(Minghui.org) I was illegally detained ten years ago in a forced labor camp. I was locked in a solitary confinement room, tied to a chair, and shocked with electric batons.

The guards used various types of electric batons, long ones, short ones, stick-shaped, and collapsible batons. The collapsible baton delivered the highest voltage and came with a retractable whip. When they whipped me with it, my body wanted to bounce up, but because I was tied to a chair, I would stiffen up instead.

I was not afraid and kept calling out, “Falun Dafa is good!” To shut me up, the guards put the whip in my mouth and shocked me with it. As soon as they released the whip, I still called out, “Falun Dafa is good!” Then, the guards shoved a dirty rag into my mouth.

The guards used different batons to shock different parts of my body for an extended period of time - my armpits, ears, neck, head, arms, and legs. Sparks flew everywhere. The bandage they used to strap me down began smoking and nearly caught fire. The entire room smelled like burnt flesh.

I was also force-fed during that time. The feeding tube caused my nose to bleed profusely. No matter how they tortured me, I kept a firm thought, “I'd rather die than surrender. I will not cooperate with them.” I became so emaciated that I weighed less than 70 pounds.

I recovered very quickly after I was released from the forced labor camp. Even though the guards had kicked me, clubbed me, and used various torture instruments on me, I healed very well and have no scars. Master protected me and showed me the incredible power of Dafa.

I realized from this experience that a cultivator's righteous thoughts are very important, and can affect the outcome of things.