A Congratulatory Message to the Taiwan Fa Conference

Dafa disciples in Taiwan: Greetings, everyone! 

Dafa disciples coming from other areas to attend the Fa Conference: Greetings, everyone!

First, I wish that your Fa Conference will be a complete success!

All these years while Dafa disciples in mainland China have been amid severe persecution, Dafa disciples in Taiwan have been playing a very good role, which is remarkable. Meanwhile, that the different systems on the two shores treat Dafa disciples differently is itself the biggest mockery of the evil regime. Whatever the circumstances, however, the requirements for cultivators are all the same. Cultivation is about cultivating one's heart and cultivating oneself. When there are problems, conflicts, difficulties, and unfair treatment, one is still able to search oneself and look inside, and that's real cultivation, and only then will one be able to continuously improve, walk straight on the path of cultivation, and head toward Consummation!

Cherish this chance of eons!

Cherish this chance for cultivation!

Cherish the path you've walked!

Master is waiting for you at the end!

I wish again that the Fa Conference will be a success.

Thank you, everyone!

Your Master,

Li Hongzhi

November 27, 2016

Note: Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement