(Minghui.org) Master said,

“The things that Dafa disciples throughout the world have done are so stirring and inspiring, only they haven't been made into a film in this world. But there are films of you in the cosmos. (Applause) Not a single good thing that you have done has been missed--all of it has been captured on video. There really are video recordings. All those things are being recorded, for they make up the path that you have journeyed, and they are your glory.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference VIII)

To encourage me, Master arranged for me to see video recordings of my validating the Fa.

Videos from My Cultivation Path

I saw recorded videos of my cultivation path a few days ago. A divine being appeared and said, “I have videos of everything you have done when validating the Fa. He asked which time period I would like to view, and I responded that it was up to him.

The videos displayed much from different time periods. Many divine beings joined me, and we watched from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Countless Eyes Watching Every Thought

I was walking down the street when suddenly my legs felt as if they were of different sizes and I limped. Immediately, I denied the old forces' arrangement.

“I am a Falun Dafa practitioner,” I thought, “and no one is allowed to persecute me. I do not acknowledge the old forces. My path is arranged by Master and no one is allowed to interfere.”

I tried to eliminate the discomfort and told my legs, “Walk normally. Do not follow the old forces' arrangement. Listen to my main consciousness and act normally.” After walking for about 50 meters, I heard a crackle and it was as if my bones snapped back into place, and my legs were of the same size again.

I felt very calm as I watched. The video indicated to me that if I had just one unrighteous thought, I would have become lame. I saw that countless eyes in the universe were watching me and my every thought at that moment.

Righteous Thoughts Determine the Outcome

I was on my way to help a fellow practitioner when I was hit by a car. I heard a loud “bang” as the car and my bike collided, and I felt as if the bones in my right leg were hit by a thick wooden club. I got off my bike and tried to talk to the driver, but he took off. I got back on my bike despite the pain I felt.

“It's no big deal,” I thought. “I am fine. Master is protecting me. The evil beings can't touch me.” I got to the practitioner's place, and as I helped him send righteous thoughts, I saw Master sitting on his lotus throne.

I was severely injured and my internal organs were damaged. Master removed a layer of my body, and then fixed and rinsed it a few times in the heavenly river.

Tears covered my face. Master put the layer of my body back and looked at me compassionately. Then he left, with many divine beings following him.

I saw in the video that a divine being and many of his associates from the old universe had hit me with an iron club. My entire body was injured. Master fixed my body in many dimensions. The divine being who showed me the video said, “If you had one unrighteous thought, you would have been paralyzed.”

Righteous Thoughts Prevent Discovery

I was distributing truth-clarification fliers in a building and sent forth one thought, “No one should leave their apartment at this time. When I'm done, you can come out and get the fliers.” I realized that my thought restricted the residents in that building, as those who wanted to open the door suddenly stopped.

Righteous Thoughts Prevent Being Fired

My boss asked me to sign documents from the local 610 Office and threatened to fire me if I refused. I refused and walked out of his office.

“Everything will be as Master arranged,” I thought. “No one can interfere. I will eliminate the evil beings who are controlling him.”

Although my boss seemed angry at that moment, he did not fire me.

Divine Beings' Admiration

After being scolded by a local practitioner, I sent forth righteous thoughts for him and tried to eliminate the factors that were interfering with him. I saw in the video that all the divine beings in the universe looked at me with admiration.

Fahui Celebration

Master encouraged me by letting me watch these videos. The divine being who had me watch the videos promised that I would be shown some more in a few days. I wondered, “Whose videos will those be?”

With my celestial eye open, I saw that divine beings were decorating for a celebration. They talked excitedly about it with one another and I heard them saying that it was going to be wonderful.

I logged onto the Minghui website a few days later and saw that articles from the 13th Annual Fa Conference in China were published. I read them carefully and was touched by the practitioners' earnest words and inspired by their solid progress in cultivation. At the same time, I saw many of my shortcomings and problems.

“I feel that I haven't truly cultivated,” I said to a local practitioner. I always focus on others' attachments instead of my own. I am not compassionate enough and need to cultivate my speech. I still see traces of the indoctrination by the Chinese Communist Party in my thoughts and even in some of my actions. I need to truly improve on my cultivation path.”

The practitioner said, “It's a good thing that you are aware of your shortcomings. Just try to do better.” I told him that I would, but asked him to remind me.

Videos from Fellow Practitioners' Cultivation Path

The Fahui articles inspired me so much. To my surprise, I saw videos of these articles.

I saw the miraculous recovery of Ms. Ma Zhongbo's granddaughter; how a practitioner has been validating the Fa by writing articles for the past 15 years; the incredible stories in “The Extraordinary Power of Falun Dafa;” the improvements a practitioner experienced during a 50-day trial; how a practitioner validated the Fa during her 10 year imprisonment; the unique cultivation path walked by an Ob/Gyn physician; and the story of an 81-year-old practitioner.

I watched all these wonderful stories unfold. They are real recordings, produced by divine beings, of Dafa practitioners validating the Fa.

Ob/Gyn physician: Respected by Patients

This physician recounted many miracles that had happened. One woman who delivered an unusually large baby revealed that her neighbors had told her to look for the “Falun Gong doctor” because “only she could help you have a natural birth.” I was very touched by what the woman said. The trust in the practitioner and the faith this practitioner had placed in Master made the miracle happen.

This Ob/Gyn practitioner earned the respect of many of her patients, because she used her work environment for cultivation. She had established her unique path of validating the Fa.

It is just like what she said at the very beginning of her sharing, “Falun Dafa practitioners have endured many ups and downs during the difficult years of Fa-rectification, but every practitioner has unforgettable stories to share.”

Ms. Ma Zhongbo

This was not the first time I had read how Dafa saved Ms. Ma's brain-damaged granddaughter. I was very touched. She and her granddaughter may be beings from high levels that made pacts to come together for the Fa. Together, they fulfilled their vows and left this beautiful story for people of the future to read about.

Golden Footprints Woven into Golden Paths

All of the practitioners, their images, their tribulations and struggles, their experiences and improvements were collected in videos by the divine beings. I saw golden footprints they left behind, which were woven into many golden paths for validating the Fa.

My face was covered with tears when I saw all of that. While wiping away my tears, I found that many of the divine beings who were watching with me also cried.

Inspired to do Better

Now that we can see the light at the end of tunnel, do we still believe in “always cultivating as if you were just starting will surely result in achieving your ultimate rank?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference IX). Or have we lost our determination and are we slacking off in our cultivation?

In one of the Fahui articles, a practitioner said, “I obtained the Fa in 2002 and didn't have the opportunity to witness the spreading of the Fa before the persecution. I have always envied those who had obtained the Fa before 1999. I believe that they are all very diligent.” When I read this part, I felt embarrassed, because I have not been as diligent as some other veteran practitioners.

This practitioner continued, “I have been practicing for almost 14 years. I read at least one lecture a day and I have recited Zhuan Falun many times.” This made me feel so ashamed. I made up my mind to get rid of my attachment to comfort, zealotry, my mentality to showing off, and other human notions.

Fahui: Catching up and Solidly Cultivating

Master said, “Our Fa conference is about cultivation. For a cultivator, cultivation is to cultivate oneself.” (“A Congratulatory Message to the European Fa Conference”)

The annual China Fahui is a great opportunity for Chinese practitioners to share their experiences. Practitioners writing and sharing their experiences is a selfless act and is necessary in our cultivation. The divine beings in the heavens all pay close attention to this event.

Those who submitted their articles to the Fahui, their words and actions, hard work and diligence are admired by divine beings and ordinary people alike. Their sharing helped me see more clearly where I fell short. I will not stop at simply admiring them after reading these articles. I will catch up and solidly cultivate myself.