​A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Europe

       My regards to all of the Dafa disciples attending the Fa Conference of Europe! 

       Let me begin by wishing your Fa conference success.     

      A Fa conference is meant for cultivation. What a cultivator cultivates is none other than him or herself. The outside pressures that Dafa disciples face are tests as well as opportunities to be more diligent, while the internal conflicts and pressures among Dafa disciples are, likewise, tests and opportunities to be more diligent. Every one of us, excepting me alone, is a cultivator. How well you do is a reflection of your cultivation state, and no one is an exception. You will not be able to complete the final leg of your journey well if your cultivation is deficient in some way, or if you have human thinking or attachments. What a cultivator works on is always him or herself, and even the slightest change to your human thinking amounts to an improvement and will be witnessed by divine beings. Cultivation is not something done for Dafa’s sake, and nor is saving lives. Rather, cultivation ensures that a being is progressing toward spiritual perfection, while saving lives comes from a cultivator’s compassion and his or her responsibility when sentient beings are in peril. The journey that you take is a process of letting go of your many strong attachments and walking the path well. 

        I would like to again wish your conference great success!

        I look forward to hearing good news from you, and thank you.

Li Hongzhi
November 5, 2016

Note: Translation by Team Yellow. Last updated November 10, 2016.