(Minghui.org) Greetings esteemed Master and fellow practitioners!

Despite being 81 years old I am very energetic. I have distributed Falun Dafa informational materials, told people about the persecution, and asked them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, for more than a dozen years. Thus, I am well-known as the “Falun Dafa lady” by people in nearby villages.

I lived in poverty and begged for food when I was young. To pay a heavy debt, my parents sold me into marriage at the age of 15. I was married four times, and had five children. My youngest son was beaten at the age of 16 years old and died in the hospital. My last husband was diagnosed with leukemia and died when I was 61 years old. In September that year, my eldest son died in a car accident.

My health was another concern, as I suffered from many illnesses. I had purchased rat poison in case I decided to commit suicide. I asked myself what bad things had I done in a past life to deserve what I had to endure and why did I still live in this world.

Waiting Rewarded: Finally Found the Fa

My neighbor introduced me to Falun Dafa when I was in great despair. She suggested that I watch the Falun Dafa videos at a villager's home in August 1997. I had not heard of Falun Dafa, but I went there because I had nothing else to do.

I did not quite understand what Master said, but I felt very comfortable watching the lectures. Although I had the urge to frequently use the restroom, I did not feel any discomfort or pain. Practitioners told me that Master was purifying my body. Soon after, I realized that I had recovered from all my illnesses.

One night I dreamed that a tall man came to my home with a bag of books. I picked out a blue book and held it tightly to my chest. Although the man offered me another book, I was not interested. Being illiterate, I wondered what this dream was all about. The local assistant gave me the book Zhuan Falun, which looked exactly the same as the one I saw in my dream.

During group Fa study I listened when practitioners read and wondered how I could learn to read. When my daughter made fun of me because I tried to decypher the characters, I replied, “I don't know the words. But they know me.”

From that day on Master taught me how to read in my dreams. When I woke up, I searched for the sentences and paragraphs I learned in my dreams. This is how I learned how to read.

Every sentence of Master's Fa went into my heart. Finally, I understood the reason why I suffered so much and why I am still alive despite the many hardships and tribulations. I was waiting for this Fa.

Staying Calm and Peaceful

When the communist regime banned Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999 our Fa study group was harassed.

“Master asked us to study the Fa as a group,” I thought. “We must listen to Master. We cannot afford to lose this environment.” Thus, I offered my home for Fa study.

But, the environment became more and more tense. The CCP ordered us to hand in our Falun Dafa books. I told every practitioner not to hand them in, and I kept the books in a safe place. I knew that we should not give up our books. In our village only one Dafa book was handed in.

An officer from the county 610 Office set up a brainwashing center in my village and called me in June 2000. I was asked what I had learned. I told them that I was illiterate and only learned “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and “Falun Dafa is good.” He demanded that I fingerprint a document.

“I am an elderly lady and have done nothing bad,” I told him firmly. “Why should I fingerprint this document?” He had no choice but to let me go.

Master said:

“... then, when faced with the evil's persecution and when faced with interference, just one sentence of yours fortified with steadfast righteous thoughts can instantly make the evil disintegrate, ...” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference”)


A young couple with a one-year-old child was homeless during the Chinese New Year 2001 because of the persecution. Their relatives did not dare let them stay at their homes because the police were searching for Falun Dafa practitioners everywhere. I asked them to stay with me.

Over time, more than a dozen practitioners lived in my home. This caught the attention of the deputy Party secretary in my village. He reported me to the police.

During the wheat harvest season when I was frying pancakes for practitioners, the director of the local 610 Office and eight people came to my home. They ransacked my home and demanded to know why I was making so many pancakes and that they knew that practitioners lived with me. I told them, “Why not, Falun Dafa people don't kill or commit arson. What should I be afraid of?”

I wondered how to inform practitioners not to come to my home that day. I thought I would alarm the 610 Office people by not breathing. As soon as I had this thought, I indeed fell to the ground and could not breathe, but I could hear their voices. I was put onto the bed. When I could breathe I asked the director to get somebody to help me change because I'd wet my pants. The wife of my nephew came, and I asked her to send messages to the practitioners. The officers stayed at my home until noon, and did not see anyone come; so they left, but monitored my home around the clock.

Master said:

“If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)” from Essentials for Further Advancement II )

I was not afraid at all. I did whatever I should do. One day the police came to my home again. I grabbed a shovel and drove them off. They did not know how to deal with me and did not come back.

Dream About Hidden Dafa Materials

Despite the lies and slander by the media controlled by the communist regime, I had no doubt about Dafa and Master. I listened to Master. Master asked us to clarify the truth; so I clarify the truth to people.

Many practitioners were arrested. Some practitioners who stayed in my home went out to put up posters at night and did not come back. We learned several days later that they had been arrested. Some were taken to forced labor camps. Many practitioners did not dare to go out.

I had a dream one night. In the dream Master hinted that a certain practitioner had Dafa materials. I went to see him early the next morning. He was surprised that I knew he had materials and asked who told me. I replied, “Master.” The materials were hidden in his vegetable garden.

Putting Up Posters

The practitioners I knew were afraid to put up truth-clarification posters, so I went out after dark to put up posters. I said to Master in my heart, “Master, I am going to put up posters to seek justice for Falun Dafa. Master is with me, thus I am not afraid. Practitioners do not step out. But I will not go home until I finish putting up all the posters.”

I stopped when I saw a good place for a poster, brushed paste on the back, grabbed the two corners of the poster and put it on the wall or power pole. I followed these steps and put the posters up one by one. I thanked Master in my heart for giving me wisdom. I was an elderly lady in her 60s and did not know how to read and write. I had never done such a job. If Master had not given me the wisdom, I would not have thought of such a clever way to accomplish the task.

It took the entire night to put up posters. The new day was beginning to dawn when I finished. I did not feel tired, even though I had not slept all night. My body was so light.

Staying One Step Ahead of the Police

A young female practitioner was willing to help me. Although the police were everywhere, we went out to put up posters. We were always one step ahead of he police. We hid when we heard them and put up posters after they moved on.

I also went to the market to distribute materials. The director of the local 610 Office complained that they could not find me, although they knew that I distributed the materials. I said to people with a smile, “Our Master protects us. How can they find us?”

Regardless of whether it was stormy or windy, I went out to distribute Dafa truth-clarification materials. I did not care if it was a “politically sensitive day”. I was very grateful to the practitioners who provided me with the many types of Dafa materials.

After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were published, I started to clarify the truth to people face to face and persuaded them to withdraw from the Party. I asked them or someone else to write down their names for me.

Some shop owners in the market knew me and shouted when they saw me: “Look, the Falun Dafa lady is here again.” I waved to them with a smile, “Yes, I bring good things to you.” Especially when it was near the Chinese New Year, people asked for Dafa calendars and amulets.

Dealing with the Police

I was arrested several times over the past several years. But, I always returned home. One day I went out to put up truth-clarification banners during the day. Three police cars surrounded me and took me to the police station.

Master said:

“No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I did not answer any of their questions. I just sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors that controlled them, as I did not want them to sin against Dafa. After a while the desk fan made a loud noise, which sounded like loud thunder. The three policemen were terrified and left quickly. I was left alone. Half an hour later, I went home.

The police broke into my home in July 2012. They ransacked my home and confiscated my Dafa books, computer, printer, and 10,000 yuan that my friends and relatives had given me for my birthday. The police damaged my furniture when they were ransacking my home, and they arrested me after I came back home. They said that somebody had reported that I often distributed Falun Dafa materials.

A policeman came into the room after a while. He sounded like he was not a local. He asked me not to be afraid and said that his mother practices Falun Dafa. He reminded me to send forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m. the next morning. He bought two meat buns for my breakfast and released me.

When police saw me distributing materials in the market later on, they only said, “Oh, it's you again,” and left.

One day when I was distributing materials, I heard someone say, “You're still distributing flyers.” I turned around and saw the former director of the 610 Office who had persecuted me. He said to me, “My mother started to practice Falun Dafa.” I said, “Your mother practices, and you'd better practice as well. You have acquired so much karma by persecuting Dafa. You need to dissolve your karma.” I learned that his wife also started to practice Dafa.

One Thought Determines the Outcome

I had several car accidents. I went through three tricycles. But, I validated the Fa on each occasion.

When I was riding a tricycle to pick up materials from a practitioner's home, a young man hit me with his motorcycle. My tricycle landed on top of me, and I was unable to get up. The young man pulled my tricycle off and helped me stand up. He asked me where I was injured and wanted to take me to the hospital. I told him that I practiced Falun Dafa and that I was fine. I talked to him about Dafa and asked him to quit the CCP, which he did. He said, “Madam, I have come across a good person. You are elderly, but I was the terrified one.”

Master said:

“We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.” (Zhuan Falun)

My daughter visited 10 days later. She saw that the front of my tricycle was broken and asked me why. I told her I had an accident and that my tricycle was fine. She did not believe me, and said it would not run if the front was broken like that. She bought a new one for me. I wondered about it myself after she mentioned it. Why did my tricycle still run properly, broken as it was?

One day I was hit by a tricycle. My hip was injured and I could not walk. I asked the driver to take me home. He wanted to give me money. I refused to accept it, and told him that I practice Falun Dafa and would be fine. After he left, I felt excruciating pain. I started to practice the sitting meditation. I heard several loud noises from my hip, then I stood up and walked. I had no pain at all. I knew that Master had healed my hip. Thank you, Master!

Recovery Proves Extraordinariness of Dafa

I fell from my bed in June 2015. My right shoulder hit the ground first and made a loud noise. It was not quite right when I stood up. I studied the Fa, sent forth righteous, and began to practice the exercises. When I was doing the first exercise, I heard noises when I stretched my arms. I did not pay much attention to it, then I went to bed after I finished the five sets of exercises. The next morning when I did the exercises, my arms could not stretch to the fullest, and my shoulder was swollen.

A practitioner came to visit after I finished breakfast. She saw that my collarbone was sticking out. She called my two daughters. They were terrified when they saw me. They forced me to go see a doctor. The results of the scan showed that my collarbone was broken and dislocated. The doctor said I needed surgery. I did not want surgery

“It doesn't matter whether it is broken or dislocated,” I said to my daughters. “Master takes care of me. You don't need to worry. I will practice the exercises and guarantee that I will recover within three days. You can take me back to the hospital if I don't recover within three days.”

One of my daughters came to see me at 5:30 a.m. the next day. I had not even finished my exercises. She was worried. After I finished the exercises, she checked my collarbone, and the swelling was gone. It was also back in its correct position. She said: “Falun Dafa indeed is extraordinary. Thank you, Falun Dafa Master!”

The practitioner apologized for telling my daughters. I replied, “It is a good thing. The scan proves that my collarbone was indeed broken. But I recovered within three days without surgery. Aren't we validating the Fa?” My story spread far and wide.

Sensational Recovery

A 70-year-old lady in my village got very sick this spring. The hospital refused to treat her. Her family was preparing for her funeral. When I visited her, she was on IV drips and needed oxygen. Her eyes were so swollen that she could not open them. She had not eaten anything for five days. She vomited even if she drank water. She could not recognize anyone. Her family knew that I practiced Falun Dafa; so they invited me into her home.

Since they invited me because I practice Falun Dafa, I knew that this woman had a predestined relationship with Dafa. I had to save her. I asked Master to strengthen me. I sent forth righteous thoughts beside her for two hours. She opened her eyes a bit and nodded. She recognized me. I said to her, “Sister, please repeat 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' and send your greetings to our Master. Master will help you.” She nodded her head. I also asked her family to believe and repeat those sentences. They saw her change and repeated them loudly.

When I saw her again in the afternoon, her eyes were open, and she could talk. She drank a full glass of water and some peach juice in the late afternoon. I assured her and her family that she would recover soon as long as they sincerely repeated: “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

The next day the IV drips and oxygen were removed. Her swelling was gone. On the third day her belly was no longer swollen. She ate an egg and some rice soup on the fifth day. She was able to walk on the seventh day. Now she repeats, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” every day. She has completely recovered. She helps with the chores and visit neighbors.

Her story caused a sensation in her village and spread to the neighboring villages. People were convinced that repeating: “Falun Dafa is good” can indeed save lives. Since then, many people asked me for amulets. Some even learned the exercises. Even the very stubborn village officer shouted: “Falun Dafa is good” when he saw me.

“Listen to Master and you will not Deviate”

People say that I am stronger than I was 20 years ago. I also feel much younger than my 81 years, and am full of energy.

I cannot express much of my understanding of the Fa. But I listen to Master, and do whatever Master asks of his disciples.

Master asks us to clarify the truth and save sentient beings, so I go out to clarify the truth and save sentient beings daily. Master asks us to send forth righteous thoughts; so I send forth righteous thoughts. I ride my tricycle to counties far and near and to the detention center to send forth righteous thoughts.

I supply Dafa materials to over 80 practitioners. I regularly take Master's new articles, the Minghui Weekly and other Dafa materials to practitioners.

Some practitioners were afraid to distribute Dafa materials when the environment was tense. I went out by myself and gave them out.

Listen to Master and you will be safe. Listen to Master, and you will not deviate from your path. Listen to Master, and we will reach consummation.

Thank you, Master and fellow practitioners!