A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Taiwan

Greetings, Dafa disciples of Taiwan and those from other regions attending the conference!

Let me begin by wishing your Fa conference success.

The Dafa disciples of Taiwan have had a very positive impact during these years when the disciples of mainland China have been severely persecuted. This is truly outstanding! And the difference in how Dafa disciples have been treated by the two different systems of government on either side of the Taiwan Strait has, in and of itself, made the absurdity of the evil regime stand out more clearly than anything. But whatever circumstances a cultivator may find him or herself in, what is required of a cultivator is the same. Cultivation is about working on the human mind and heart; it is about cultivating oneself. Only when you are able to examine yourself, looking inward amid problems, conflicts, difficulties, or when being treated unfairly, is it true cultivation. And only by doing so will you be constantly improving, staying the right course on your cultivation journey, and progressing toward consummation!

Cherish this opportunity, which comes only once in an eternity!

Cherish the opportunity to cultivate!

Cherish the journey you have walked!

Master is waiting for you at the end!

Once again, I wish your Fa conference success.

Thank you all.

Your teacher,

Li Hongzhi

November 27, 2016

Note: Translation by Team Yellow, subject to further improvement.