(Minghui.org) I would like to join numerous Dafa disciples in wishing our Esteemed Master a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

As time goes on, many events in my life will be forgotten. But the days I spent with our Esteemed Master will live forever in my memory.

It was the fall of 1993, and I was on the verge of collapse after failing my struggle in life. With poor health and a bleak career, I saw life through the emptiness of the material world. I wanted to die, but I had duties to the elderly and children in my family. And I wanted to take tonsure (shaving the top of one's head for religious devotion), but I was rejected by the temple.

I later met a fortune teller. He told me, “Do not become a nun. A Master at a high level will teach you soon.”

I asked where he was. “In the Northeast,” he said. So, I decided to find my Master.

Seemingly by chance, a month later I was given two tickets to Master Li Hongzhi's qigong lecture. My mother and I went, and the predestined relationship was tied. During the lecture, Master told us to hold out a hand so He could give each of us a Falun (law wheel) to experience. Seeing something rotating underneath the skin in my palm, I shouted with great excitement to my mother that I would practice Falun Gong.

I will never forget September 12, 1993. On this day, I attended the first Falun Gong seminar in my city, and I have been practicing cultivation ever since. Under Master's merciful protection and guidance, I have made it through 22 years of trials and hardships.

For ten classes in eight days, I was under Buddha’s infinite grace. My body and soul were being purified, and I understood the true meaning and purpose of life. To my greatest joy, I bathed in the happiness of being rescued and reborn. The feeling has encouraged me over and over to advance diligently on my path of cultivation practice.

I will never forget the precious time spent with Master—His earnest teachings, merciful salvation, and waking me up from a deep sleep. In one class, for a split second, Master's eyes and mine met, and I felt Master's eyes suddenly brighten. I immediately felt a quiver in my body. A shock, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, suddenly burst out from the depths of my soul.

A strong voice resonated in my dimensions—“I have finally found my Master!” All the cells and particles in my body were jumping and cheering with excitement. The feelings of happiness, joy, wonder, magnificence, sacredness, surprise, and familiarity surrounded me and carried me. The feeling at that moment, as if time was frozen, became my eternal memory and remembrance.

The most unforgettable moment was after the last class. Master had to take the train to another city that night to give another seminar starting the next day. After Master answered all the questions, a few students gave speeches on the stage and thanked Master for His merciful salvation.

The last student said tearfully that she was handicapped. She was wearing a steel vest, and said her life was a living hell. During the seminar, Master adjusted her body twice, and she got rid of the steel vest and became healthy.

She said she had to borrow money to attend the seminar because she had financial difficulties. Master immediately told the assistant to refund her the 50 yuan tuition. The practitioner refused to accept it. “I cannot accept it,” she said in tears. “I would not be Master's disciple if I did. I want to be Master's disciple.” Master then said she could take half, but she absolutely refused to accept it. How can money measure what Master has given us?

The scene moved everyone to tears. What a compassionate great Master! It is indeed as Master said,

There is no affect between master and discipleThe Buddha’s grace remolds Heaven and Earth(“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

Everyone's heart was being touched, rocked, purified, and sublimed under Buddha’s infinite grace, and many cried. Perhaps the gods were crying for this scene, too.

Suddenly, a strong wish occurred in me—I wanted to shake hands with Master. Therefore, I went to the middle aisle in the auditorium and waited for Master.

During the long-lasting applause, students lingered around Master as He was walking out. Everyone rushed to shake hands with Him, and finally it was my turn.

Immediately, a warm current came down all over my body, and powerful energy enveloped me. At that moment my mind was empty. Having no unclean thoughts, my mind and body were purified to the point that I felt as if I was no longer in this dimension. It was a feeling of immortality. Human language can’t describe the feeling.

I was so carried away that I even forgot to say thanks. As the old saying goes, “One cannot say thanks for kindness that is too great to repay!” How could any human language express the gratitude for Master's grace of giving rebirth?

Every time I think of this, tears run down my face. Master's grace is infinite. As a disciple, I cannot repay it, but can only advance more and more diligently.

Lastly, I'd like to express my gratitude using the following lyrics:

Pressed My Hands in Front of My Chest

A lark is singing in the wind,I returned to you again in my dream.No words needed at the happy moment,I pressed my hands in front of my chest.Lofty rays brightened the firmament,Numerous sentient beings smiled with joy,No words needed at the happy moment,I pressed my hands in front of my chest.My heart beat with gratitude,Rainbows came out of your palms,Colorful clouds covered the sky,I pressed my hands in front of my chestUnder your great benevolence.