(Minghui.org) Mr. Zhou Wei, a Falun Gong practitioner from Lanzhou City, was arrested on September 19, 2016, for hanging up a banner about the persecution. The Chengguan Domestic Security Team submitted his case to the Chengguan District Procuratorate on October 14 to get the arrest approved.

Mr. Zhou and another practitioner, Mr. Yang Xuegui, hung up the banner next to the Donggang Overpass on September 14, but were recorded by a surveillance camera and the police came to arrest them. Mr. Yang was arrested, but Mr. Zhou escaped.

In an effort to find Mr. Zhou, the police monitored his apartment and followed his non-practitioner wife. Mr. Zhou returned home on the evening of September 18. Plainclothes officers waited outside the entire night.

When Mr. Zhou and his wife left for work at 6:35 a.m. the next day, the police arrested them and took them to the Chengguan Domestic Security Team. The wife was released later that night.

The police also ransacked the couple's home and confiscated Falun Gong books and a desktop computer.

Mr. Zhou is being held in Xiguoyuan Detention Center (also called Lanzhou No. 3 Detention Center).

Wife Harassed

The police went to Mr. Zhou's home several days later and ordered his wife to give them his laptop. They said that they found a connection to a laptop computer after checking the confiscated desktop computer. Officers threatened to ransack the home if she did not comply. She turned in the laptop to avoid an intrusion.

Later, the police called Mr. Zhou's wife and told her they wanted to talk to her. She went to the Chengguan Domestic Security Team with her brother.

Officer Zhao showed her a stack of what he said was evidence, on top of which were some photos.

He said that Mr. Zhou refused to comply and wanted her to sign the evidence. Officer Zhao said that Mr. Zhou would get a light sentence if she signed, otherwise he would be given a heavy sentence.

The wife refused, saying, “I can’t see what's in these photos. I can’t sign things I don't recognize.”

When the police later attempted to get her to sign the documents, she again refused.