A Congratulatory Message to the European Fa Conference

       All Dafa disciples attending the European Fa conference: Greetings, everyone!  

       First I wish the Fa conference will be completely successful!

     Our Fa conference is about cultivation. For a cultivator, cultivation is to cultivate oneself. Pressures coming from outside the group of Dafa disciples are tests and opportunities to advance diligently; conflicts and pressures coming from within the group of Dafa disciples are tests and opportunities to advance diligently as well. With the exception of Master, everyone among you is a cultivator. Whether you are doing well or poorly are all manifestations of your cultivation states, and no one is an exception. With gaps, human notions, and attachments, you will not be able to walk well your future path. A cultivator will always be cultivating oneself, and any tiny change in the human heart is an improvement, which all Gods are able to see. Cultivation is not done for Dafa, and saving people is not done for Dafa either. Cultivation is a guarantee that a life will head toward Consummation; saving people is an expression of a cultivator’s compassion, as well as a responsibility when sentient beings are in critical danger. Let go of your attachments that are too many and too strong, and walk well your own path—this process is your way.

       Again and in advance, I wish your conference will be completely successful!

       Master looks forward to hearing your good news. Thank you!

Li Hongzhi
November 5, 2016

Note: Translation by Team Blue. Last updated November 14, 2016.