmost magnanimity and compassion toward sentient beings. When you experience any kind of interference, if you can manage not to get overly focused on the particulars of what is happening and thereby keep yourself unperturbed, then you will be able to emerge from it all, and you will have even greater mighty-virtue.

       The truth is, anything that is not consistent with Dafa or the righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples results from the old forces’ involvement, and that includes all of the unrighteous elements that you have. And that is why I have made sending righteous thoughts one of the three major things that Dafa disciples are to do. Sending righteous thoughts targets things that are outside of as well as inside of oneself, with nothing unrighteous allowed to escape. It’s just that there have been differences in how we have regarded and handled sending righteous thoughts.

       Amidst a troubled world and when cosmic laws are in disarray, Dafa disciples are acting out of compassion to save lives, which of course include those within their own domains. All beings will certainly be given chances as we go about offering salvation, with some of them being given prolonged chances. During the process, some beings will indeed turn around and become good, yet there will also be some who aren’t good enough in the end, and those need to be cleared out. You have in fact been doing such things throughout your cultivation, and as your master I have been doing these things for you as well. These kinds of interference are only a small fraction of the countless kinds that exist, and are nothing significant. You have already made it through the most serious interference of all. Some practitioners may have seen certain things [of concern], yet those are nothing but a matter of how sentient beings are acting, whether in a positive or negative way, during this time when things are in such disarray and while Dafa disciples are compassionately trying to save beings. If we are to save sentient beings, we cannot eliminate lives across the board—we still need to see whether they can be saved. During this process, naturally lives are going to act in a positive or negative way, and this is something that is bound to happen during the Fa-rectification. There is no need to overreact when you see a being acting negatively during this time when things are such a mess. Study the Fa well, do the three things well, and you will have all that you need. The old forces are now in fact being disposed of, after having been judged to be demons against Fa-rectification. Master is here, and the Fa is here, so nothing will get out of hand.

Li Hongzhi

August 19, 2016

*Translator’s note: Referring to a practitioner’s experience-sharing piece published in several installments on the Chinese version of Minghui.org.

Translation subject to improvement. This version: August 21, 2016. Translated by Team Yellow.